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Tenga warmer

Sex toy warmer by TENGA

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Hole Warmer - It's like Barry White for your Sex Toys!

This Warmer should universally accommodate most cups, sleeves, and masturbators. Once you experienced the warming sensation that this warmer transfers into your favorite toys, there might be no turning back.
Warms up toys very nicely, easy to use, easy to clean.
Instructions are not in English, power cord is only 12” long.
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The Tenga Warmer is a very interesting and unique device. It is designed to warm up the entrance and the insides of onacups, masturbation sleeves, and various other penetrable masturbation devices. It was specifically designed to accommodate Tenga products, so while the heating mechanism will function regardless, it may not fit every product of this nature (though I believe it will fit most).

The entire device is about 4 ½ x 2 ½. The base of the unit which contains the heating mechanism has an approximately 12” long power cord coming out the back of it. On the front of the base unit is an on and off button that lights up red when in use. The heating unit can get as hot as 108 degrees, and when it reaches this temperature it switches to warming mode (like a rice cooker) until the temperature reaches below 98 degrees. At 98 degrees it turns back on. So you can put your cock toy on the warmer, set it and forget it.

The base unit is round and in the middle of it there is a heating column, which is about the size of an average finger sticking up in the middle. There is also a removable adapter sleeve that fits over the heating column. You will place the adapter sleeve inside the opening of the toy you wish to warm (I recommend adding the lube to the outside of the adapter sleeve), and then place the adapter sleeve back onto the heating column. This way your toy and lube never come into direct contact with the heating column, and the heating column will never need to be cleaned; you simply wash off the adapter sleeve, which is made out of hard plastic and will clean easily with soap and warm water.
I had a few options as far as toys to test this out on, including the Tenga Flip Hole which is definitely a perfect fit for the Tenga Warmer, but I decided to go with something else. I absolutely love the Flip Hole, so that is definitely not the reason for my less than obvious decision. I chose to go with the Fleshlight (Mouth STU version).

My reasoning for this is that I honestly use this particular Fleshlight more than any of the other toys I own, so if there was to be a comparable difference it would be the most obvious with the toy I am the most familiar with. My second reason was that since the Tenga Warmer was designed to work with Tenga toys, I am sure it works great with them, but if it works great with the Fleshlight too, than that will represent a broader range of appeal for using the warmer. My final reason is this, since the Fleshlight is the #1 selling male sex toy in the world, if you buy a Tenga Warmer, you are statistically more likely to be using it with a Fleshlight than any other toy.

So, how did it do?… it did great!

At first I was a little confused about whether or not to use lube before or after warming. I decided to use it beforehand because I had to get the adapter sleeve into the mouth of the Fleshlight so I needed some lube. Also I thought if you warm the already room temperature toy up, and then put room temperature lube inside it, the lube will probably cool the toy down somewhat. I would only recommend that you do not use so much lube that it drains out of the upside down toy while on top of the warmer.

So I left the toy on the warmer for maybe 3 or 4 minutes, and then I grabbed the toy to try it out. The warming effect definitely transferred into the Fleshlight, and it felt very good! It was a little more subtle than I was expecting, but realistically that is a good thing. If it was actually almost hot, it would probably not have been so pleasurable of an experience.

After I had finished up, and cleaned the Warmer adapter sleeve off with some soap and water (and cleaned the Fleshlight too), I actually did a google search and found a translation of the instructions. You are supposed to leave the toy on the warmer for approximately 5 minutes and never for more than 25 minutes. The warmer should never be left on for more than 45 minutes, and should not be turned on until the toy is placed on the warmer. And finally, always touch the inside of the toy before use, to make sure the temperature is safe!

I have posted the English version of the instructions on my bliggity blog.
Follow-up commentary
It still works great! It keeps all of my sleeves at a comfortable 'just right' temperature. Ready for love!

For my follow up, I originally had all these funny ideas about trying to make Raman noodles with this thing, or some other crazy things like that, and include photos, but I eventually decide against it. Mainly because I didn't want to end up ruining this kick ass device over a cheap laugh or two... now if I had an extra one... yeah I would definitely do it. I bet it would work to cook noodles!
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  • Valyn
    Sounds good! I'd like a warmer for my glass/ceramic toys. I guess if you ever get sick of using it for toys, you've got a back up rice cooker! Tongue out
    Thanks for the review!
  • Luscious Lily
    This sounds great! Are there any materials you can't use this with, or is it pretty much safe with any sleeve? I was just worried about some of the really high-maintenance materials, though it sounds like it played nicely with your Fleshlight. Winking
  • Gary
    The adapter sleeve is the only part of this warmer that comes in direct contact with with your masturbation sleeve or device. Whereas it did not say what exact material this part was made out of, it is hard plastic material. I don't think that there are any material compatibility issues to worry about.
  • Gary
    Oh yeah, and as far as the back up rice cooker comment... I had actually wondered if this could be used as a 'stinger'. A device that an inmate would use to heat up water (for food) in their cell. I think they are usually a cut cord. One end is plugged into the outlet, and the bare wires from the other end go into the water.
  • Airen Wolf
    Good gracious do you have many opportunities to cook in a cell? I'm all for dungeon play but it seems a bit excessive if you have to cook your meals with the sex toys Victoria may provide...Winking Wow the images running through my head right now. Tongue out
    Sounds like a heavenly device for guys who want more heat with their toys!
  • Sammi
    What an interesting idea - great review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Interesting. Is it really more efficient than, say, a bowl of warm water?
  • Lady JaDore
    I've been searching for a more efficient method of making my ramen! Great review, I enjoyed thoroughly!
  • Gary
    I think the advantage of using this over a bowl of water, is the way the heat is transferred and also the wet factor. If you are not using a silicone lube (which you can't for a lot of these sleeves), you cannot heat the lube up with the sleeve. There is also the issue of having the whole sleeve being wet (which could thin out a water based lube).
  • Miss Jane
    Love the title ;p
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    That is odd that instructions are not in English Wondering

    Very nice review! Big smile
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