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Cock and balls device by WHK GmbH

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Go Elsewhere Unless You are MacGyver and Can Really Use This

Go spend ten bucks on a small, quiet, powerful vibe and pick who is going to hold it against the clit during sex. This toy isn't worth the shipping.
The vibe is the perfect speed/intensity setting for my wife's 1-2 minute orgasm.
The entire silicone portion and the non-slick nature of the vibe.
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extremely useful review
The “Delight” cock and balls device|“Delight” cock and balls device, or “Silicone Clit Flicker” as the box calls it, is anything but a delight. I usually write a long review, but I just don’t have that much to say about this one. It looked fun when we opened the box.

The silicone part: Immediately after touching it, my hopes began to fade. The silicone is not very strong at all. It had a hard time making a solid dent in my scrotum once I got hard and it tightened up. The nubbed ring around my shaft was barely detectable. The ring portion of this toy is nothing at all like cock & ball rings|Cock and balls devices of more substantial material and you may not notice it at all. The best thing I can say about the rings is that they are a pretty good way to hold the vibe and “clit flicker” in place.

The “clit flicker” is similarly flimsy and provided no sensation at all to E without the vibe on. She said the feeling of my cock at full depth greatly overpowered anything she might have felt from the clit flicker and that it didn’t feel any different than when I normally go all-in inside her.

Basically, the silicone part of the toy is like one of those wall-sticking octopus toys without any sticky on it. It looks fun, but falls completely short as there are no useful uses. Bleh.

The vibrator: This is the shining redemption of this toy, which got it 1 star from us. It is a single speed vibe and vibrates on “speed 3” of the Doc Johnson egg (see my other review). That is my gold standard for vibes now, so I will compare this one as such. The vibe is a little longer than the Doc Johnson egg and much smaller in girth - about the size of a lipstick container and can be used to hit just the right spot. That is great for E, but a little difficult for us together, since I am like 3 blind mice looking for the cat. E says she wants to use this vibe anally, so we may wrap it up and play a little more. I think I can find that spot with this vibe. As I mentioned in my egg review, speed 3 is pretty useful in making E cum – not 10-second cum, but only a short minute or two. It is a little louder than the egg (but still gets 3 bees) and the plastic is much less silky. You will need significantly more lubrication, natural or otherwise, to enjoy this vibe.

Vibe and silicone together: As I said above, the silicone portion is just a good place keeper for the vibe and nothing more. The sideways position of the vibe doesn’t really get it where it needs to be against E’s clit. I think we might try one of the vertical cock ring vibes. The concept is good, but the execution here was poor. One major issue is that you need to use lube to get the vibe into the silicone portion. But, ummmm… how do you twist the well lubricated slick plastic so the vibe will turn on? I’ll tell you how: a pair of vise grips I had sitting near the bed. That is pretty unacceptable to me to need my home repair tool kit bedside to use a toy. So, if you want to buy this for the vibe, go ahead. But for the same price, you can get yourself a small vibe designed to be powerful, quiet, and comfortable. My recommendation – stay away.
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  • Great review. Sorry the toy didn't work out. At least the bullet is useful... Definitely try a differently designed cock ring- the Cock Commander seems to work well for a number of people.
  • Epiphora
    Your writing style is great. I've had a lot of problems with cock rings not hitting my clit too. Good luck at finding one that does..
  • DandE
    Thanks for the complements on my writing. I really tried to be objective on this one. It is really hard for me to not see the bright side of any toy that lets me play with E's clit. Too bad about this one. CW, I might try the Cock Commander. I was supposed to review the micro-max vibro toungue, but I was out of touch and couldn't log on before admin canceled the assignment. :( Its vibrator is vertical and would have probably rubbed E into a shuddering clitoral orgasm quickly. Does anyone have any experience with that one?

  • helenamontoya18
    this toy is badly designed with many flaws.
  • Red Riding Hood
    I'm sorry this didn't work out. Cheap "silicone" material is the WORST thing they could make these rings out of!
  • Ivy Wilde
    I love your honesty. I wish more reviewers were that honest about not liking products. Yet you still managed to find some good in the bad. Thanks.
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