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Masturbator by Pleasure Technologies

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Doing The Hand Jive

The M9 male mastubator is a realistic sleeve that is meant to fit most penis sizes. It has loops for finger placement and an extra loop for the bullet that is included. The sleeve is textured internally and has rows of beads inside to help create a decent suction with the toy. The toy is left open on both ends for easy clean up and multiple uses. The only down side is the lack of information about the material.
Should fit most penis', realistic, textured, vibrations, and batteries included.
Lack of information on material.
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The M9 male masturbator is a vagina masturbator designed to have the penis inserted. Before doing so you should apply a decent amount of lube, so the penis can easily move internally. The skin like material along with some lube should give a realistic feeling to the user. The masturbator has three loops for finger placement and the placement of a bullet on the outside for convenience and added stimulation. Clean up is also made easy as both ends of the masturbator are open. This also allows for the use with oral sex. A partner can use this mastubator on their partner and the penis can poke through the other end allowing for oral to be added into the equation. Inside the masturbator is ripples in the flesh like material, but there are also 3 rows of 5 beads inside to add to the texture.

***Warning there are going to be many images in this review because of the lack of images available on the product page.

Material / Texture

The product page marks this material as being TPE, which is not the case. The box marks this masturbator as Pleasure Flesh. Now, you can check around all you want about this material and you won't find anything. Even going to the manufacturers page gives you very little information. I found out this material is patented by the company Pleasure Technologies. The box tells you that realistic material, phthalates free, latex free, and it should be cared with Pleasure Flesh Rejuvenate, which I can't find any information on. I did email the company, but with no response. So, here is what I can tell you about the material from experience. The material has a smell to it that is similar to UR3. This is a slightly sweet smell that is always present, but nothing over powering. It does not leave a taste on the skin once it touches it. Pleasure Flesh sweats oils that stain paper. The material is easy to stretch, but it is also easy to rip. Should you drop this masturbator on the floor, it would pick up everything you can imagine and then some. It feels really squishy aside from the hard beads inside. As this material is a flesh like material, I am assuming it is highly porous. You should use caution with the material, since there is not much information available about it.

There is a bullet that comes with this masturbator. This bullet is made of plastic. Plastic has a safety rating of an 8 out 10 because of features like being latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous. With the right care it can be shared amongst partners. It feels firm and smooth, but some plastic has seams. This did not.

Above is the diagram showing the internal texture. The flesh material has ripples along the penetrative tunnel. Along this penetrative tunnel are three separate tunnels placed in a triangle shape around the penetrative tunnel. Inside these three tunnels are 5 large pearls which add to the texture. The pearls help create suction and add sensations to the shaft of the penis. This texture is appropriate for all levels of users.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

As the warning states there is going to be many photos in this review, mostly due to the lack of quality images on the product page.

The M9 masturbator is 4.5" long with a circumference of 8" around. This size is close to a standard soda pop can.

The opening of the masturbator has vaginal lips. When you open this up you can see the internal texture.

The outside of the masturbator has ripple lines, which add nothing to the texture of the toy. There are also three loops on the outside of the masturbator. There is one on the opening end and there are two on the opposite end. Each loop stretches enough for three of my fingers inside (4.5" circumference.) The one on the opening end is meant to the bullet placement and the back to are for finger placement. The bullet that comes with the masturbator is white with a black push button on the bottom. It measures 1.5" long and 2" in circumference or 0.75" diameter. This bullet is meant for only external stimulation. Do not insert this bullet anywhere except for the masturbator. The bullet cam easily be replaced, but should only be replaced with other plastic bullet because there is no way to know what other materials the flesh material is compatible with.

The back of the masturbator is smooth with a small hole. This makes for easy cleaning. But this also can be used to give the user oral sex combined with the masturbator.

The vaginal opening and the back side opening allow for my fist to penetrate it. Due to the stretchy material the up to 8" in circumference or 2.5" diameter can fit inside this masturbator comfortably. This size should fit most males, but there could be exceptions to that. Depending on the length of the penis the masturbator could cover the entire shaft, but most likely the penis head will poke out.

This can not be pictured well, but on the flat side of the mastubator or the back side are three dots marking the tunnels for the beads. In the name of science in my video I have cut open one of the tunnels to show you what is inside. I could feel that there were large balls inside, but I was hoping for metal balls. Instead what I found were large pearls. There are 5 of these per tunnel and 3 tunnel, so that is 15 pearls total internally. These pearls help add to the force of suction onto the shaft giving a better sensation to the user.

