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Kat Young, In the Flesh (Light)

Fleshlight Girls Kat Young is one of many Fleshlight girls. This range all shares the 'lotus texture" in the sleeve, which is divine and interesting, and makes for a pleasurable jack-off experience. In all other ways, this Fleshlight is the same as any other Fleshlight - awesome and orgasm inspiring.
Lifelike sensation, sturdy case, and a cap that allows the suction level to vary.
The "vagina" on this Fleshlight sleeve looks a little strange.
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By now, we're all familiar with the concept of the Fleshlight - either through hearsay, praise online, sex toy reviews, or mentions in popular culture. If you've managed to avoid all reference to the Fleshlight up until *this* very second, I am amazed, and suggest you check out the Fleshlight website - http://www.fleshlight.com, because its cool and it showcases the entire range of products.

Now then.

The Kat Young Fleshlight is a male masturbator, suitable for anyone with a fleshy, factory installed penis, and even for those of us who like to strap on our own variety and "think out side the box". It's intended use is as a jack off toy - much like many other sleeves on the market. Fleshlight is a cut above the rest due to its unique Realskin (TM) material and its whimsical plastic case, vaguely reminiscent of a flashlight.

Material / Texture

The material is a Fleshlight patented material called "Superskin", which is soft and gummy and is similar, conceptually, to Cyberskin. To me, the material feels a bit greasy - but don't get me wrong, it doesn't bleed out oil or anything - it just feels a little strange. Lubed and warmed up, it feels amazingly lifelike, and it retains heat, simulating the warm wet interior of a real vagina quite nicely. Do note, this material can ONLY be used with a water based lube, and can be dusted to a soft finish with cornstarch, if you wish. Superskin is very porous, so this is very much so a one person toy. If you MUST share, do so with a condom and a hell of a lot of lube - but do know that Fleshlight explicitly recommends that this stay as a one person toy.

Inside the Fleshlight is this very charming lotus texture, which is a series of ridges - or perhaps chambers - along the inner passage. The Superskin of the Fleshlight is so soft, however, that these bumps and ridges just feel like, well, the inner contours of a woman. Or maybe, an artificial woman. At any rate, my male partner reports that they feel lovely.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The size of the Fleshlight is perfectly fine - I'd imagine that even penis of a substantial width or length would have no problems fitting in the tube. One of the nice design features of the Fleshlight is the bottom cap, which can be sealed tight, or loosened, or completely removed, in order to adjust to the "perfect" amount of suction.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Fleshlight is light enough to not cause carpel tunnel issues with your jack off wrist, yet firm and sturdy enough that it can be wedged creatively into furniture for a 'hands free' session. The Fleshlight website suggests sticking it between your mattress and box spring, or propping it into a stabilized shoe. I'm pretty sure there are shoe fetishists out there who are just DYING to give that a try - though I'd recommend a sneaker or loafer, and I don't know that it will fit well into a slinky pump.

Care and Maintenance

The Fleshlight may be completely disassembled into case, caps and sleeve for easy cleanup. The case (and its caps) are plastic, so can be washed with soap and water before being rinsed and dried well. The sleeve is a bit for finicky to clean - don't use anything but water, or if you really need to pull in the "big guns", isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) can be used. The most important aspect of caring for the sleeve of the Fleshlight is to make sure its perfectly dry before it's stored, or else there's a real chance of it getting moldy.

The Fleshlight case, caps and replacement sleeves can all be purchased individually, should any harm ever befall your Fleshlight.


The Fleshlight came in a simple brown box, with very clear instructions in an included pamphlet, plus a small sample of Gun Oil Water based lube.

Personal comments

To say that the Fleshlight looks like a flashlight is not exactly an accurate claim. A flashlight this size would certainly have to be specialized - maybe something with 2 9V batteries designed to cut through the inky blackness of the deepest mines on earth. Or a flashlight with 8D cells that is submersible to extreme depths underwater. Or a flashlight from some bygone era - namely, the 80's - where electronics were large. Whatever. This is no regular household flashlight look-a-like, but maybe that's a good thing. After all, it IS intended to be a sex toy, not a flashlight...


It's off in a way - at least to me - to have the Fleshlight modeled after a real vagina, because it's fundamentally lacking in some of the structural features that put a real vagina into context. Things like the outer labia, for starters. I mention this because the Kat Young Fleshlight looks...strange.

Kat Youngs's Pussy is very cute in real life (I looked up a picture to confirm this, and no, I am not posting a link in this review, but feel free to consult the internet yourself), but she, like many girls (myself included), has small inner labia that are generally hidden by the protective shield of larger outer labia. Pussies come in all shapes and sizes, and it's awesome that Fleshlight is shaping these new sleeves from a diverse batch of pornstarlettes, but I really think the Fleshlight looks better when molded off of a woman with larger inner labia to decorate what is essentially, a hole in a soft material.

Another question that comes to mind about the Kat Young Fleshlight is...well...who IS Kat Young, anyways? A quick web search reveals that she's a "nasty Asian teen babe", a "cute and exotic teen" and "the Blazing Asian Sensation" - depending on where you look. On her website, Kat can be seen frolicking in a teenage girl styled bedroom, hugging hello kitty pillows and giving seductive sultry look at the camera, with her voice over (in a decently thick accent that I can't place) telling you "I will do anything you want me to...anything! As long as you don't tell my dad!" Clearly, she's being marketed as a cute teen, but I'm not so sure I buy it - she looks a little older and wiser than an 18 year old should, and besides, the internet seems to think she's somewhere in the 27-29 age range. Whatever her age, and however famous she is, Kat Young's pussy has been forever immortalized in Super Skin in this Fleshlight - which in a sense, is kind of like going down in history.
Follow-up commentary
The Fleshlight is really a timeless toy - it's hard to follow up on a toy that is well known to be awesome and long lasting, but indeed - it is awesome and long lasting. I've found that the sleeve dries out quickly after washing and doesn't get funky, even with less than perfect care has been taken, which is good to know. I am always careful, of course, but occasionally life doesn't go exactly according to plan. The material is also surprisingly robust, with no evidence of tears or little pills developing from the repeated friction.
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