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Supersex stroker

Masturbator by LoveHoney

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Dual personalites!

This neat Stroker has far more pros than cons. With two texture option, nubs or ribs, you make the call. Both provide adequate stimulation that makes up for the short length of the product. You can not go wrong with this product.
Two textures, nubs and ribs, nice design, nice package, travel friendly.
Short in length.
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Tracy Cox’s Supersex Stroker is a dual sided masturbatory tool. One side with a ribbed passage, the other with a nubbed passage. Both sides give a different sensation than the other, fans of both nubs and ribs will be satisfied. You would use this stroker like any other, you just have more texture options

Material / Texture

Rubber is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer that occurs naturally as a sap from various plants but is also can be produced synthetically.

Rubber is a porous material that is wear resistant and has a very long lifetime. Rubber is known to be dirt-repellent and can be manufactured in over 260 colors.

Due to Rubbers' porosity you should use a condom with this stroker (or if any other rubber toys you may own). Rubber can not be sterilized, therefore you can not boil this or any Rubber product (sterilization by boiling can not be done). You should not share this product with anyone unless you use a condom.

You may use silicone or water-based lubricants with this material.

Supersex Stroker is phthalates and latex-free.

This being my first rubber product I was surprised by the extreme flexibility and stretchiness of the material. It was not hard, it did not need tons of lube, and it did not have a strong smell like I thought it may. It was very soft to the touch and the only stench it had was a faint (very faint) smell of rubber when I put it up to my nose. The smell did not rub off either!

The nubs were very soft and did not cause any pain, unlike some other products with more firm nubs.

One thing I did notice was a slight sticky sensation when touching the product with my hands. The stickiness did not rub off.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Stroker itself is only about six inches. You may hear some complain about the size of some masturbators, but in truth you do not need this or any other masturbator to reach all the way to the base of the penis. The end of the Stroker closed; I believe this is due to the ability to flip the product inside out. It is nice that there is no open end, if there was it would be more difficult to flip inside out. However, due to the closed end, there tends to be an air bubble when using the product. The nubbed side is easier to remove the air bubble (when using) than the ribbed side. To remove the air bubble, just press or squeeze on the air bubble to push it downward. Once you manage to rid the air bubble from the nubbed side, you will notice a sort of suction, not a powerful suction by any means but none the less a slight suction.

The nubs are smooth and flexible; they are not firm or cause any pain unlike others I have tried. The nubbed side tends to give a more powerful sensation than the ribbed side.

The larger (than normal) ribs are smooth, and tend to give a lighter sensation than the nubbed side.

The Supersex Stroker is not paper thin, and it does have some weight to it.

Care and Maintenance

There is two ways you can clean this product, please follow one of these two simple sets of instructions.

Option one:

1. Rinse the outside of the sleeve with warm water
2. Apply mild soap or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner
3. Rinse with warm water
4. Pour some warm water into the inside of the sleeve
5. Empty the water from the inside
6. Turn the product inside out and repeat steps 1-3

Option two -for people who may be concerned about ripping, tear or wear:

1. Rinse off the inside and outside thoroughly
2. Apply mild soap or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner to inside and outside
3. Rinse with warm water

Either way is fine.

Be sure to clean this product after each use, and before first use.


I was very surprised when I opened up my FedEx box and found this small package within. For a small package it looks incredible! With its black background and white to pink texts, it really makes this package stand out. There are three nice pictures of the product itself in small circles on the package which will give the buyer a general idea on how the product functions. There is also a black & white picture of a couple (male and female model types) laying naked and kissing passionately. I found the black & white picture of the couple to be very artistic and attractive.

On the back mark the words:

"His turn
The Supersex Stroker can be used two ways for two different sensations - simply turn inside out to change sensations. Apply some lube to you or inside the stroker, then insert your penis, wrap your hand around the stroker and masturbate as you would usually."

"Her turn
Your tongue might send him to heaven, but your hand and the supersex stroker will drive him there in a Ferrari! Simply add some lube, slide the stroker over his semi or fully-erect penis, take a firm grip with your hand and rhythmically slide the whole cylinder and down his penis."

I found this to be a nice touch, not only does it tell you how to use the product on your self, but it also tells you how to use this with your partner. A very nice touch in my book.

Personal comments

I was very surprised when I opened up the box and found this small packaged Stroker. It was by far smaller than I thought it would be. I read the product details and pretty much dismissed the length claim. The picture is deceiving; it is far smaller and not nearly as thick. The picture shows one end flipped inside out. Not really a problem, because anyone can do the same (at a cost to the length)

I really liked the Ferrari comment on the back of the box, it was not true with me, but may be with others. I just found it to be a funny little saying.


As I stated earlier a couple of times, I was surprised by the length of this product, or rather the lack thereof. Really the length is really not a problem; the Stroker does not have to go all the way to the base of the penis. I did not find the sensations to be all that powerful; I really did not feel like I was being sent to heaven in a Ferrari. It took awhile to actually climax, maybe I am just spoiled.

The closed end keeps in the lube, which is also nice. I did not have to stop and keep having to reapply lube.

While I am not familiar with Tracy Cox, her picture on the front of the package was nice. Very cute.

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the nubbed side more so than the ribbed side. I have been a "ribbed" man for awhile now, and I never had any luck with nubs. This product turned my perspective around about nubs. I may try more nubbed products now because of this Stroker.

I am going to give this product 4 stars out of 5 stars. While it took a while to climax for me, it may not for others. I found the sensations to be adequate but not powerful. All this is my opinion though, and you may find the sensations to be more powerful. There is not really a huge default or design failure in this product. This is a solid product, and it is worth a try.
Follow-up commentary
This has held up very well over time with only a few blemishes. Most of the said blemishes are my fault. There is now an opening at the end of the stroker, this happened when I filled it with warm to hot water and applied a small amount of pressure to it (during bath use). This was my fault and suspect that it would not have happened otherwise, ti still functions perfectly though.

The material still smells very slightly, not as strong as it did when it first arrived. The texturing still feels great. I find myself going to this instead of breaking out one of the larger and harder to clean strokers. This is simple to clean, and the reversible properties make it all the easier.

I still like this, possibly even more. It is durable and still feels great!
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