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Taylor Wayne's ass & pussy

Realistic vagina by Nasstoys

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This toy is definitely a fun one to use but the truth is that there are better realistic vaginas and masturbators on the market. Not a bad purchase, per say, just not quite worth the amount it costs. It's limited usability and cumbersome cleaning and storage make it a less desirable toy overall.
A fun and realistic vaginal/anal combo toy with vibration option.
It's bulky, difficult to clean and spacious to store.
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The best way to utilize this toy would be to mimic the missionary position. It is a freestanding (or free-sitting) toy that works best when used on a relatively flat surface, I recommend using the bed. Use can be tricky from this flat angle, so propping the toy up on a pillow can help angle proper insertion. Once inserted into the toy, one can simulate missionary, with hands planted on the bed, or one can easily grab the toy and manipulate it for either more controlled or aggressive use. From this angle the toy adequately stimulates the top and bottom halves of the penis but leaves the sides a little more exposed... or under-stimulated. Included with the toy is an optional vibrating egg, which definitely helps sensation. I will admit that use of this toy almost always feels awkward, as it has a tendency to move or slide away form the user. This problem could possibly be fixed by using it in the right location, however, there are few locations suitable for such a toy.

Material / Texture

The material is called "RealSkin" and is a realistic-feeling, synthetic skin. It is soft to the touch and has a jiggly quality that real skin can have. Out of the box, the material is pre-coated with a sort of powder to make it very smooth however, over time and use, the material becomes slightly more sticky that when it was new. This is not a result of lack of cleaning, just a general inability to keep such a product pristine forever. It loses none of it's elasticity or real feeling, just gets a little stickier. It also came scented out of the box but this faint smell fades within a use (and cleaning) or two. In terms of taste, it's quite similar to any other synthetic skin, pretty bland.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

I liked the look of the design, it is what drew me to the toy initially. Once I received it, I noticed it was smaller than I had expected. It's a toy of considerable size, by comparison to many masturbators or pocket pussies, yet it slightly smaller in both width and height than I would have liked. As for depth, the vaginal depth was long enough for the average user and there are small ribs or contours inside, adding to sensation. The anal depth, to my dismay, was too short. Not only shallow in depth, the anal opening simply leads to the same cavity as the vaginal opening, which basically gives you the same sensations inside the toy but less room to play with. This toy is not what you call discreet. It's rather large and kind of difficult to handle and to prep for use. It's not particularly noisy or messy, just somewhat cumbersome. Also it's does not hide well, taking up most of a dresser drawer. I do NOT recommend for travel.

Care and Maintenance

The toy is quite easy to lubricate, simply add ample amounts of any water based lube and have fun! Cleaning this toy however, is much more of a chore. Due to it's size, it is difficult to wash out in most sinks. Also, it becomes slippery when wet and can very difficult to hold on to while cleaning. I honestly found myself not wanting to use the toy sometimes just because I didn't want to have to clean it afterward. Once clean, it is easy to dry with cloth or towel and easy to store if you don't mind devoting a drawer to it.
Follow-up commentary
Firstly, RealSkin, for those who don't know, is very similar to other synthetic skins like cyberskin. It's very realistic, the real problem is keeping it feeling new. For this particular toy, the elasticity and more importantly, tension, fade with use. As far as I know, there are no lube limitations.

In response to certain questions: No, no loss of coloration has occurred due to excessive use. There IS the risk of ripping the gap between the vaginal and anal entry hole (as they lead to the same place here).

As for the follow-up, a thorough rinse and a re-sprinkle of corn starch should help restore the product's texture after each use.
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  • LiftedUp
    Nice Second Review Chompbanana! A lot of good info here.

    Can you please expand a little bit on the "Fanta Flesh" material? What type of care and maintenance is required for this stuff? I know you said it came with powder on it... Are you supposed to re-powder it between uses? Any limitations on lube choices for it? Is this material porous?

  • 2BudZ
    Thanks for the great review. Yeah, I wouldn't advise travelling with it either! Wonder what the X-ray techs would think seeing a body part in your carry-on...LOL

    Has the coloring faded on the lips at all? The anal opening looks very inviting, but loss of interest comes to mind after finding out both openings go into one.
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    Thank you for the review. I wish this were a better product for the price.
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    Thank you, I was hoping you would rave about this one as I love the looks of it. For that kind of scratch I need something spectacular.
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    Great toy, thanks for being honest
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