Senso glowing pussy - pocket pussie by Cal Exotics - review by Shumway

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Feels Senso-tional!

For my first masturbator, I was quite happy with this purchase, which was extremely affordable, fun and easy to clean. It's not the most durable, and started to rip after only a few uses, but still definitely worth it. A great purchase for anyone who's new to these types of toys, or anyone who likes novelty sex toys.
great value, feels good, easy to clean
Not very durable, rips easily
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As someone who just recently started using this type of toy, I have to say that it's a great starter masturbator for any guy who's tired of using their hand and wants to explore new ways to pleasure themselves. This penis sleeve fits very snugly over my cock (which is above average in size), and the ribbing on the inner portion of the sleeve increases sensations to the shaft and head. The toy is hand-held, and must be manipulated manually. It has a pussy-shaped opening complete with labia, and clitoris, giving a semi-realistic experience that I have a hard time not wanting to repeat regularly!

If you are using this toy you will definitely want to apply some lubrication (water or silicone based) as the jelly material has a sticky texture, and it just won't work without it.

This toy can be enjoyed by any guy who loves to masturbate, but it can also add a lot of fun to intimate times with sex partners, especially when the lights are off! Keep in mind if you are sharing this toy that it cannot be fully sanitized, so use a condom to ensure this toy is the only thing you're sharing.

Material / Texture

The Senso Glowing Pussy is made from Jelly, which is a soft, squishy and stretchy material. It's not extremely durable though, so should always be handled with care to avoid damaging it. The stretchy quality of this material makes it fit easily (yet snugly) over any size penis. The jelly is somewhat sticky to the touch, which is good for gripping, but the inside certainly doesn't stay this way once you apply your favorite lube.

There is a slight odour, but it's very minimal, and not overly offensive. I could not detect any taste, although my wife said she could taste it, but only very slightly.

The inside of the sleeve is ribbed, which definitely adds to the sensations felt while using it. The walls are also relatively thick, which I liked as I could not really feel my hand around it (from my penis' point of view).
    • Light odor
    • Sticky
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

I think over-all this toy has a good design, primarily when taking the cost into consideration. For someone new to this type of toy, it's a well marketed item that relieves any insecurity with its' fun glow-in-the-dark property. It's extremely affordable, and it really does the trick. The fit and feel of it is quite good, I tend to take a lot longer to climax than most men, but I do find that my orgasms are quite intense using this toy because of the internal ribbing and snug fit.

The Senso Glowing Pussy is 4 3/4" in length, 2 1/4" in width, has a diameter of 1 1/2" and a circumference of 4 3/4". The unit is colourless, semi-transparent, and looks greenish when viewed in the dark.

I found the size to be a little short for me personally. I found that when fully inserted into the pussy, my cock would stick out the top nearly half-way. This wasn't a huge problem for me as I find too much sensation on the head of my penis can deaden the feeling a bit. So I enjoyed the fact that I could control how much time the head of my cock actually spent within the Glowing insides of this toy.

The other problem I ran into in terms of fit was the fact that the openings began to tear after only three uses. This was most noticeable at the base of the toy at both ends of the lips where the tearing has become quite pronounced (I think most men will see this inevitably as our cocks tend to be thicker at the base). How soon this tearing will start will depend on how thick your member is.

This toy is not exactly discreet, especially when it's dark. It is suitable for travel as it fits very easily into a sandwich bag, but it certainly won't fit inside your pants pocket, so if you intend to take it with you on any trips, put it safely in your checked luggage. Since this toy does not contain any metal parts or batteries, it will not cause any undue embarrassment with airport security.
    • Beginner
    • Whimsical / artistic
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

I found this toy performed quite well. As far as I'm concerned though, any toy that can make me cum is performing well! I found that I enjoyed using this more than just my hand to masturbate as it created a sensation much closer to that of actual penetration than I can ever get on my own. The ribs on the inside did their thing and made the shaft and head of my penis feel fantastic. I experienced the most benefit from the ribbing on the head of my penis which is the most sensitive.

