Roxy Jezel's doggie style ass and pussy - realistic vagina by Doc Johnson - review by ~LaUr3n~

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Half Night Stand

Rozy Jezel looks very inviting and she holds up well to those thicker guys who want to play with her ass or pussy. She falls short on length though. Her inner ribbed vagina feels great, but her ass is good for only playing the tip. She has a sweet smell, that my partner and I found arousing. This is a great choice for the average guy or for those who want to experiment but not go broke while doing so. If nothing else, she looks amazing.
Realistic look and feel, heavy, feels good, sweet smell, accommodates large guys.
Too shallow, material must be maintained, anal passage is pretty useless, color washes off.
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There are a few different ways to use Roxy Jezel. She will submit to your every command! For obvious and intended use, you can penetrate either of her juicy holes-in luscious and exposed doggie style of course. This realistic mold is free standing and can be mounted. A male or a female with a strap on could penetrate this. If you want to get creative, three-some fantasies could also be played out. Or perhaps, a guy could do Jezel, and also be done himself by another male or a female with a strap on. This is why I decided to get Roxy-for pegging play. She is pretty accommodating. She will spread wide open for a very thick member, but don't expect too much in length.
    • Busy men

Material / Texture

When I opened the box, I couldn't believe how real the material looked! Even the color was pretty spot on. Then to feel the heavy weight of it as I pulled it out of the plastic, I found myself mesmerized by the feel. I poked it and was a bit disturbed by the realistic hunk of fake flesh I had in my lap. It was almost taboo. But not taboo enough to decide to see what my roommates face would look like when she walked in on me playing with it, and oh was it priceless! We continued to grab Jezel's ass and marveled at how real it felt. What was the most realistic was the sound of us smacking her ass. It was comical really. But before I tainted Jezel too much, I put her away to go surprise my partner.

The material is Ultra realistic 3.0 (UR3 for short). I would say that it does feel realistic, especially if it has been properly maintained. The inside feels real, but the textured ribbing reminds that it is fake. This isn't to say that it doesn't feel good. The material is a mixture of PVC and silicone. This allows the material to be extremely stretchy and flexible.

The smell...well it smells like this stripper Desiree that gave me my only lap dance ever. It smells like sweet baby powder pussy. I wasn't going to taste Jezel, but my boyfriend insisted. It really doesn't have much of a taste at all. I will never live that one down...

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This fake pussy and ass is a real life mold of porn star Roxy Jezel. I had never heard of her before and neither had my boyfriend. He didn't think she was anything special and I was just glad her pussy didn't look like mince meat. We were trying to find one that looked somewhat like me. This wasn't that close but it wasn't repulsive, so it worked. Jezel's mold is a pretty good size. She weighs in at an impressive 3 pounds. Her main "block" is 7" front to back and 8" side to side. It's height is 3 1/2" top to bottom. Her butt hole is slightly gaping and so is her vagina. This goes well with the hands that are added. Jezel looks like she is holding her cheeks wide open for you.

The vaginal depth is a little over 4". The anal depth is 2 1/2". The inside of the vaginal canal is roughly ribbed. The inside of the anal canal is smooth. The anal passage actual connects to the vaginal one at an almost 90 degree angle. The size would be better if it were bigger. It feels pretty real to grip her ass, so it would be great if the sides of her ass were round instead of flat.

This toy is fairly large, so it's not that easy to hide. It might be best hidden in a dresser under some clothes. It can't really fit in a bed side table. It also isn't suitable for travel because of the size.

Functions / Performance / Controls

First things first, positioning. This thing looked like it was awkward for my guy to mount. He had it on the bed as he tried to penetrate Jezel, but she kept wriggling away. He had to use one hand to hold the top of her. This squished the body a bit and made the penetrable depth shorter. He was able to use this position to thrust as I played with him. He is on the large end of length and girth and so I was a bit afraid he would rip Jezel upon first chance. But, she surprisingly held up! My partner was able to fit his almost 6.5" girth member inside her vaginally. He had some trouble getting in and staying in, but if he had the right grip and position he was very comfortable, until he started poking out the back. He found this annoying instead of stimulating. He is about 7 1/4 inches long, so this toy was too shallow for him. He described the inside vaginal ribbing as feeling good, but not real. As he screwed Jezel, she made LOTS of noise. This was a bit distracting for us. But it was really hot watching him go in and out as I kissed and grabbed him and as he also played with me.

We decided to try her anally then. Anally it was just playing the tip. Because the anal hole attaches to the vaginal one, you are supposed to be able to thrust through, but this didn't really work. There was no thrusting, just poking in and out. This kept his attention for only a short while before moving back to her vagina. But, soon after that he gave up and couldn't hold off being with me any longer. So, Jezel just didn't do it for him to say the least. He was willing to try it again while giving me oral, or while I pegged him. So he didn't hate it enough to never want to use it again.

We also didn't like the bullet. The cord and battery compartment got in the way, and he found the vibration distracting instead of arousing. When I used a strap-on on Jezel, I could feel the vibration against my pelvis. It did add extra sensation for me, although I couldn't finish with her either.

I would think that using Jezel on a pelvis level counter would be best. The underside of the mold is a bit concave and does provide some suction.

Care and Maintenance

This material does feel awesome, but it needs some tender love and care to keep feeling that way. First off, only use water based lubricants. The material is very porous which can make it hard to clean. If you don't want to make a mess, use a condom. But make sure you have plenty of lubricant, because the latex friction could cause ripping. It is smart to clean Jezel before use as well as after. Warm water and soap or anti-bacterial toy cleaner works just fine. Avoid harsh detergents, alcohol, or ammonia based cleaners. You cannot sterilize this material. You will need to run water down her holes to really clean them out and then sit her out to dry before continuing. You can blot is with soft cloth, not paper towels. Once dry, Jezel needs to be dusted with a non-Talc powder to maintain her skin like feel. This will prevent her from becoming sticky. Store her in the bag she came in, in a cool place.


Jezel comes in a large and colorful red box. On the front is a picture of her in the doggie style position. I really liked that she is wearing a fedora. The box is not at all discrete since, there are pornographic images on every side and explicit language like "Fuck her ass from behind, just the way she likes it!" The back is a picture of her sitting naked, spreading her lips. This side of the box describes Roxy's background and career. I found it cool that she is half English and half Thai. Both sides of the box have a picture of Jezel laying back with her legs up. One of these sides has info in five different languages. The bottom has some safety instructions like to not use it in a microwave...really?

When you open the box, there is an inner cardboard box that surrounds a plastic one. Inside the plastic Jezel is packaged in a large bag. In other compartments of the box are the vibrating bullet and the squeeze bottle with the Talc-free powder. There is also a mini-info leaflet. It is a clean and care guide for the UR3 material. The bullet takes 2 AA batteries which are not included.


We did notice that the color around her vagina washed off from first use. Some of it stayed but most of it is gone. It would be nice if they either used a stronger paint, or provided a touch up kit. I also would have thought that there should have been shading around the ass hole, but that's just me.
Follow-up commentary
I totally expected Jezel to rip the first time my well endowed partner used her, but she didn't. She took the abuse. I figured she would break for sure with some more use. But, she hasn't. I am guessing the key to keeping her in good shape is too use PLENTY of lubrication and to keep up with the powdering. It is a bit of a pain to have to prep her, clean her, and then restore her each time but it is worth it. At this price, I am pleased that she still has not ripped. The coloring on the lips is pretty much gone now. That is the only degeneration I have continually noticed. She is worth more than a 1/2 night stand apparently.

Oh and she still smells sweet as ever.
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