Fleshlight STU jack ass - masturbation sleeve by Fleshlight - review by Carrie Ann

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Flop Be Gone!

The Fleshlight STU Jackass provides easy masturbation with it's hard, gripable plastic exterior, sensation rich nubbed chamber, and removable skin-like interior. Clean up is easy and the hard plastic exterior makes a wonderful case, keeping dirt and lint off the toy and making it less obvious you have a masturbator lurking in your underwear drawer.
Discreet-ish case keeps toy lint free, makes manipulation very easy. Wonderful flesh-like material.
The bubble butt may make the toy feel too large for less endowed men.
Rating by reviewer:
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Taylor (that would be my partner dude) really likes to use the masturbators he has. His only complaints are having to clean them up when he's done (which is resolved by making me do it) and the floppy factor.

He say getting his dick into them is a pain when they flop around, and manipulating them as he strokes is made more difficult by the floppy-ness.

This is where the Fleshlight shines. It eliminates the floppy factor and gives a man something to get a good, solid grip on for easy manipulation.

We chose the Fleshlight STU Jack Ass even though it's marketed toward gay men (The packaging calls it a Fleshjack rather than a Fleshlight, and has hot, half nude men on it.) and is shaped like a male butt. Taylor liked that the bubble butt stuck out far enough to cushion his groin and, when it comes down to it, a butt is a butt, right?

The Fleshlight STU Jack Ass is 10 inches long, and fits up to 8 inches of length. The bubble butt adds another inch, inch and a half to that, making it suitable for even very well endowed men. (It may make it less fun for less endowed men, however, since Taylor said there is a difference in sensation when you go from the entrance/cushy bum area to the actual shaft of the toy. The interior channel is much tighter)

The Fleshlight has a hard plastic exterior, shaped to resemble a very large flashlight with a screw off cover to keep it discreet. (If having a humongous "flashlight" laying around is discreet. Personally, I'd be so curious I'd open it.) The screw off cover also helps to keep dust and lint off of the interior of the toy. The rear portion of the toy also screws off, though it's function is to create suction; the tighter it's screwed down the more suction you get, loosen it and you get less. Taylor preferred it looser because of the noise factor. With it screwed very tight you got a sucking, slurping sound that irritated him.

The interior of the Fleshlight STU Jack Ass is created with superskin, a realistic skin-like material. It feels as close to skin as any other realistic material; soft, squishy, and yet the bubble butt is firm enough, and thick enough, to stand high and proud. It also sounds amazingly like real flesh if you give it a spank. (And, yes, that IS the first thing both of us did when we opened the box.) It can be completely removed from the outer plastic case.

Superskin is porous so unless you want to wear a condom with it, this isn't a toy to share. It also requires special care if you want it to hold up. Use only water based lubes, wash with soap and warm water, let it completely air dry then dust it with cornstarch and it'll be your friend for a good, long time.

The STU line is created to be a stamina enhancing tool and the shaft is lined with marble sized "bumps" that are supposed to train a person to last longer in bed. Stamina isn't an issue around here, but Taylor did find the bumps to be far more stimulating than a smooth chambered masturbator.

All in all, the Fleshlight was a hit in our house. The interior sleeve isn't Taylor's favorite of all time, but the hard, grip-able, plastic exterior and ease of use make it the go to toy.
Pictures of how it comes apart, and the inner "bumps" on my blog
Follow-up commentary
The Fleshjack has become Taylor's favorite masturbator; primarily because the case makes it so fantastically easy to use. He's tried other things since he got this, and he now compares them all to this one. Nothing quite lives up to the non-floppy feel you get with the hard case.

The Fleshjack is a win, even months later. The interior has held up very well stored in it's case with a light coating of powder.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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