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Goodbye Ms. Michigan; Hello Stroker XL

The Stroker XL will put your right hand out of the job. This thing is yummillicious. The ribs on the inside massage the head and shaft, while the base (depending on your girth) stroke and tug at your dick like a handjob. This thing is also very very easy to clean, and has a pretty great price. I don't see this thing tearing anytime soon since it stretches nicely and is the "XL". If your looking for a fun toy for stroking it well, this is probably the one for you. Trust, you won't get let down.
Soft, easy to clean, ribbed, floppy, tugging, delicious.
Collects lint, only one color.
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Today began the same as any other snowy southwest Michigan day. Desperately needing bulldog food, Kevin (the bulldog) waited in the car as I began scraping the windshield, and brushing 4 new inches of snow off the hood of my car. Then, today changed. The mail lady pulled up. I asked "Is there a package for 15?". "Yes, in fact there is" she replied.

About 45 minutes later the bulldog was sound asleep in his crate, I laying naked thumbing through some porn online with my new Stroker XL and a small bottle of KY Liquid sitting next to me. We'll jump ahead 5 minutes or so.

The porn never got looked at...

...and Ms. Michigan will probably be out of the job for a while.

This thing is amazing. It is nothing you will expect, even the (computer generated?) pictures online don't do it's soft, plush, wobbly, stroke-tastic character any justice.

I would recommend this toy to any guy who can't afford a Fleshlight, but wants a really great, easy to use and clean masturbation tool. Hey, I'm married, and I can already seeing my wife liking this thing just (almost) as much as me. She won't have to work as hard (or as long) to get me off when I bitch and wine for a quick HJ (Handjob).

The Stroker XL is handheld, and will stimulate your entire dick, and how!
    • Busy men

Material / Texture

Tantus makes all their toys out of the best quality silicone you can make. The outside is smooth, and the inside (yum!) is a series of ribs for stimulation. There is no smell or taste, hence the quality, and yes the texture adds to the stimulation. I hear if you turn it inside out you can lose the texture, not sure why you would want to do this though. The entire device is floppy soft and squishy silicone. From the pictures I expected it to be a firm device, but no way, and boy is it great! I would say the texture is for anyone, but maybe more for advanced users, it is pretty stimulating, but who knows, it just feels great.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Tantus Stroker XL is a 5.25 inch by 2.5 .4 lbs silicone love tube. Everyone always complains about masturbation tube tearing and getting ruined, but I do not see this happening here. I do consider myself big, at about 7.25 to 7.5 inches long, and maybe i don't know, 1.25 to 1.5 inches thick? I just don't see this thing tearing any time soon. Maybe if you try to turn it inside out.

The ribs on the inside did feel great, though since it is open at either end, it didn't create a suction like I have heard of masturbatory doing, which is fine, this thing has another trick, you'll hear soon enough.

One thing though, if you have maybe, a smaller penis, I'm talking thickness here, you may not get as much out of this toy, though they do call it the Stroker XL for a reason.

I would say it is easy to hide, though a little silk (or similar?) travel bag will be nice, I did notice it grab lint pretty easily.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Follow closely people. You slide it on with some lube. Yum, that was nice. Then, you slide it off, only, the base pulls the skin on your shaft, like a handjob. The head gets the ribs all over again, but the shaft is getting stroked. Awesome. It really is good times.

Of course no batteries required, so shower use is legit, just don't use silicone lube, as it is made of silicone.

Adding a little squeeze by your hard working hand adds more delight, and it's a little invigorating feeling a huge shaft in your hand. The added diameter from the toy makes your dick feel huge! nice!

Care and Maintenance

Since it is a silicone toy, DON'T use silicone lube. I use KY for everything right now, which is safe with silicone, condoms and toys.

It does gather lint a little easy, so maybe a clean dry place to store it would be good.

Also, boiling is an option. and regular washings with antibacterial soap and water after each use is a must.


The packaging was nice, though oddly shaped, so if it is a gift, have another box on hand. Otherwise, it was easy to open which is nice.
Follow-up commentary
After using this toy, and cleaning it too, I have found I still love it! I did find a few ways to mix it up a little bit, since I did eventually find there's nothing quite like your beautiful wife's hands stroking you (the toy did get a little old just stroking with it)

I was a little curious what everyone was talking about as far as suction with the other closed end strokers. So, while in the shower, I fount it fun to cap off the end of this stroker with my other hand, creating a little bit of suction for added stimulation. With practice, this did add a little bit of pizazz to the toy.

I also found it fun to stroke the toy while holding onto it near the base of you cock. This further creates an illusion that something else is stimulating the head of your cock, since to you, your hand is not near it. This is probably the most satisfying use for me.

Hope these reviews have been helpful, I still give this toy an 8 out of 10 for fun factor (I would say a 5 or more is needed for orgasm, so its great!)
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