Futurotic for way arouser darting duck - penis girth extension by Cal Exotics - review by ~LaUr3n~

Duck Tails...Aaaa Woohoo!

If you are looking for a little extra girth, this isn't what you should get. This adds A LOT. Too much more me, and probably too much for a lot of people. It does feel great for the guy, so if you can conquer the extra girth and get past the high maintenance material...this would be fun to try.
Reaches clit, adds girth, feels great to the guy, quiet, decent vibe, extra batteries
High maintenance, too big for some (including me), painful for me
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Want some major girth, clitoral vibration, and ball stimulation?! This mother ducker has got it all. Alright, enough with the corniness, I seriously don't know why on earth this is shaped like a duck. That weirdness aside, this is a cool product even though it didn't work well for me. If it doesn't work well for you either, it can still be a male masturbator for him and a bullet vibe for you! This toy is easy to use and friendly for beginners, but can add a lot of stimulation so it can be for the more advanced as well.
    • Smaller guys

Material / Texture

The Futurotic duck is made of none other than...futurotic material. It was my first experience with this and I could not stop playing with it! It is actually a mixture of PVC and silcione. The feel is extremely soft, smooth, and seamless. It feels like baby butt skin lol! It does have some realistic qualities to it too which is cool. When you squeeze it, it is squishy but also somewhat firm. There is no drag when I run my fingers across it. The material is really flexible and stretchy, while it feels strong. It has to be covered in a Talc-free powder to maintain its unique texture. Because of this, it leaves a bit of a weird feeling on your fingers after it has been touched. There is a very faint unnatural smell, but it is nothing compared to rubber and jelly toys.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The shape of this is like an uncircumcised penis. There is a duck head attached to the top. Why? I have NO clue lol. Then on the underside, is a ring for the balls. The description says that it fits up to almost 8 inches in girth. This seriously SCARES me. For one, this is like 1/3 inch thick all around so it makes you HUGE! The guy who wore this was maybe 5 inches in circumference and it made him too big...I can't even imagine if it actually did fit up to 8". Honestly, I think it would be better to say that it fits up to 6 1/2". It was tight on the guy who wore it and he wasn't thick. it was a little difficult to get on him too, it slid off a few times before he could get the balls part around his jewels. The ring for that is very stretchy, so it will accommodate a lot of sizes. You of course don't NEED to use this part, but it helps to keep the whole thing on.

The length of the sleeve is 4", it will stretch. The ex who wore this was about 5" long and he didn't poke out of it for the most part, which is why I say it stretches down a bit too. I am not sure if a larger guy would peek out a bunch or not. I couldn't share this with anyone else so I gave it to the guy after me broke up...after I cut it up of course haha.

The special duck attachment did reach my clit nicely. It didn't get in the way or anything and didn't hurt laying on it. The inside of the sleeve also had a bit of something extra for the guy. There are nodules on the inside for texture, but they didn't add anything in our experience.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Okay, so we lubed him up a bit and with a little sliding difficulty eventually got this thing on him. It made him HUGE. He was not thick before and so I thought I'd like to try thick with the aid of this...but HOLY CRAP...not THAT big! We turned on the bullet and wrestled to get this in me. It took a LOT of lubricant and made gross squishy noises. As soon as he got in me he had this "uh oh" look on his face. I knew then that he had finished. I was like..."For real? SERIOUSLY?". Well...It felt great for him obviously. He said that the sleeve felt amazing on him, and then putting himself in me was way too much to handle. So he was embarrassed, I was bummed and needless to say...we never got to use this again. For me it would have been a fail anyways though, it hurt because it was so big and even thought the clit attachment hit my clit, the pain was too much for me to have been able to focus. It was fairly powerful for having watch batteries, and was pretty quiet.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is as high maintenance as Kim Kardashian. Ridiculous really! Futurotic material is really porous so it needs extra cleaning. And because it can't be sanitized...cleaning isn't that easy. It is recommended by the material description, to protect with a condom because of harboring bacteria.

It should be noted that I did do this (over the entire thing) and the condom didn't get in the way of anything. I was able to feel the texture bare by putting this on a dildo. Make sure to have PLENTY of lube on the outside of the toy before putting the condom on. Friction can cause the condom to break.

Futurotic material is sensitive, so you must reassure it's needy nature by giving it plenty of cleaning attention before and after use. Use warm water and anti-bacterial soap. If you have toy cleaner, that will work too.

And when you thought that was all...the material dares ask for cuddling after play too! The material comes with a powdery material covering it. This powder has to be reapplied to maintain the material. Use cornstarch to "dust" it with or use the NON-Talc (Talc is a carcinogen) powder that the toy comes with. This will keep the toy from becoming sticky or melting. It needs special placement too. Keep it away from all other toys by placing it in a zip-lock bag.

Furturotic can only be used with water lubes NOTHING else, it is way temperamental.

It's no wonder , why my experience with this was a one night stand!


Comes in a cardboard box with graphics of the toy on the box. Nothing special. The package does include the small non-talc powder and 3 extra batteries! There are care instructions inside the package.

Personal comments

Even if this doesn't work for you, the sleeve can be a masterbator for the guy, the bullet for the gal, or the sleeve can go on a vibrator. So, it wouldn't be a total loss if you feel compelled to try this and it fails like it did for me.


I normally base non descriptive reviews on a mostly personal basis, but for this one I am giving it 2 stars even though, I would like to give it 1. It probably could work for some and work well. But for them, the material would still be really high maintenance and I just cannot get over that stupid duck. I'd rather play Duck Hunt.
Follow-up commentary
I got rid of the main part of this toy a long time ago because it was basically a dud with my anatomy and I had no use for it especially since it couldn't be shared. But, I had kept the bullet. It recently stopped working, which is a shame because it had been my replacement bullet for other toys. It lasted about two years though which I feel is a really long time.
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