Travel jack master style B - masturbation sleeve by Cal Exotics - review by Openfire

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Honey, I shrunk the Jack Master!

This toy is a must buy if you are looking for a really easy to clean masturbator with various sensations, without having to buy a Tenga Flip Hole for almost 100 bucks. It provides a unique experience with every use if you play with it for a while, opening the universe of pleasure before your eyes!
Feels great, very customizable, SUPER easy cleaning.
Hinges may be a little weak, sounds it makes.
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The original version of this toy is the Jack Master, which from the specs and pictures I see, is just wider and bulkier, not longer. I do not own the original one but it looks very much like this one on the pictures and is made from the same material. In my opinion this is an upgrade to the original Jack Master, although I would not name it "travel".

Sure, it may be smaller, but it is a bit too big for me to even consider this as a travel toy. That being said, this toy is a masturbator meant to be used handheld: it has some "buttons" you press so that it changes the sensation of tightness on your penis. These buttons are very similar to the Tenga Flip Hole's buttons. The nubs and ribs inside are meant for stimulations on different areas of the penis and if you squeeze on the buttons as you use the toy, it will significantly change the sensation. Since it has two sides, depending on which side you are using facing up or down, you get a different sensation. I really enjoy this feature of the toy, if you are in the mood for ribs use the side with ribs pointing up (towards your face), and you will feel the ribs more. Equally, if you are in the mood for nubs, flip the side with the nubs pointing towards you. You can even use it with the nubs and ribs to the side for a different sensation. This toy is just full of possibilities and they are accentuated by the buttons you can press.

The Travel Jack Master is a totally different experience when compared to other masturbators, it just feels different, I have various masturbators and I hadn't felt anything like it before. Although it's not as tight as I like, it's a very very good masturbator. I would recommend this toy for any man, unless you don't like much texture. As any other sex toy I encourage couple use, but of course some solo time wont do you any harm. ;)
    • Any man

Material / Texture

Material: TPR
Lubricants: Water Based, Silicone (I strongly recommend only using water-based. Why? Cleaning purposes, material durability.)

Like other TPR products I have encountered, it does have a slight smell that is only noticeable if you are actually holding the toy against your nose. When I first held the product I noticed how well constructed it was on the inside: Nubs and ribs are placed strategically for different sensations on different areas of the penis; Also the material, when lubricated is very very slippery and soft. Each side of the toy is unique, having different nubs and ribs on each side, it can be a different sensation every time you use the toy.

The outside of the toy is made out of plastic and seems pretty durable. It DOES have some hinges that seem weak though. Like a fellow reviewer from the Eden Community (Viktor), I have some concerns about these hinges, it only has 2 of them and are, it seems, averagely supported. I will keep you updated on the durability of the toy.

This toy is phthalates-free.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The toy is 6 inches tall and 0.78 lb. (12.5 oz). Compared to it's predecessor (the Jack Master), it's only difference is it's bulkiness and weight (the original Jack Master weighs in at 1.5 lb. and is 6 inches tall as well). Enough with the numbers though :P! I really enjoy the design of this toy, and it is very apparent that a lot of though was put into the design, having primarily convenience and pleasure in mind. This is the most convenient masturbator I own, by far. In convenience it leaves blows the Fleshlight out of the water, because of the time it takes to clean it. The Travel Jack Master is VERY easy to clean and Maintain (See Care and Maintenance section of the review below). Now for the pleasure-wise part of the design! It has various nubs and ribs inside. It has two sides, which I call side A and side B. Here's a description of each side:

Side A-
As you go in through this side you will be welcomed by 2 nubs on the side, making the toy a bit tighter on the way in, though it's not very noticeable. Afterward you will encounter nine nubs in the shape of a square on the bottom side, finally leading up to a row of 3 nubs that increase in size as you go up the toy. In the end of side A there is a ball and type of enclosure that caresses the head of the penis quite nicely.

