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I'm Going To Pump You Up

So Pumped penis pump has amazingly strong suction. It will make your erection harder and even more girthy. My husband loved this pump. The nubs are a little uncomfortable. Overall, this would be a great addition to any penis' collection!
Strong Suction, Harder Erection
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So Pumped is a penis pump made by Doc Johnson. As the purpose for all penis pumps, this pump intends to provide a suction that promises to enlarge and prolong your erection. You simply lube it up, place the penis into the pump, secure a good seal and pump away. According to the package, this is supposed to be a single-handed operation. However, that is not the case. With the fairly large size and weight of this pump, you would either need to hold the cylinder with one hand or prop it up with something while you pump (which is the only way to make the pump single handed). My husband says it is rather painful if you just let it hang free-willy.

Pump Out

The sleeve is lined with nubs with the intent to add extra stimulation. With just a pressing on/pulling off motion, the hose is detachable. Both are removable for easier cleaning for the user.

Pumps are fantastic for anyone with any type of erectile dysfunction or would just like to add a little something extra to your lollipop. This is intended to make your bigger and harder. Who doesn’t want that, right?

For safety reasons, apply vacuum pressure for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time. If you wish to go longer, release the vacuum and remove for a few minutes between each 15-minute pumping session. For a little extra info, Pumping Plus is the most informational site I have found.
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Material / Texture

The cylinder is made from clear blue plastic which rates an 8 on the Material Safety Scale. Plastic is non-porous and phthalate-free. The entire cylinder is smooth with no texture. It is a firm material and has no give. It is exactly what you would expect out of a traditional hard plastic. There was no scent or taste to the cylinder. How do I know there is no taste? I licked it! The way I figure it, if it is going on my man's tools I need to know if there is anything funky going on.

The sleeve is made from TPE which rates a 6 on the Material Safety Scale. According to TPE's safety page "it is less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicone". The inside of the sleeve is lined with nubs to add extra stimulation which are also made from TPE. The outside of the sleeve does not have texture due to the insertion into the cylinder. If you are unfamiliar with this material, it feels like a rubbery material. It is very flimsy and, unlike the cylinder, will not hold shape for long without some type of support. The sleeve has a very light rubbery smell that dissolved after cleaning it off. There is also a weird taste. It is hard to describe, but it is similar to the taste of a child's play lipstick.

The nubs inside of the sleeve were uncomfortable for my husband. While the pump was in use, they pressed into his penis. When the pump was removed, there were indentions on him from where the nubs were pressing into him. However, I could see where the nubs could add a little something for someone that needs the texture. If your penis desires something more than just the suction, this would work for you.


With this being my husband's first pump, we weren't sure how to use it. While I was doing research about pumps, he was trying to shove his dry limp penis into the sleeve to no avail. I was preaching about having patience and to give me a few minutes, he was trying every maneuver he could think of. Anyway, you will definitely need some lube to insert your penis into this sleeve. It takes approximately a dime-sized amount to get yourself and the sleeve good and lubed up.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

So Pumped has a pretty basic design. There is no added decor. It is just see-through material with the nubs on the inside of the sleeve. The bulb resembles a grenade to me, but my husband says it doesn’t.


It does create an awesome powerful suction. You can actually see the penis getting erect and larger before your very eyes. As I said before, the nubs did not work for my husband. They were very uncomfortable and almost shied him away from using this pump. My husband is very naturally blessed in girth (in my opinion), so this would not be the issue for most men. I have listed the dimensions of our pump, along with my husband's numbers after using the pump.

Cylinder (Length): 8 1/4"
Cylinder (Width): 2 1/2"
Sleeve (Length): 8"
Sleeve (Width): 2 1/4"
Inner Diameter: 2"
Nubs: 1/4"

Hubby Erected Length: 7 5/8"
Hubby Erected Width: 2 1/4"

This pump did not really extend him; if it did it was not a noticeable amount. That is about the same size that he is naturally. However, it did give him just a little more girth. Naturally, he is just a tad more 2" so there was a little addition.

I could see where the suction seal could be a problem. If you are not trimmed or shaved, it is not going to create a good enough seal to hold in the vacuum. Although we did not have that problem, we are ordering this sleeve to see if it gives him a little more comfort. However, if your tool set is within the top dimensions you should be good to go. I would not recommend this to someone that is on the plus size in girth. This pump would work perfectly for just about any size penis though. If the seal is the issue, try trimming/shaving your hair or try a different sleeve. You could also try a thick cock ring to help seal any leaky sides.

Discreet is not a word I would use to describe this pump. It is big, bulky and noticeable. I'm not sure why anyone would travel with a penis pump but if you do, you would need to bury it deep down in some clothes because it is not easily hidden.

Care and Maintenance

Even though this pump is constructed of two different materials, they are both cleaned fairly similar. The plastic cylinder can be cleaned with soap and warm water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol. While you cannot use isopropyl alcohol on TPE, you can clean it soap and water. When you clean this pump, you will need to remove the sleeve to clean it. If you leave the sleeve inside the cylinder while cleaning, you run the risk of mildew growing or bacteria setting in. Once you are all clean and dry, reassembly is REALLY difficult. We were able to get the sleeve back inside with the help of a little lube but it was almost more trouble than it was worth. So I got on here to look around and found where another reviewer suggested cornstarch. Brilliant idea! So once it was dusted nicely, it slipped right in. So I will pass that fantastic suggestion along, if you buy this pump or any pump with a difficult sleeve...cornstarch.

While plastic is compatible with water, oil and silicone lubes, TPE is only compatible with water or silicone. If you prefer an oil-based lube, you could use this pump without the sleeve and it would all work out. If you choose to use this as-is, water or silicone lubes are the way to go.

Because TPE is semi-porous, you will not want to share this sleeve with others. It cannot be boiled for 100% sanitation. If you are going to use this pump with multiple penises, you will want to change out the sleeve every time or just not use a sleeve at all.

We have stored ours in the package. If you choose to store this somewhere else, it will need to be big enough to hold this big boy. You will also need something that is lint-free because the sleeve tends to attract hairs and/or lint.


So Pumped comes in a clamshell package. It just flips open and snaps closed.

Front Package

package back

There are no user instructions included. Just a small description on the back of the package.


We use our box as the storage for this pump. For us, it is too big and bulky to put it anywhere else.
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So Pumped was definitely an awesome first penis pump for my husband. He loved the strong suction. We both loved how hard it made his penis. It was like a rock. I particularly loved how it gave him a little more confidence. The nubs were just a little much for him and made him uncomfortable. If this new sleeve helps with his comfort level, this will be a permanent part of our collection. My husband gave this pump 4 stars. He subtracted a star for the nubs and the difficulty getting the sleeve back in the cylinder.
Follow-up commentary
My husband and I both still love this pump. It works wonders on both his body and mine. He feels more "stout" and prepared when he uses it. It is definitely worth the price!
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