This toy is realistic in appearance, but due to the size it should be easy to hide during storage. Since it does have a realistic look it is not at all discreet, so anyone stumbling upon it will know EXACTLY what it is for. The size makes it travel friendly as long as you store the toy for the toys protection.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The masturbator requires manual power by use of solo or a partner. The manual power is only limited to the operators imagination. Go wild with it combining fast thrusts with slow thrust and adding in some oral sex along the way. There is no one way to use this masturbator just do what feels good. During the stroking of this masturbator you will notice that the beads inside hit one another making sounds. This sound is alomst like when your bellies slap during intercourse. It is not a really loud sound, but it is a funny sound. It could be an issue for some. No one would hear it with back ground noise and behind closed doors.

The bullet the comes with the masturbator is meant to fit inside the loop closest to the vaginal opening. This bullet is easily replaced should the vibrations not be what you are looking for. A good substitution bullet is the We Vibe Salsa, if you are looking for more powerful vibrations or patterns. The loops with stretch to fit most traditional bullets and other smaller vibrators. As said before, you should stick with a vibrator that is made of plastic, because other materials might not be compatible with this flesh material. The bullet that comes requires two Lr-44 batteries, but there are two that are included. These batteries come inside your bullet, but you can't use your bullet until you open the bullet and flip the batteries the right way. They are placed inside the bullet the opposite way to conserve their power. This bullet has a single push button that is extremely touchy at the bottom of the battery cap. There is only a single speed to this bullet. The vibrations are worthy of 3 vrooms and 1 bee. They are really quite and moderate speed. The vibrations are steady with no pattern. One click turns on the vibrations and another click shuts the vibrations off.

This toy is marked as waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the shower, which will also make for easy clean up.

Care and Maintenance

The box recommends that the flesh material be cared for using Pleasure Flesh Rejuvenate, but as I stated before I can not find any information about this even going to the company website. What I recommend doing is washing with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and warm water before and after every use, but be sure to flip it inside out as well. You should dry it with a microfiber cloth lightly, then allow it to air dry. Once it is mostly dry put in in a Ziploc bag and add cornstarch. Be sure the entire toy is coated in cornstarch. You will need to wash the toy before it can be used again. If you are one of those who get allergic reactions easily you should use a condom with this toy, because of the lack of information on the material. If you are wanting to share this toy, you should also use a condom, because the material is believed to be porous. The box recommends only water based lubes as well, which I will agree with due to the lack of material information.

The bullet is a different story. It is made of plastic, which can be sanitized using alcohol or bleach solution. You can share this with anyone, but to avoid having to use bleach or alcohol you can use a dental damn instead if the bullet is being used without the masturbator. If you are the only one using it just simple washes with soap and water will do it or toys wipes. Plastic is compatible with all lubes.




It comes in this box that opens on the right or left side. Then slides out a clam shell plastic case. This is sealed well inside to protect the toy. The box has some useful information on it, but no much. Should this be a gift, you should wrap the box. The plastic clam shell is good for storage until you get a Ziploc bag.


Sorry if this is too much information.

My partner never seems to be a fan of any of these toys. This one was no exception. I am not sure if he just can't past the novelty of toy use or what. Almost every time I try to use these on him his erection doesn't last. We did have success with his erection maintaining when I combined the masturbator with oral sex. The head of the penis stuck out and I was able to lick, nibble, and suck at the head. Then I could take a break and just move the masturbator on the penis. The pearls inside hitting one another was the most annoying sound, but my partner said they felt nice on the shaft. I found I needed a decent amount of lube to help glide the masturbator on the shaft because the pearls created more suction. The vibrations did not seem to do anything with the bullet they provided, but I inserted my Salsa vibe in place of it. The Salsa vibe help send vibrations to the pearls which then added vibrations to the shaft. This sleeve did require a stronger bullet.

I did use the bullet on my clit to see how well the one speed was. As many of you know, I need power for the most part, but lately I have noticed I am having sensitive days. I was able to climax with this bullet, but it was not an intense climax. The bullet is not useless it can come in handy for light teasing around the external area of the anus, nipples, penis, and clit.
Follow-up commentary
If you watch the video, you can see this masturbator was destroyed for review purposes. It was decent, but I still find it leery of the company not to provide material information. Sadly, lack of information like this would make me not buy the product or recommend it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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