Vibrating support plus 4-way arouser - cock ring by Cal Exotics - review by Pleasureman

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Duck Hunt, Well Sort Of

The Vibrating Support Plus 4 Way Arouser is the answer for all those couples out there who want intense pleasure while making love. Perfect for him, perfect for her, both people receive intense vibrations. Couple that with the new steel supports and you have a new experience.
Two vibes, strong support, both cock and testicle ring.
Supports can be a little poky.
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The good people at California Exotic must love duck hunting. I mean, who else would think to put a bullet through not one but two ducks heads. Now, don't get me wrong, this is a vibrating bullet, but it's still a little odd to squeeze a bullet right through a ducks head.

The Vibrating Support Plus can be used as an erection enhancer, scrotum stimulator and supporter, clit stimulator, or anal stimulator. That's right, this little baby does it all. If one function doesn't work for you there are plenty more to go around. Also, for me, I enjoy the support it offers my testicles although I can't wear it longer than about 15 to 20 minutes as it becomes a little irritating.

Because the Vibrating Support has two loops for both the shaft and testicles along with two vibrating heads, I recommend it to advanced users. It can get a little complicated at times, but it's still a lot of fun.

Material / Texture

This double cock ring is made from TPR which gives it a lot of soft stretch ability but means it can't be shared. Because TPR is porous it should be covered with a condom but that is a little impossible with this toy. Therefor, if you intend to share purchase more than one for safety reasons.

The TPR itself is a little sticky but not too much so. It will grab onto hair though so it is better used if you are shaved or trimmed. The toy has a very faint sweet smell to it and no taste at all therefor it can be included in oral sex if you so desire. The material is very stretchy but watch out, their are two metal support bars on the inside of the cock ring that might rip the TPR if stretched too much. The testicle ring does not include these so no worries there. The ring is seamless but has clear patches where the two medal bars were inserted.

For me, the bars added tightness and enhanced my erection making it harder and allowing me to last longer. Unfortunately, every once and a while the edge of the bars would poke into me. The bottom line, use only for gentle sex not rough sex; otherwise you may be poked.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This is basically a cock and ball ring with not one but two clit stimulators on either side. Of course the top stimulator is the true clit stimulator while the bottom works either the anus or the scrotum depending on placement. If you want the toy to stimulate the anus you use only the cock ring. The ring provides both clit and anal stimulation. Next, if you want testicle stimulation all you have to do is use both rings. The ducks beak rests nicely against the testicles.

Sizing is important with this toy. Unstretched, the cock ring is about an inch wide. Stretched to the point of the bars protruding is only 1 1/2 inches wide. Not much leeway there. The testicle ring is about 1 1/2 inches without being stretched and can stretch up to five inches wide making it super comfortable to put on. Unfortunately, the cock ring is tight and sometimes poky. Even so, I can get it on and off pretty darn easy and, as long as I'm careful the ring is comfortable, but again I have to remember to be careful with this one.

Finally, the two duck heads reach their intended purposes. In fact, I've never had a ring that did such a great job at reaching my girlfriends clit. The bottom duck head rests just below my testicles but this will vary from man to man I'm sure. Finally, when used to stimulate the outside of the anus the bottom duck head falls a little short but the vibes carry well so it's not too much of a problem.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are controlled by two bullets which go through each duck head. The bullets themselves are matted and waterproof. A push button controls the single speed vibe setting. Push once for on and once for off. Each bullet works independent of the other and can be used individually or together. Also, both bullets are removable and can be used in or with other toys.

The vibrations carry extremely well throughout the toy. Of course the strongest vibes are in the duck heads themselves but the vibes carry down to the testicle ring very well, providing me with moderate vibrations while my girlfriend receives strong vibrations from the clit stimulator. The testicle stimulator also provides me with strong vibes as well. Finally, the vibes don't carry all that well to the cock ring but everything else makes up for that.

Care and Maintenance

In order to clean this toy you must first remove the bullets otherwise fluids can build up in the head crevice. Not something you want. Both the ring and bullets can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water before and after each use or you can use a toy cleaner. Storing the toy is not hard. I simply throw mine in a sock drawer. It does not pick up much lint and doesn't interact with other toys. Use only water or silicone based lubes with this toy.


The cock ring arrives in a cardboard box which is about four times the size of the toy itself. When I first saw the box I thought I had ordered something that was huge! Anyhow, the front of the box pictures a man and a woman embracing. In front of them is a picture of the toy itself, the two bullets, and the cock ring. The back of the box mentions that the support system is a first in the sex toy industry which is interesting. We should be seeing more of this in the future. Inside are 12 watch sized batteries, with 6 of those being extra. You can't complain about that!


I am always ready to try a new cock ring and this one had me interested. The supports had me a little worried but I slipped it over my penis without a problem. I was able to get the testicle ring on just as easy. Then I felt it, a little poke. It took a little adjusting but I got it right. The support bars are at the surface of the TPR so always make sure they're not poking you. Now, I turned on the vibes and was sent into heaven. Never have my testicles vibrated like that. Never. My girlfriend and I tried the toy out in three positions, missionary, cowgirl, and doggie. Both missionary and cowgirl were extremely enjoyable for her but doggie style really didn't work for her. We stuck with the two others and she climaxed in less than 5 minutes which is rare for her. Needless to say she loves this toy. I was also able to keep going much longer than normal which was great.
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