Titanmen Francois Sagat's ass - realistic vagina by Doc Johnson - review by Kindred

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Francois Sagat's Realistic Mangina

For all the fans that have ever dreamed of having their turn with the #1 bottom in the world, the wait is over. Doc Johnson has created an amazingly realistic mold of Francois Sagat's ass that will be sure to fulfill all of your fantasies. If you have the space to store this beast of a toy and don't mind giving it the occasional bath, then this toy is certainly worth considering.
Amazing detail,
Realistic feel,
Hands-free use
Difficult to clean,
Awkward canal angle,
Huge size for storage
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Ever fantasize about playing with a porn star's ass? Well now you can! Doc Johnson has made an amazingly realistic mold of Francois Sagat's ass for you to do what you will. Finger him, rim him, or fuck him, you can do as you please and he won’t complain one bit. Want to grab his balls or slap his ass? Go for it, just don’t think about biting. Monsieur Sagat’s ass is much too delicate for that kind of rough play. Feel left out because you don't have a penis? Strap on a dildo and let Francois have it! He is an equal opportunist and ready to please!

Material / Texture

UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3.0) is a Doc Johnson proprietary formula for a latex and phthalate free TPE that also has antibacterial properties. The material is soft, plush, and amazingly realistic to touch. As with all similar materials, UR3 has a slightly greasy feel that leaves a residue on your hands. It also has a sweet smell that isn’t horrible, but certainly noticeable even during use. The smell is most noticeable when you first open the box and lessens as you adjust to it. The material also has a slight taste, something similar to licking a plastic ball. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be and would not deter me from rimming Francois’ ass if I so desired. UR3 is rather delicate as materials go, so you do need to take some care to not rip or damage it.


Shape / Design / Size / Fit

There’s no other way to say it except Francois Sagat has a BIG ass. At its largest dimensions, it is approximately 17” x 12” x 5”. The underside has several cutout areas to reduce the amount of material required for the mold; otherwise it would weigh even more than 22 lbs. The cutouts also provide a nice handhold to grip the toy as you carry it about.

Underside of toy:

The anal canal measures 7.5” long and about 1/2” wide throughout. The canal is open-ended so even the well endowed should be able to enjoy this toy. In fact, I imagine that it would feel extremely pleasurable to have your head pop in and out the other end for some extra stimulation. Sadly, I’m nowhere close to being able to reach it so I can only speculate. The canal is lined with a ribbed texture that is mild as far as textures go given how soft UR3 is. The material also stretches quite a bit so even girthy penises should have no problems using this toy. Personally, I would have preferred either the texture be a little more intense or the canal a little tighter.

Canal texture:

My only real complaint about the toy is the angle of the canal. As you can hopefully appreciate in the picture below, the canal is actually angled at a downward angle. I’m not sure about every man, but my erect penis points upward, even at my age. The only way it worked was to literally lie on the toy, which was a little awkward. Having sex while lying down is not a problem when there is a body to lie on for support. In this case, all I had was an ass so I found myself having to prop up my upper body on my forearms. This wasn’t ideal and defeats the purpose of having such a realistic toy when you can’t even see it during use.

Angle of canal:

I found the toy worked much better when I propped it up using the Liberator Wedge to change the entry angle. This made it possible to kneel with my hands on Monsieur Sagat’s ass doggie style. This position let me enjoy the visual of seeing the toy and also being able to slap it. And yes the sound it makes when you slap it is very rewarding. Apparently Francois likes it rough, just please don’t use anything sharp that could damage his delicate ass.

Angle when propped on Wedge:

You could also prop the toy on the Wedge and use it standing with the toy on the edge of a bed. I also tried to use the toy on top in the cowboy position, but it’s too heavy and floppy to be used in this manner. Also, you again lose the visual component of the experience. You could even squeeze your cock between the butt cheeks for a different experience. As a side note, it actually makes a pretty nice pillow if you nestle your head between the butt cheeks. The only downside is that the material tends to feel cold to the touch. This could work to your advantage if you don't have air conditioning during warmer weather.

Is this toy discreet and/or suitable for travel? This question literally made me laugh. Francois’ ass is neither discreet nor suitable for travel, unless you plan on purchasing a companion airfare ticket. There is realistically no easy way to travel with this toy so it’s better to leave it at home. Besides, Francois only travels first class.

Care and Maintenance

UR3 is extremely porous and as such cannot be sterilized. Therefore, it is recommended that a condom be used to prolong the life of the toy, but especially so if you are sharing. The toy should not be boiled (even if you happen to own a large enough cauldron) and even extremely hot water should be avoided. Instead, rinse the toy with warm water and use either a toy cleaner or mild antibacterial soap. This toy is difficult to wash due to the size and weight. It does not fit in any of my bathroom sinks and hell no I am not going to risk taking it down to the kitchen sink. Instead, I lay it in a bathtub and allow the water to flow directly onto it. Since the canal is open-ended, it’s easy to simply rinse any fluids out.

Getting the toy out of the tub is another adventure. You try lifting 22 lbs of wet, floppy ass out of the tub. It isn’t easy I assure you. And remember, lift you’re your legs, not with your back. Once out of the tub, I towel dry it first and then use a hair drier on the cool setting because there is nothing worse than a moldy porn star’s ass. Once completely dry, I dust the toy with cornstarch to prevent stickiness. The toy comes with a small bottle of powder that is presumably for this purpose but there are no ingredients listed for it. As a general rule, I do not use items for which ingredients are not listed. However, it appears to be Vac-U-Lock Powder lubricant which contains talc, a substance that some have concerns may cause cervical and lung cancer. The main concern is asbestos contamination of talc. The FDA categorizes talc as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) but cautions that studies are limited and based on US manufacturers only.


The packaging includes two layers and is designed to support and protect the toy itself. The outer packaging (20” x 15-1/2” x 7”) is a sturdy, reinforced cardboard box designed to support the weight of the toy. The top of the box has a cutout window revealing the toy inside. The box also has a picture of the naked backside of Francois Sagat as well as some details about the toy. Needless to say, the packaging is far from discreet. However, anyone buying a 22 lb replica of a gay porn star’s ass is unlikely to be worried much about discretion. Inside the cardboard box is a strong plastic clam shell molded to fit the toy. The strong plastic is designed to protect the fragile UR3 material. While instructions for use are not necessary, I would have liked if the toy included cleaning recommendations. With UR3 and similar materials, I’m always leery to use cleaners because of the potential to damage the material.

The original box is really the only way to realistically store this massive toy due to its size and the material it’s made of. The box does a good job and should last with some care. However, the lack of subtlety and size of the box makes it impossible to hide. My only solution is to store the box in another plain box that is even larger, which is inconvenient but necessary.

Personal comments

I am extremely impressed by the amount of detail in this toy. Doc Johnson did an amazing job with this mold. The scrotum has small wrinkles and even the anus has creases. Hopefully you can appreciate some of the details in the picture below. My one complaint, and this may be an unavoidable design issue, is that the anus is open. Now, I realize that Monsieur Sagat is the “#1 bottom in the world,” but I’m pretty sure even his anus is closed despite how many times he’s been penetrated. It does not affect performance but it does creep me out just a little.

I have to also say that I’m a little jealous of Francois Sagat’s ass and how shapely it is. Time to do more lunges!
Follow-up commentary
Francois Sagat's ass is still fabulous. Although I don't use it much due to the size and effort it takes to clean it, I still very much appreciate the detail in the product.
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