Cyberskin translucent stroker triplets - penis stroker by Topco Sales - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

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Jello-skin more like it!

This set of Cyberskin strokers feel more like Jell-O than flesh, and the appearance of these strokers did little to help its case. Getting past some of the flaws of these short strokers, you may find an enjoyable experience. While yes, these strokers do suffer from some design flaws, they are still functional and do provide some nice sensations.
Pretty blue color, decent mouth and ass stroker. Travel friendly!
Short in length (4 inches), Some stickiness, Vagina stroker design flaws. Not pretty to look at!
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You would use these strokers just like you would any other stroker. Each of these strokers have a unique design. There is a Mouth, a vagina, and an anus. The ribbing on the inside of these strokers are identical, however due to the design, some have different weight distributions, giving each its own unique feel. While each of these do slightly feel different, it is hardly noticeable.

Each stroker have an open end which makes cleaning up easier, and provides some other interesting uses. I have heard that some use a stroker with oral sex. With a shorter stroker like these, you can push the stroker until the head of the penis comes out the open end, then your partner can perform oral sex.

Material / Texture

These strokers are made from clear Cyberskin, with blue interior ribbing.

These strokers are made from the material known as Cyberskin. Cyberskin is a variation of soft thermoplastic elastomer, a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and silicone.

Cyberskin is made to replicate a fleshy feel and is extremely flexible and resilient; however this product absolutely does not feel flesh like. These strokers all have the feel of Wiggly Jell-O more so than flesh.

Since these strokers are made out of Cyberskin, you should only use water-based lubricants with them. Other lubricants such as silicone and petroleum based oils will cause damage to the material.

Cyberskin is extremely porous, which makes it difficult to fully clean and easy for bacteria and germs to hide. You should use a condom with these, and especially if you are planning on sharing these. Cyberskin can not be truly sterilized, and can not be boiled.

There is a slight smell to these, the smell is that of a rubber-ish scent, it is however, not overpowering. This is basically tasteless, but I still would not recommend tasting it.

It should be noted that, the mouth and ass strokers were not sticky at all. On the other hand, vagina stroker was extremely sticky.

For more information on CyberSkin click here

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Each of these strokers are unique, but are very much the same all at once. Each stroker is four inches in length, with a pin-head size hole for an entrance. The opposite side of each stroker is open-ended, which provides a number of useful uses (please read the uses section). The internal ribbing is soft and feels like a totally different material than the outer material. I am sure it is the same material, since materials can be produced with different variations of textures and softness.

The size of these could have been longer, and I do believe that they could have been thicker for more support. Getting into these strokers with the pin-head size opening can be difficult, even with an excessive amount of lubricant it still requires some finesse and force.

The Ass is really just a hole with a few little lines around it; it really does not look much like a real anus. The vagina was awkward to use, the weight distribution made this feel clumsy. I noticed some slight rippage of the vaginal lips, nothing that would affect the performance. Along with these problems with the vagina, it should also be noted that it is also the lightest by far of the three strokers. The mouth looked strange, and the lips were really not noticeable, the only thing that made this look like lips was the presence of a philtrum (the crease above the upper lip, and below the nose).

Making the strokers thicker could allow for more detail, maybe at a small cost of price and portability/discreetness. These are just aesthetic changes and are not necessary.

Care and Maintenance

As with any Cyberskin stroker, you will need to clean the stroker before and after each and every use.

Follow these simple instructions on Cleaning and maintaining your product.

1. Rinse the product thoroughly with warm water.
2. Apply Anti-bacterial soap, making sure you apply to the inside and outside, covering as much possible.
3. Rinse off the anti-bacterial soap.
4. Apply a small amount of cornstarch or renewing powder (not Talc or baby powder, as these have been linked to causes of some irritations.) to the product to keep the product from becoming sticky, and to preserve the flesh-like feel.

To store the strokers, you should place the strokers in a zipper lock bag and store in a cool and dark place, preferably a non damp area. I would personally store each one of these strokers in its own zipper lock bag.

While the Talcum powder suggestion is mostly suggested to women and toys for women (may be a cause of cancer), I would be safe and use the same advice for Male toys.


The packaging is an odd mix of clam-shell packaging and card box. There is a large rectangle cut from the box to which the clam-shell package extends outward. The package is very well done, a beautiful picture of a model laying on the cover.

The package is mostly cool colors on a white background, which really makes the color of these strokers stand out.

The back of the package features the same picture and same blue lettering, along with three nice pictures of the product. There is a nice description of the product on the back which will help those who find this in a store know a little more about these strokers.

Something that I was extremely thrilled to see was the "Cyberskin Care Instructions" which were in the bottom left hand corner of the box (on the back). The instructions were very small and could be hard for some to read, but I give credit for the designers to actually put this on the box. It may have been more effective to make instructions (with larger lettering) and place them somewhere in the box, though this way works fine.

Personal comments

I felt the mouth and the ass strokers performed very well, yes there could be some tweaks and some adjustments that could improve this, but they are by far better than the vagina stroker.

I found the vagina stroker to be almost useless for me, it was awkward to hold, and especially awkward to insert into. Once inserted, it is not the easiest to use in a stroking motion. This works, but it does not work well.

I loved the packaging though, even though mine came a little bit ripped. I really love the Cyberskin Care instructions, however I wish they would have mentioned cornstarch and not just renewal powder.

I also would like to note, these are very travel friendly.


I tested out all three of these, using them back to back, trying to compare and contrast each. I have to say, I was impressed with the performance of anus and mouth, and they felt very nice. I had no problem with the length of these. Yes, I did "pop out" the other side, and yes it only fit half of me if I pushed the stroker to base, but you really do not need to have a stroker reach the base of the penis. I really do not think the length was a big issue, I know a lot of guys would not like the short length of the stroker but I do not feel it was a big issue.

I even managed to fit both the ass and mouth onto my penis at the same time, which was quite unique, and i found to be a bit humorous.

If I was to rate this set on just the vagina alone, I would give it a one star out of five. Thankfully that is not the case. I am going to give this an average, three stars out of five stars. There is a lot of room for improvement, but they do get the job done, which is all that matters in the end.
Follow-up commentary
I have re-evaluated my opinion somewhat on these strokers. Excluding the pussy stroker, you have two very simple and good strokers. Yes they are short, but they get the job done. The ribbing feels great. One thing I have grown to love about these strokers, is the fact they are so easy to clean. You can even flip them inside out to help with cleaning.

After all these months, they are still in very good shape, something I was unsure about during my initial review. They are very durable, and at the time of this follow-up there are no signs of wear or tear.

I find myself going to these more often than not for the simple fact that they are very easy to clean. There are times I'd much rather rather spend 1 to 2 minutes cleaning one of these than one of the 10 minutes cleaning one of the huge 17 pound realistic vaginas (or even the 5 pound-ers).
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