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I Stroke It To the East

The Tantus Stroker might be a better choice for others but not for the boyfriend. It was just too thick, too tight, and too hard to grip to make it a great, pleasurable experience.
Makes a great penis winter coat
Too thick, slips off easily, really hard to hold
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The Tantus Stroker matches all of the statistics given on the EF page. It's basically a really simple silicone masturbator that's intended to stretch and fit around the penis to cause pleasure because of the rings in the silicone body itself. As far as I know, this is one of the only silicone masturbators on the market. This may be because silicone is a bit too firm and not stretchy enough to make a decent masturbator material. The masturbation sleeve comes in plastic blister packaging that looks nothing like regular Tantus packaging - this would be suitable for storage if you wanted to store it, and the packaging is nice and classy as well.

The boyfriend has tried all of the big-name masturbators including the Tenga Fliphole, the Fleshlight, Tenga Eggs, and some other littler names, but none of them really ever seem to be a nice, body-safe material like the Tantus Stroker boasts. That's the entire reason I ended up purchasing it for him to try. However, it just didn't work how we wanted it to which was really unfortunate.

The boyfriend had really been looking forward to trying out this masturbator. He said that we've tried masturbators in the past that didn't look as high-quality as this one was, and he was expecting quite a bit from it. As could be assumed, only use water-based lubricant with this stroker since silicone-based (depending on the brand) might harm it. Plus, I think silicone-based would cause a bit too much slipperyness and take away from the pleasure. For cleaning, this can easily be flipped inside out as well as it can be boiled. It doesn't seem to attract much in the lint department, so you should be able to store it wherever you'd like - or in a male fashion, in a sock drawer.

So what made the biggest problem with this? He thinks it was way too tight, and I'd tend to agree with him. The tightness wouldn't have made as much of a problem if it was made out of something aside from silicone, but the silicone of this doesn't stretch much - and silicone never really was made to. The boyfriend is of above-average girth, and maybe that's the reason, but this one did not really stay on his penis. Once you'd make a couple strokes with the Stroker, no matter what you tried to do, it'd slowly slide itself off - even if you were on the downstroke. Of course, your hands are coated in lubricant which means your grip on this is next-to-nothing.

That leads to the second problem. There is no outer texture. The gripping surface of this Stroker is completely smooth - no texture in the slightest. And while silicone has a bit of drag, it has nothing compared to some other masturbator materials. When you need some grip to push this masturbator back down the penis, this causes a problem - especially when the masturbator itself wants to slide right back off on every upstroke. The boyfriends makes a note that this problem will not be a problem for you if you don't like stimulation of your head. He wanted to use the stroker in a fully stroking motion which required moving the Stroker over the head of the penis. If you'd be content letting it sit on the shaft and not really moving over the ridge, the ridge of the penis will help keep it in place pretty decently.

Of course, that brings up another problem. The silicone this was made with is pretty thick. Thick enough that, when just left on the shaft and stroked shallowly, it's near impossible to feel anything through the silicone's material without taking a near-death grip on the thing. This means that you can't really enjoy the sensation that your hands would normally bring on a shallow-masturbation like that.

However, the boyfriend admits that the main problem was the fact that it kept sliding off. He could have lived with the other two problems - especially if he could do some full-slide strokes. He also admits that this toy might work better for those that have a smaller girth than he does. Tantus does make a Stroker XL which I honestly just thought was longer, but it might be worth checking out to see if the length makes a difference. If you have an average girth though, this one should work tons better than it did for us.
His only amusement out the entire thing? If you let it sit on the shaft of your penis, the Stroker will stay put underneath the ridge of the head, and it looks like a winter coat for your penis. That's all he's got. He admits that the price is pretty decent, but he can't say that he'd recommend it for anyone. He recommends you check out anything but the Stroker. He says a Fleshlight would be great (and the Wonder Wave texture matches this texture), but if that's out of your budget, even trying a couple of the Tenga Eggs feel better than this stroker. It's just too thick, too unstretchy, and too hard to hold. (As a sidenote, the lack of stretch never felt too tight - it felt fine on his penis, but the fact that the lack of stretchyness made it slip off the penis was the problem.)
Follow-up commentary
We haven't touched the Stroker since we first reviewed it. The Stroker is just really not pleasurable enough when compared to Fleshlights or even some of the cheaper strokers out there. Maybe it was just us though.
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  • sophie2229
    I wonder if they'd sell matching gloves
  • B8trDude
    I'm always surprised when these don't have an outer texture so it won't slip out of your hand during use.
  • Tori Rebel
    I'm surprised the silicone was so unmanageable seeing as the Tenga Eggs are silicone and they're so easy to use and so thin. Maybe Tantus was going for a long lasting toy so they had to make it significantly sturdier and thicker. Sorry this didn't work better, but great review!
  • Sir
    Haha, hilarious. Winter coat. Put some earmuffs on that head!
  • Alicia
    I was going to order this a while back but I looked on some other sites for reviews and read that it was a bit too snug so I ultimately decided against it. It's such a shame too since it's pure silicone! I'd love to have something for my husband that I could just throw in the box with our silicone toys!
  • Liz2
    Too bad it didn't work for your man. Tantus is usually right on with their products. My b/f looked at it and remarked that his hand does better and doesn't slip. (He has the Tanga Flip Hole and the Fleshlight).
    Good review!
  • Red Vinyl Kitty
    Great review! A shame that the toy didn't work out for you guys, but I love the "winter coat" reference. Lol.
  • ScottA
    I think the Tenga is easier to use because the silicone is softer and the toy isn't as tight.

    I've heard rumors of a VixSkin masturbator, but nothing concrete yet.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Well, at least you have the basis for a Halloween costume for your boyfriend's penis. You get permanent markers and decorate it to your choosing. Just think of the possibilities. You could do a tux and bow tie look, a biker jacket look, denim jack or lumber jack jacket . . .
    Great review!
  • Penguin
    I'm guessing the XL one I was looking at isn't that good either then...thx for the review.
  • Naughtyboy
    impressive review!
  • Daniel & Brittany
    my penis needs a winter coat lol
  • Love Perpetua
    Great review, I think I will definitely skip this one....although his penis might look kind of cute wrapped up in a winter jacket
  • fromazoo
    Thanks for the review
  • AJvil
    thanks for the review
  • Kitty LaRue
    Hahaha, I think I spy a Clarence Carter reference! Great review.
  • locomotion
    great review. thanks for reviewing
  • mmmmm
    thanks for the review
  • Andrey2052
    Great review.
  • *Camoprincess*
    Great Review now I have I Stroke it to the East, I Stroke it to the West I Stroke to the woman I love the best I be Strokin' lol
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