Side B-
This side is very different to side A. It has 4 "chambers" with 2 big ribs inside of each one and 2 mini ribs on the entrance of each chambers, to the side. At the last chamber, you will encounter 9 nubs that stimulate the head of the penis as well.
The entrance of the toy is almost exactly the size of a quarter, and the toy is meant to fit almost any man. This toy isn't very tight compared to other toys I own though. This toy makes up for that because it has 4 buttons you can press while you use the toy, making the toy tighter in certain places. At the entrance of the toy or at the end of the toy (for the head of the penis).
I must add to this though: Even though the toy is called TRAVEL Jack Master, I wouldn't consider it a travel toy, since the frame is made from hard plastic, it cannot be bent or contoured to smaller spaces, and it's still half a foot long... For travel I would recommend a soft, pliable toy like the Super Head Honcho.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy has 4 buttons you can press for different sensations, which makes this toy very unique and a different experience every time. Two on each side of the toy: at the entrance and at the top. These perform wonderfully and I have not had any trouble with it.

The hinges that help this toy open up for cleaning seem weak though, I will keep you posted on what happens with that with time, I believe that with proper care and good storing, I can keep this toy living for quite a while.

The toy, obviously, uses no electrical parts, but don't let that fool you: this toy can get very noisy when you are using it. Since it creates a sort of vacuum effect when you insert and remove the penis, it does make a weird sound, kind of like a mushy wet sound. This probably cannot be heard through a closed door. With masturbators, I find, this is quite common.
This toy, like most masturbators, is completely waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning this toy is such a joy compared to any other masturbator I own! Once you are done, you just pop it open and run warm water through the toy and apply a tiny bit of mild soap. After you are done remove the excess water from the toy with a cloth or towel. Leave open for about 5 more minutes as it air dries and you are done! Close it, put the cap on and store it in a dry place.

You can use water based lubricants as well as silicone based. DO NOT USE OIL BASED, IT WILL DAMAGE THE TPR MATERIAL. Even though you can use silicone based lubricants, I strongly recommend to just stick to water based. Why? Well for once, cleaning water based lubricants is a piece of cake since they are water soluble. Also, the hefty consistency of most silicone based lubricants may create more tension on the TPR and this may decrease it's lifetime.


Packaging is very simple and comes in a box with some pictures and comments about the toy, with the toy inside. There is nothing besides the toy inside the box, no instructions at all. You basically have to figure out everything by yourself and decode the information given by the pictures. Since it does not provide written instructions, I will create my own suggestions on how to use the toy in the "PERSONAL COMMENTS" section below.

Personal comments

This toy is very nice and I would recommend it to any man! I will keep you posted on the life of the toy and how it keeps up with use.

Suggestions on how to use the toy (Since it has no instructions included):

1. Remove the cap at the bottom of the toy and open the toy by separating the sides. Be sure to pull(up) on the tab while removing to relieve stress on the hinges and the toy itself.
2. Run warm water through the toy to warm it up and help the lubrication
3. Close the toy by joining the sides together again.
4. Be sure it is closed and insert the penis. Enjoy!
5. Welcome back, now open the toy like you did before and run warm water and soap(very little and very mild) through the toy.
6. Remove excess water with a towel and let dry for 5 minutes.
7. After it is dry, close the toy and place the cap back in the bottom of the toy; Store in a dry place.


I really enjoyed this toy and I believe it has a lot of possibilities, since you can use it in so many different ways and find the best way it suits you! When used with a partner it is also great because she can squeeze on the buttons to give different sensations and making it different at her command :P!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    My hing is holding on for dear life now Tongue out

    yours having any problems?
  • Openfire
    Damn haha, if the plastic's not broken maybe you can fix it yourself with a paperclip or something maybe? Wondering , if it is that really sucks man!

    Mine's OK for now, now I'm beginning to think the TPR is gonna die first, but we'll see!
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