Adonis vibrating stroker - masturbation sleeve by Cal Exotics - review by TCO191

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Less Exciting Than Expected...

While I liked the visual design of the Adonis stroker, the functionality of the device suffered so much that I pretty much gave up on it. The vibrator itself is a solid 10 function bullet vibe, but it doesn't produce enough vibration to make it work it. The sleeve visually looks nice, but is too tight, not well designed, and clings to the side of the penis, even with enough lube. I would recommend looking elsewhere for a combo sleeve+vibrator.
Masturbation sleeve + vibrator all in one.
Not enough vibrations to make it worth it. Sleeve was awkward, kinked, and felt poorly designed.
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I'm an anomaly; I'm a guy and I find vibrators intriguing. There are sensations that a good vibe can create that no male masturbator can recreate on its own. And maybe it's because I like to change it up, but vibes are good for me.

So naturally, when I noticed the 10 function Adonis vibrating stroker, I was intrigued and wanted to try it out right away. If it worked right, I could get the best of both worlds: a quality masturbating sleeve with the vibrations from a multi-function vibrator.

So how did it pan out? Read on...

Material / Texture

This toy is essentially two toys in one: a masturbation sleeve and a vibrator. So, I'll talk about each separately.

Sleeve: The sleeve is made out of a soft, rubbery material (TPR). There are ribs surrounding the outside of the sleeve, while the inside is textured with nubs all the way throughout. There is a small ring built into the top of the sleeve to hold on to the vibrator. The ridges feel nice, but quickly turn slippery with any kind of lube (I used water-based lube and this slicked up the inside of the toy nicely). The sleeve is 5.5" long, which is plenty long for a sleeve. Out of the package, the sleeve has a slight rubber aroma, but it quickly dissipates.

Vibrator: For being an add-on to the sleeve, I expected the vibe to be low quality. However, this vibe is well constructed. The battery pack is made of PVC and takes two AA batteries (easily changed and loaded). The bullet attaches to the battery pack. There is a single on/off/change mode button on the vibe. One click, and the vibe (and a small light around the button) turns on. Click again, and you can cycle through any of the 10 modes. Hold the button down, and it turns the vibe off. It's easy enough to use.
    • Light odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

After taking everything out of the package and loading the batteries into the vibrator, it is relatively easy to assemble the toy. Simply place the bullet vibe into the top stretchy ring at the head of the masturbation sleeve. Lube up, and you are ready to go.

Upon first use, I had a bit of trouble actually getting into the sleeve. The opening in the sleeve is a bit narrower than the rest of the sleeve, but it doesn't offer resistance (like a pocket pussy does). With a bit more lube and maneuvering, I was able to get the sleeve on about half way. Therein lies a design flaw - there is no air release hole. Now, if this was marketed as a "sucking" sleeve, I probably would have been alright. But it took some effort to actually get the sleeve all the way down (and it shouldn't be that hard to do, since I'm not overly large). To be honest, once the sleeve was on all the way, it was slightly uncomfortable to stroke with. There was so much suction and not enough room that I couldn't really move it. (I actually was tempted to create a vent hole in the top - and maybe in a later use, I will try this - it might make the toy more functional for me).

Also, I got momentarily excited when I had (wrongly) assumed that the sleeve was reversible. Sadly, it's not. So, if you're not into nubs, you're out of luck.

Once it was all the way on, I turned on the vibe. It is a good sensation - having the bullet located right at the tip. But I have to admit, the bullet may have been located in the wrong spot. At the tip, the bullet is not really near my most sensitive areas - and with a thick layer of sleeve between the bullet and myself - I lost a lot of the vibrations.
    • May be too tight for some
    • Tight fitting

Functions / Performance / Controls

The included bullet has ten different settings from a constant low, medium, and high vibe to random pulses of vibration. I would have to say that the vibe got no higher than a 4 or a 5 out of 10 in strength. Tether that with a silicone-like, plastic sleeve and you have not enough vibration to make it worth while. The bullet is also rather noisy, so while you won't be able to hear it down the hall, it's certainly not discrete.

There's something else I noticed while using it the first time. When you actually stroke with the sleeve, two things happen: 1) Your hand absorbs a bit of the vibration, thus creating less vibration for your pleasuring. 2) When you move the sleeve, the sleeve itself kinks around the penis head, and as such, you lose all vibrations. I actually had a better sensation while holding the sleeve tight to my penis and focusing the vibrations in one spot. However, by itself, it was not powerful enough to make me cum.
    • Not very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

After use, this toy is relatively easy to clean. It's quick to wash out (and invert) the sleeve to dry. If you need to wash off the bullet, simply detach it from the pack, wash off, and leave to air dry.

Personal comments

Overall, I would not recommend this toy. While I normally enjoy the sensations from a masturbation sleeve, this sleeve was bland, tight, pulled too hard, and got in the way of the vibrations. Perhaps if the material were a bit thinner, or the texture a bit more defined, I would have gotten more out of it.

The vibe, as well, is decent. If I were to use it independent of this masturbator, I might give it a slightly better review. Even though it has 10 really unique settings, and the quality and construction is better than egg/bullet vibes that I have purchased in the past, the vibration is not strong enough to merit any higher of a score than 2 or 3 in terms of quality. I may end up scrapping the sleeve and passing on the bullet to my partner - maybe I can do a follow up review on that?

I do appreciate the energy put into creating an interesting toy for guys. But, for the price, I would probably opt to go up 1 bracket and find a higher quality toy that might do something similar.
Follow-up commentary
A quick follow up: I've found that this toy is best deconstructed.

The egg vibe is quality, but is still too weak for this application. For a normal clitoral/vaginal stimulator, though, it has good range and solid vibrations.

As for the sleeve, well, if you are planning on using it as a masturbation sleeve, you can certainly find other sleeves. However, if you are planning on using this to firmly grasp your penis for the vibrator, I've found that it actually works better.

The problem with the sleeve is that it is too thick for the vibrator. However, if you have a plug in vibrator (e.g. a plug in wand that has attachments) that can fit through the small loop in the top, you can actually get enough vibrations to make it worth your while. I had a really quality orgasm via this application - and am wanting to try it again soon.

Still, a lot of trouble for a toy that doesn't work well on its own. But if you already have a decent chest of toys laying around, you might be able to make this one work better!
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    While I'm sorry that this toy was such a disappointment, your review was terrific! I just wish they had more men's toy options out there! I look forward to reading more of your reviews now that I have "discovered" you!
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