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The Black Agate Cock Ring by Luxotiq is a luxury item designed to promote strength and boost fertility. It's visually stimulating and far superior to any other cock ring I've had yet to try.
High quality. Attractive.
Small. Off putting packaging.
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I don't put stock into horoscopes, alternative medicine, and the like. However, I find it's important that I talk about the major feature of this cock ring; the fact that it's made out of black agate. With simple research, I was able to find out what many people believe what its properties are able to do for the human body, spirit, and soul.

Apparently Black Agate attracts good fortune, it increases concentration and clarity in one's life. It promotes good will, aids in overcoming one's fears, flaws, and even to overcome loneliness. It helps to eliminate bad luck and removes jinxes and curses. It's most important feature is that it promotes strength and encourages fertility. For someone who's currently in the process of trying to get my partner pregnant this was a surprisingly proper item that Eden sent out for me to review. While I do not believe that there are healing powers within this chalcedony quartz cock ring, it doesn't hurt to try something new. I may be a naysayer but I never deny what might possibly bring a change of fate.

This is a very attractive cock ring, it's semi-thin yet looks and feels like thick glass. At first when I opened the box I thought it was plastic but with a quick visual and physical inspection I could tell it was not. This ring is without question a luxury item, it has a high sheen and the black is solid and consistent. Luxotiq is a name that I'm not familiar with, my wife has always been a fount of information but even she came up empty handed. It was nice being able to try something different and when I finally discovered their website through a Google search I was flattered Eden would entrust such an expensive product to me to review.

When I first put on the ring, it was cold and the agate felt smooth against my skin. This was a size LARGE, I tried to pull both my testicles and my cock into the ring but I was only able to place it firmly around both testicles. I have never found a non-flexible, banded cock ring that I've been able to wear the traditional way so I was not perturbed that I couldn't fit my cock into it as well. I am quite certain that had it been the next size up (XL) I would have been able to wear it the traditional way.

This ring was solid and hard, I have a steel cock ring that I wear some times but this one was far more comfortable and far to superior to that seeing as this weighed far less. I was able to keep a firm erection with this and I noticed that the agate's temperature rose to meet my own. It was visually stimulating to both my wife and I and I admired myself many times in the mirror. Being able to see the sharp, sleek black in contrast to my tan abdomen and thighs enhanced the sex and brought me to a level that I don't often get to, one where I as a guy, actually feel sexy.

Luxotiq's packaging is feminine. The cock ring comes in a white jewelry box, nestled inside on a bed of shiny pink satin. I had hoped for something a little more masculine but I'm not going to fight something I can't change. One thing I didn't like was that this came with a little card that said "novelty only". After being schooled by my wife, I found out that most companies say this in case their products are being sold in areas of the country or world that don't allow the sale of sex toys. However, the thought of "is this really supposed to be worn during sex?" was constantly on the back of my mind.

The Black Agate cock ring oozes luxury and high quality however, this particular ring was too small for me so I recommend to properly measure yourself first by measuring the distance around both your cock and scrotum and then dividing that number by 3.14 (pi). Taken from the Luxotiq website: "As an example, assume the circumference of both the base or the penis and behind your scrotum is 5.5 inches. Dividing 5.5/ 3.14 = 1.75 inches."
Due to Jimbo's suggestion I scoured the bedroom looking for the plastic slip the box came in. It is in fact a size LARGE. Measuring around my scrotum and penis I measure about between 8.5 and 9" (with very large testicles) and the size LARGE was very small on me.
Follow-up commentary
Keeping this ring constantly situated in it's jewelry box has kept this in prime condition. Because of the poor fit this hasn't received hardly any use since my initial review and it's disappointing because with the right fit, this could be something truly spectacular.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    You aren't sure what size you got? What was the last two letters of the product name by the UPC on the back of the box? AM=Medium=1.75", AL=Large=2", XL=XtraLarge=2.25". I had the large of the Aventurine, and mine was a little too big. Maybe we could have switched if I hadn't done a durability test and shattered mine by dropping it on a tile floor. Since yours didn't fit I'm starting to question your moniker of "Average Joe". Thanks for the excellent review.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    Hey Jimbo, if you hadn't have asked I wouldn't have known to check. It was AL and just too damn small. Yea, maybe Big Joe would have more appropriately suited me but I try to do whatever I can to not overinflate my ego. ha. Thanks bro.
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    You're right, Big Joe, that L would definitely be too small given the measurements you listed. In fact even the XL would probably be too small since the diameter you calculate out to 2.8". Better luck next time, my friend.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    This cock ring is just gorgeous!
  • Contributor: Kinky Guy
    This looks awesome. I have a metal ring from Gear Essentials and wanted to find a new one that is slightly different and smaller than the one i have now (2") and this looks like it just might be up my alley.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    Jimbo, we should have swapped.. but yea, even the biggest sounds too small.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    It is Sleeping.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    Young, I also have a ring from Gear Essentials and I found it to be too weighty- this ring, despite the very small personal size, was an upgrade.
  • Contributor: lauracastro
    great review
  • Contributor: Fun with Dick & Jane
    Awesome review
  • Contributor: Maxx
  • Contributor: Missmarc
    Thank you for the review, I was wondering if you had a lot of good fortunes after getting this ring?
  • Contributor: Nirelan
    my man's area is very large have to do some measuring before purchasing but this is so PRETTY! Great review! Thanks!!
  • Contributor: SadoMas
  • Contributor: AbbyLover
  • Contributor: AbbyLover
  • Contributor: Kat and Aaron(aaron)
    Nice review, thank you.
  • Contributor: srexom
    thanks for your review
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