Jana Cova dual pleasure - realistic vagina by Cal Exotics - review by She & him

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Good attention to detail, but in all the wrong places

The Jana Cova Realistic Dual Masturbator is a large, detailed masturbator taken from a mold directly from porn star Jana Cova. If you're a fan of the actress, you'll probably enjoy it, and for everyone else, it's a decent enough toy. A big, hefty piece; the realism adds to the experience, but there are some design flaws.
Realistic mold, easily handled
Not great for larger guys, porous material, cheap paint, slightly creepy
Rating by reviewer:
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From him: I've never had any kind of male sex toy for exclusive use with the penis before, so I was not too terribly well versed with the use of something like this. Thankfully, the concept was simple. There are three holes along the top, with one central one that connects the vaginal and anal entries, and one on each side, that the provided bullets slide into.

I got everything in position, lubed up, and pushed in.

After getting over the shock that a hole that small could take anything larger than a finger, I was a little underwhelmed. The ridges that I had felt with my fingers didn't really lend themselves to any noticeable sensation. The head of my cock also quickly popped out of the top as I bottomed out inside of it. The whole disembodied vagina thing was already a little strange, and to see myself erupting out of the lump of material added to it.

You're able to hold on to each side of it using your hands, or put it on a flat surface, as the wide base and grippy material will lend themselves well to keeping it stationary.

The included insertable vibrators added to the overall sensation, but the vibrations were not enhanced by the sleeve.

From her: As a vagina owner and enthusiast, I played around a bit with this toy before he put it to use. As a purely sense-oriented experience, this toy was interesting to poke around with. However, though I had been looking forward to seeing my partner make use of it in the intended fashion, I found that watching his cock erupt out of the top hole (meant to flush water through) as he penetrated the vaginal hole was more amusing than anything else - in effect it looked as if he had completely skewered a disembodied pussy on his cock. When he finally got the hang of shallow penetration, I had already gotten bored. I wouldn't say this toy has any spectator value, unless you're looking for laughs.

Material / Texture

From him: The toy itself is a big mass of Futurotic Plus. It's super squishy, stretchy, and soft. The texture is similar to something like a stress ball, but with more give. Both holes have the same tightness to them, being the same original size. The interior channel has simple ribs along the entire length. Both vagina and anal openings lead into the same channel.

The Futurotic Plus material carries with it a smell that, while not offensive, is certainly noticeable. It'll get on your fingers as well. The smell is light, somewhat reminiscent of baby powder.

The surface is velvety, and will cause light drag when skin is run over it. The toy also picks up every speck of dust and stray hair in the area. You'll need to give it a quick rinse off before use.

The general texture of the toy is simple and smooth. There's a fake texture for the anal opening, but the vaginal opening texture is taken of a mold of Jana Cova. The light skin texture is a nice touch, and you also get the shape of her vulva in addition.

The inner labia that are molded from Jana are painted, the only color difference from the light pink coloring of the rest of the toy. This darker pink, however, is weak. After opening it up and trying it out for the very first time, all of the darker coloring is completely worn off around the vaginal opening.

The dual bullet is an all plastic construction. Very standard.

From her: The thick ribbing on the inside of the vaginal hole was less than realistic, but definitely made for a more noticeable sensation than more subtler detailing would have. The material is soft & realistic, and very enjoyable to touch. As I'm not familiar with Jana Cova's work, I can't speak to the degree of realism this toy offers.
    • Porous
    • Strong odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

From him: There's a couple nice details about this toy. You're able to get a nice grip on either side, where the legs and ass would normally be. The toy is heavy enough, that when coupled with the flat back, that you're able to place it on a surface and use it hands free. (Amusing side note, you're also able to get it to stick to a side of a smooth surface, due to a slightly concave surface.) There's a hole in the top that allows water to be flushed in from both sides, for easier cleaning.

There are some drawbacks, however. The distance from the vaginal opening to the hole in the top is very short roughly 3 inches. The anal opening is lower, and the total distance is roughly 5.5 inches from entrance to exit out of the top. This meant that I was only able to have a portion of my cock inside of it at any given time.

While the material certainly could stretch out enough to accommodate the diameter of my cock, I felt like the ribbing on the interior was lessened because of it. I couldn't feel much in the way of texture on the inside. The top hole suffered, however. After the first use, the edge that connected exterior and interior was puckered and rippled. There also seemed to be a small hole in the vaginal opening, as though the material had a tiny air bubble that didn't get tamped out in the casting process.

From her: I'm no expert in the manufacturing of realistic vaginas, but I felt this toy could have been more well-designed for the price, as the size and fit left something to be desired. I suppose the main draw of this toy, however, is supposed to be its realism (in that it's cast from Jana Cova) but it's a shame that the overall design isn't more well thought out.
    • Realistic
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

From him: The toy is made out of Futurotic Plus, which is super porous and presents a host of problems when it comes to clean up. First of all, anything other than a water based lube will degrade the material, so nothing oil or silicone based. It's very porous, which means no sharing, but considering the toy, you probably wouldn't want to. When you're finished using it, you need to wash it carefully with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner, then give it a light dusting of cornstarch. Never use talc powder, as it's been linked to some kinds of cancer. Keep it wrapped up in plastic when not in use, and keep it separate from other toys. You don't want something jumping over from something else.

It comes with a small bottle of Futurotic Maintenance Powder, which is quite helpful, but there's just a little bit of it, so you'll either have to get your hands on more of it, or just switch to the aforementioned cornstarch.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


From him: The outermost packaging is simple paperboard. The outside is covered in pictures, both of a fully nude Jena Cova, and the toys contained within. Suffice to say, this is not discreet in the slightest. The toys are nestled inside of a plastic insert, and the masturbator itself was also inside of a plastic bag.

From her: The packaging was also plastered with snippets of text begging the user to insert themselves into the toy, which may be a nice touch for those who appreciate the simulated sensation of a vagina leaving you erotic love-notes.
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative
Follow-up commentary
Sadly, we never got much use out of Jana Cova. Between a disappointing overall sensation while in use and cheapness of the materials, this masturbator just never did much to thrill me. Shame, really, I had such high hopes for it.
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