Vivid doll Sunrise - sex doll by Doc Johnson - review by LiftedUp

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Inflatable Doll... But does she Blow?!

If you or your significant other are into humiliation, or you're just looking for a ridiculous gag gift, this doll is great. However, it doesn't have much to offer beyond that.
Pretty durable, and inexpensive.
Cleanup is a nightmare, ridiculous looking, and all 3 holes are the same.
Rating by reviewer:
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Never having touched (none-the-less USED) a "blow-up doll" in the past, I was a bit apprehensive and uncertain as to how well one would work. Would the doll really live up to her name and absolutely blow? Would this inanimate piece of plastic be able to leave me out of breath and lightheaded... aside from the inflating process? Uncertainty gave way to curiosity (as it most often does with me), and I decided that I'd have to try one; the "Vivid Doll Sunrise"

This doll was delivered quite quickly (as we've now come to expect from Eden Fantasys), and upon opening the package, my wife and I both had a good laugh at the doll's expense. "Was this thing for real?!" "People actually fornicate with this?!" Then I inflated the doll, and we had an even better laugh. The product description tells you that "her eyes won't let you go," but her face looks like a child's drawing printed on a beach ball. Even more reminiscent of the beach, is the dolls skin (which is advertised as being "latex"). It feels almost identical to the inflatable rafts, and water-wings, you might find in your local dollar store. The whole thing was just too much for us, and we decided we'd better set it aside and come back to it in a day or so, when the comedic factor had worn off.

The day of reckoning arrived, and there was no way I was getting out of this. I hesitantly trod off to the place I'd normally be sprinting to get to; the bedroom. We got the doll back out. My wife sat down on the bed, and ordered me to strip. She then worked a little magic to get me turned on (as the doll just wasn't doing it), and then ordered me to have my way with the doll. Now, I can't help but pause here to interject, that for those of you who are into humiliation play, this is the toy for you!!

My wife sat and watched me violate this doll. She offered suggestions on positions, intermixed with laughter and verbal jabs at my situation. My new partner and I did it standing, sitting, laying down (top and bottom), bent (or perhaps FOLDED) over, and in every hole she had to offer. Unfortunately though, every hole is pretty much the same. A sleeve of more plastic-like material attached inside the body. There are no inserts, no ribbing, no noticeable differences in hole openings... just three holes located in different spots. That being said though, I must admit that eventually I did "get off" (which is why I upped her rating to 3 stars, instead of two). However, this caused the next problem; the clean-up!

First off the doll required a good amount of lube at each hole I used, so she was now a sticky mess in several places. Secondly she is inflated, so it's difficult to clean out the holes unless you partially deflate her... but if you deflate her too much, then you can't keep the hole open to clean it out.

Third: have you ever considered the logistics of fitting a mostly inflated blow up doll's crotch or ass, under the faucet of a tub (because the sink is NEVER going to happen)? It really required a team of people to hold the dolls appendages, and keep her body in place, while one person cleans and flushes her with water. Oh, and you have to do this for 3 holes (although the "mouth" hole is not nearly as difficult due to its location).

By now the cleaning is almost done, but the entire doll is soaked from the cleaning splash back in the tub. (Maybe next time I should just take a bath with her?) Anyway, now you have to blow her back up the rest of the way again so that you can completely towel dry her. Finally after about 15 minutes of two-person cleaning, you can deflate her, fold her back up, and put her away. To be quite honest, the cleanup just isn't worth it.

All-in-all, it was fun for both of us just to try something different, but it's not a toy we're dying to get back out soon.
Follow-up commentary
Since we first used this doll, we haven't gotten it back out of the toy box again, because we just can't bring ourselves to go through the cleaning process once more. Sure the doll was still fun, funny, and something out of the ordinary, but every time we contemplate getting it back out, the black cloud of doll-cleaning-responsibility luminously hangs over us reminding us of the time and effort required if we do so. To be honest, when we do decide to get it back out again, it'll probably be the last time, since we'll likely just throw it away afterward.... Guess we'd better give "Sunrise" a night she'll never forget when we do!
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