Butt original - masturbation sleeve by Fleshlight - review by Daddy'sPuppy

Kinda of a hole but not at all cheeky

I say buy buy buy! I have four already, and wouldn't mind having more. There are so many choices and colors to choose from. It is not perfect, but it is a great toy none the less. Once you try it, you'll agree you wont have enough Fleshlights to go around. You also wont go back to five fingered night either, your hand's been there all these years but its time to upgrade.
Feel, texture, nice and smooth, orifice can be a turn on if your in the mood for some booty.
Easy to clean, but not very well. Size is okay, but more compact size offered would be nice.
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Having both the "Mocha" and the "Ice" they're both an experience in themselves. Its fun to use the ICE and see yourself going in and out, side to side,or however the motion rocks the ocean. I personally do not think its a 'gay' thing to like to watch yourself at work. That being said i don't know how much of a turn-on it is for 'straight' men to watch their cocks go at it.

It is still a good toy to have when you are seeking to play with someone else. Even if you don't wanna watch yourself squirt, there's no doubt your partner would enjoy watching the fun. The ICE being a "Vortex" it has great grip on your head, if you go slow you can actually feel the groves dance on your head.

The MOCHA doesn't allow you to see the master at work but it feels just as nice.

Material / Texture

Brand new it feels great, enjoy your first ride. Its sad to say that no matter how well you wash it or powder it, to get back that silky smooth texture, it will never feel like new again.That being said, even after months of daily use, it still gets you off just as well.

The firmness is what you would expect of the real thing. It's soft enough to be gentle, but firm enough to give you the tightness. If your really in a playful mood you can even take it out of the case and play with the sleeve, by pulling it tight at the end and adding even more suction to it.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The sleeve inside of a case is a great concept, makes storage that much simpler. You can take the sleeve out, wash it, and put it in its nice little house for next time. It makes it easy to keep clean. Not saying it’s oversized, but we’re not all endowed enough to fill it up all the way. It would be nice if there was a more compact size we could choose from.

The suction that can be changed from the end cap is not much, you’re supposed to be able to tighten the cap and get more suction but that’s not really true. It does get a little more suction but not enough to add the 'oh wow' effect. It's said to be discreet because it just looks like an oversized flashlight. That’s a bit of a let down as well, considering it say "Fleshlight" on the side in about 1 1/2 inch letters.

I have seen pictures of the original case from a few years ago and it did look more like a flashlight, but their marketing team obviously fixed that. It is a bit difficult to travel with it, unless you have a small duffel bag. I've actually found myself buying a chest to keep all my 4 Fleshlights in. But if you only have one you can maybe fit it into your sock drawer.

Functions / Performance / Controls

One weird thing about this toy is that it is actually noisy. At least in my experience. The lube on flesh skin can cause the 'sloppy sex' sound. Which isn't a big deal. But when your trying to be discreet, and don't want any one to know what your doing in your room or shower, it can leave you shy to come out. I have also used it in the shower a few times, and its great because it makes clean up so much easier.

Care and Maintenance

Of course use only water based lubes, anything but that will actually destroy the structure of the compound. Which just shows you how sensitive the material is.

Clean up, oh my what can I say. It's said to be easy, because the only way to clean it is with warm water, but sometimes warm water just isn't enough. You can also use rubbing alcohol for tough spots, but even then it would be nice if they made some special soap for it. I find it erotic to lube my toys with a kiss but if you don't clean it enough, or the alcohol is still there it's not a very nice flavor.

Storage can be easy as long as you keep it in its case which makes it nice. If you find it has become sticky, you can powder it with corn starch; but thats a hassle and can become a mess if your not careful. Also the ICE is especially sensitive if your not careful, it can actually get a yellowish tint to it, which is kind of a turn off. So it’s important to wash out your toy every time, right after each use. If you know you don't have time to wash it afterward, don't use it. You’re better off going with your hand, since leaving your toy unwashed for a period of time can leave a smell to it even after you wash it. Letting it dry properly before storing it is also important. If you store it wet mold can grow on it yuck! That being said also leave the end cap loose that way your toy can breathe.


One thing that is good, is that the sleeve is packaged in its own special factory sealed bag. That way you know no one has used it. It comes with a cute little brochure with simple instructions, which is nice to look over just to make sure you do everything right.
Follow-up commentary
For those who are "flesh-abators" and take pride in it, there are nice updates that make quite some difference. The newer products are now a more natural skin tone, no longer pink but also not mocha, kinda of a combination of the two. Much more natural and easier to clean. The material in the new 'man-in-a-can' product, Count Cockula has been used 3 times and rinsed generously, but yet to need a cornstarch powder. Now I am not going to say that if you buy a new Fleshlight product you will get the new material combination. But if you buy the new line of toys of 'in a can' it is very likely you will. All I know for sure is that the Count Cockula has it.
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