Gonna break this thing...

The toy seemed promising until I discovered how thin the walls on one part of the toy were... I'm not sure if this is a manufacturing issue, but for the price it would be nice to get more than 1 or 2 uses out of the toy.
Feels nice in hand
Thin walls (possibly manufacturing issue)
Not good for well endowed
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This toy is a male masturbator sleeve, it is designed with the expectation that you will insert your penis and stroke the toy in your hand to provide an enjoyable sensation that differs from your hand.

The toy has two holes one at each end; however, they are not connected and the faux vagina opening has no outlet. The fact the opening doesn't go all the way through the toy is a pro and con. It results in a vacuum in the toy, meaning it has great suction during use that is very enjoyable. One downside is that this makes the toy extremely difficult to clean as it's hard to flush lube/ejaculate out when water doesn't flow through the toy. Another one is that if you are well endowed you might smash into the end of the toy during use, which is less than enjoyable.

The second hole on the back, appears to be for the use of a vibrating bullet or egg to be inserted to provide a vibrating sensation while you use the toy, assuming you have one as it does not come with such an accessory. I used a USB vibrating egg to try this feature out with success; however, this is an assumption as the toy comes with no instructions on use.

Material / Texture

The toy is made of a Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) material that is stretchy and provides a firm flesh-like sensation.The benefit of TPR is it's one of the safest masturbator materials and is far less porous than cyberskin and the like. It is also reasonably easy to clean as a material; however, the design of this toy makes cleaning difficult.

My issue with the material is durability and this is more obvious due to my size and the fact that the walls in some places on this toy are incredibly thin... this may be an issue with the manufacturing process as it's possible their cast was not set perfectly and this resulted in a thin side wall... when trying to rinse out the toy this sidewall balloons out (think water balloon or condom full of water...) I felt worried it was going to explode and make a mess in my bathroom when first rinsing the toy out. During use I exceeded the length of the toy and tended to rub against this wall at the end, resulting in me seeing myself through the toy as the material stretched... I have seen this in previous toys and the toy will only last maybe two total uses before I tear through this wall.

The toy smelled of almost lemon when I opened the packaging but that went away when the toy was washed off and there was no strong odor after this point.

The toy does have some kind of texturing on the inside of the toy but it is so minimal and likely was stretched away during use that it could have been smooth and had the same result for me.
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The toy is only 5.75" long, so if you are under this length or are okay with only inserting partially - then this toy won't cause you too many problems. I would have preferred to have had an opening on both ends so that when I reached the end I didn't smash into the end of the toy or stretch it to the point it would potentially break quicker.

The toy has a faux vagina for the opening that you can see below:

I was a bit worried it would be hard to get inside the toy with the tiny opening, as I've had this issue with some other masturbators I've tried on here; however, getting into the toy caused no problems. On the other end of the toy there is a hole, that doesn't connect through but is seemingly designed for a vibrating bullet or egg to be inserted. The toy's page even shows a vibrating egg in the photos, but it is not included. I used one I had on hand to try this feature and it is a reasonably nice design/idea... kind of reminds me of the sensations of having sex w/ my girlfriend while we have a vibrator inserted in her anally.

Vibrator Hole

The biggest issue with this toy is the design of the hand "holds", as that's the only reason I can think for the bumps on the side... it could have also been an option to reduce the needed TPR material to manufacturer but this results in the amount of material in the "valley" of the handle to be extremely thin in a few places, which will likely rip and result in the toy no longer being usable after very few uses. But will say the toy feels nice in your hand during use.


Because the toy has no opening on the other end, there will be air stuck inside initially, that if you force back out the opening, creates a nice vacuum; however, if I didn't do this, it started ballooning out the side of the toy just like the water did when I rinsed out the toy, which is a bit scary as I was worried about it popping and spraying lube all over my desk & computer :(
    • Ergonomic
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

I would only recommend water-based lubes with this toy. The lube cleans off the material easily; however, with no exit hole, this makes cleaning the toy difficult. I opted to fold the toy inside out to make sure to clean/rinse/dry the inside of the toy before storing.
    • Hard to clean


The packaging is basically just a sealed plastic bag, that can easily be torn open:


There is no information provided in the packaging or with the toy.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
Follow-up commentary
I used it a few more times, and it broke like I anticipated it would, due to the weak wall.
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