I found the jelly material to be quite comfortable to hold on to, and so long as the hand grabbing the toy didn't get covered with lube, the grip remained solid throughout each session. I found the malleable nature of the jelly material really nice because I could change the pressure of the appliance by holding and squeezing it in different places when sliding it up and down on little Shumway.

For those of us who enjoy playing with our partners' clitoris during intercourse, the Senso Glowing Pussy has one of these just for that purpose! Once you're inserted and the opening is covered in lube, it feels very similar to a real clit, adding to the overall experience.

As the product name indicates, this toy glows in the dark. It takes about 10 seconds under a lamp to fully charge, and is quite bright once there is little to know light. However, it loses it's power fairly fast, and goes dim after a few minutes.

This toy does make some noise when in use, it generally makes small sucking noises, which aren't too pronounced for the most part, but can get quite loud depending on how hard you squeeze it, or how fast you slide it over your penis. I found it was the loudest immediately before orgasming when the thrusting movements are more frenzied. It's not something that will wake the baby up, but you definitely don't want to use this with your door open.
    • Easy to use
    • Feels realistic
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Because this toy is made from jelly, which is very porous and should only be cleaned with toy cleaner, or warm water and mild soap. As this toy cannot be sterilized, do not boil it. Allow the toy to air dry as the sticky texture of the jelly makes it very easy to get dust, hair and debris stuck to it. Since it is extremely stretchy it's very easy to fit a couple fingers inside to ensure proper cleaning of the ribs on the inside. Be sure to clean this before and after each use to keep it happy and healthy for as long as possible.

This toy is best stored in a plastic bag (ideally a ziplock sandwich bag to keep any foreign materials out), or a satin bag with a drawstring. Make sure the toy is dry before storage.

This toy is only compatible with water or silicone based lubes, never use oil-based lubricants.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Senso Glowing Pussy comes in a small plastic bag (non-recyclable) inside a recyclable cardboard box. It does not come with instructions, but so long as you know how to properly clean and store it, and what type of lube to use, it's pretty obvious how to use it.

The packaging is definitely not discreet as there is a fully nude woman on pretty nearly all sides of the box.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable


My experience with the Senso Glowing Pussy was quite pleasurable, and extremely satisfying. The initial penetration feels great, and I can't say there was any point that I didn't feel good while using this. Plus, since I can see my penis through the material I get the added arousal of picturing the thrusting motions occuring in an actual pussy, which is a bonus.

I experimented with a few lubes; the two best being Liquid Silk, and KY Touch Massage 2-in-1 tingling. I did find though that when using water-based lubes, I had to recharge a few times before I finished, which was annoying as I had to stop to do so, which proved to be awkward since the toy was still relatively slick, and wanted to slide off, so I found myself holding the thing on/up with one hand, and juggling the lube in the other (thank god for pop top/pump lube bottles!). I found the absorption problem more severe with Liquid Silk, but not really a problem with the KY massage lube (which was my personal fav especially with the tingly sensations that it gave). Unfortunately, I don't own any silicone based lubes, so can't make any comments about those.

For the first few uses I found the sleeve gripped my cock rather nicely, but the more I use it, and especially with the small rips getting worse, it gets less and less snug, which I guess should be expected as this material is not overly sturdy.

The glow-in-the-dark attribute is pretty cool, and my wife and I had some good laughs about it, but since neither of us do anything in full dark, it's kind of a useless gimmick for me.
Follow-up commentary
I've used this toy a few times since writing my original review, and the tears in the material at the base and the top are only getting larger. It's also not feeling as tight, suggesting that the jelly becomes more elastic with repeated use and reducing the sensations I enjoy from tighter-fitting toys. I wouldn't say I don't like it at all anymore, however I no longer think it's a great value for the price considering that even with proper care, the longevity seems very limited. I'll still use it until it falls apart, but for now it's going to sit and glow in a dark corner of the toy chest.

I should stress though because of the problems I've run into with ripping, do not turn this toy inside-out to clean it. I haven't done this to my toy, but if it begins to tear, turning it inside-out will accelerate the size increase of any tears.
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