Nicole's Senso fondle my pussy stroker - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by High Eff

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The strokes may not be memorable because of that obnoxious hole, even though the ribs will massage you lovingly, but the orgasmic explosion at the very end will leave you breathless and make it worth it all. Just make sure you are not too big yourself, or you may risk being sorely sorry.
Mind-blowing orgasms similar to actual intercourse. Really tight, and easy to clean. Durable.
Short for the average man, and loses its tightness pretty fast. So-so rise to apex.
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Finally, my first assignment came in through the mail and I have to say that I was eager to try it out. The description of the item was rather vague, and no one had officially tried it out yet. Therefore, as your humble and selfless serviteur, I took the occasion to have a “taste” of it for you few curious souls out there. All in all, to summarize, it is an interesting toy due to both its qualities and defaults.

In all honesty, the design of the toy appeared at first a little odd to me. The “fingers” stretching out the “pussy” did not appeal to me much except for the fact that they made it all look a tad alien (sue me and call me weird, I have some sort of a knack for it). Obviously, “her” hands do not add any kind of stimulation; they are there for pure aesthetical purposes. The box also claimed that this pocket pussy|Nicole's Senso fondle my pussy stroker was “pleasantly scented!” Due to the color, I expected it to be some kind of strawberry cheesecake or cherry thing. Well, maybe my nose suddenly turned blind, but it did not smell anything at all.

Then again, when I take a look at other sex toy reviews in which the author complains about the offputting artificial/chemical smell of the toy, that may actually be an advantage! Oh, and since it is jelly, you ought to make sure that you stash it in something that will not gather dust and whatnot... like the small plastic bag it comes nestled in, for example. If that much is done, the toy is incredibly easy to clean. Easier than I thought it would be, at any rate.

The nubs and the ribs, respectively located at the front and the back of the toy, delivered a pleasant sensation, which, however, was hardly similar to actual intercourse... or at least, in the beginning. And the sound the toy made while being used was not really harmonic, either. The crescendo to apex may have not left much of a striking impression on me, but oh, god, did the finale remind me of heated nights in better company. If I have to hand out my opinion, I would say that as much as the Head Honcho simulates oral sex really well, this toy recreates an orgasm similar to one obtained through intercourse astonishingly well. The more I try it, the more I come to this conclusion.

One thing that does not remain the same, however, both thankfully and to my dismay, is the tightness of the toy. Let me first point this out: I am not a man of exceptional girth, I am actually just a little above average. Yet, on the first try, I almost had to fight to get comfortable, applying lube three times as I inched my way deeper into the sleeve. It was tight. Very tight. Almost painfully so. And it only got tighter as I reached the bottom of it, literally strangling my length and making me grit my teeth in my skull. Right on the second and third tries, however, either because the toy had lost its “virginity” or because I got used to it, the grip had considerably loosened. It still packs a good and more than decent hug, but not as violent as it used to. At least, it appears to remain in one piece, which makes me forgive its loosening nature.

And speaking of which, the toy is not that long. While slightly less endowed individuals may stay relatively comfortably nestled in its gripping depths, average men and others will inevitably poke out through the hole at the end. And, surely enough as one thrusts, the lube (trust me fellows, you will need that) will start dripping out through it, making an anticlimactic mess over the toy and the user’s hands. Heck, women get wet too and more often than not a mess is made on the bedsheets when both partners are done, but at least, in that case, it does not bother the lovely sexual process.

Putting aside the mess and the difficult-to-cope-with-at-first tightness, the apotheosis was, as mentioned, spectacular. Truly mind-blanking. Remember, however, that if you do not use a condom, to please have something prepared to clean up the happy mess -you- will make. Once again, mind that little hole.

All in all, I will say that if you are short on money, I would recommend something else, but if your wallet is fat enough, I certainly am not the one who will hold you back from buying it.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    I think when it comes to jelly, no smell is definitely better than any scent. Are you able to turn it inside out for cleaning?
  • High Eff
    @ Cock Wrangler: It can be done to a certain extent, but I personaly don't recommend it. It looks like it'd wear down the toy a little. Really, just a bit of soft foamy water poured in there, scrub a little with your finger, rinse, and it's all done.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I haven't used this product, but based upon your description of its loosening properties, I agree that turning it inside-out might not be a good idea because it may make it looser than you want it to be. Nice review, by the way.
  • High Eff
    @ Jimbo Jones: Yeah, there's that, and also the fact that it may strain/stretch the internal ribs more than they actually should be and therefore wear the toy down prematurely. And, thanks!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review!

    I do not know why, but for some reason the design frightens me! Blush
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Thanks for the review!
  • lnf77
    Thanks for the review.
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