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The Tenga Flip Air Lite is a discreet male masturbator. It is a smaller and more compact version of its sister product, the Flip Air. It features a unique design with a button on each side used to regulate the air pressure; this creates the sensation of receiving oral sex…albeit, loud and sloppy oral sex. It is discreet in appearance, but not so discreet in use since it is quite noisy.
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Made in Japan, the Tenga Flip Air Lite is a self-contained masturbation sleeve. It is designed for a man to use to pleasure himself. For those who are not familiar, there are two major players in this product category: Flesh Light and Tenga. I had previously reviewed a Flesh Light product that I was very pleased with, so I was quick to jump at the opportunity to review a Tenga product to see how it compares.

Eden shipped the Tenga Flip Air Lite discreetly packaged in a nondescript box with no indication of the naughtiness inside. The product itself is also very discreet. In fact, looking at it, one would be hard-pressed to say it is a sex toy. And a good thing, too, because the Tenga Flip Air Lite was on full display, packaged in a clear, plastic rectangular box. I was actually surprised by how small the Tenga Flip Air Lite is, especially in comparison to the Flesh Light. In fact, it is about half the size of the Flesh Light.

Tenga also included a 1/2 oz. bottle of water-based lube and a small instruction booklet in seven different languages. Yes, that’s right, seven different languages. Proof that masturbation is universal…everybody’s doing it. See, the whole world can come together. Since there is such a large market for these products, Tenga has developed a range of products to cater to different consumer preferences. The Flip Air Lite targets those who prefer a tighter experience. It is suitable for smaller fellas and may also be suitable for average sized guys who like a snug fit. The big boys should look elsewhere. I would suggest the Tenga Flip Hole or one of the many Flesh Light offerings.

Consumers should be careful not to confuse the Tenga Flip-Air Lite with the mid-sized Flip-Air and the larger-sized Flip Hole. All three versions are similar in function, but size should play a determining role in which one to purchase. Each of the sizes comes in two different colors: black and white, which each have different internal textures. The Tenga canister is split down the middle and opens like a book. Each side contains a textured TPR silicone insert with various patterns of ridges and nubs designed to stimulate your invading member.

There is a cap that slides on and off. It can be slid over the business end of the toy for storage or fit over the other side to expose the business end for you to insert your one-eyed Willie. It is a clever, well-designed toy. In my opinion, this is easily the most discreet male masturbator on the market. It is very similar in size to a soda can. It is just over 6” long, which is small enough to make it easy to grip. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the shape is not quite round; rather it is oval-shaped. It has an air release button on either side, conveniently located for your thumb and index finger.

These buttons regulate the flow of air, making the sleeve tighter or looser as you stroke. Pushing these buttons while inserting your penis allows the tight chamber to expand slightly as you enter the chamber; releasing these buttons causes the chamber to clench down around your rod, creating a snug fit and plenty of suction as you withdraw. With a little practice, you can simulate a powerful but noisy blow job sensation.

Care and Maintenance
Due to the tight fit, you will need to use a lubricant with this toy. Tenga recommends a water-based lube to prolong the life of the product. As per Tenga’s instructions, with proper care, the Flip-Air Lite should last for 50 uses. It should not be shared with others as the interior is porous. The instruction booklet recommends storing and using the Flip-Air Lite at room temperature; however, Tenga offers an optional sex toy warmer to make it more lifelike and enhance your masturbation experience. When you are finished using it, the unique design allows the toy to be opened like a book so you can easily wash and rinse thoroughly. The Flip-Air Lite can then sit open on top of the cap to dry completely before returning the cap to its storage position.
I found the Tenga to be extremely tight and it definitely required a bit of lube. The sample bottle of lube that came with the toy only lasted me two uses. I liked the fact that the canister was smaller and easier to handle than a Flesh Light; however, I did not like the incredibly tight fit. Once inside, it took some effort and practice to coordinate pressing and releasing the buttons while stroking to arrive at the best combination. After I found my groove, I was able to create a snug suction with each withdrawal. This was pleasurable but quite noisy. Kind of reminds me of the nastiest, wettest, and sloppiest blowjob ever. For me, the Tenga Flip-Air Lite got the job done, but is not nearly as pleasurable as my Flesh Light. However, this may have been partly due to sizing. The regulated air flow feature was unique enough that I definitely want to try one of the larger models.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    I like the looks of these, but I am worried they are a bit to small for me.
    Wonderful review!
  • Contributor: Buttercup Green
    I would really like to get this for my hubby one day. He loves his Fleshlight, and I think he would enjoy this as well. Fantastic review!
  • Contributor: Breas
    Eek, I'd be worried that it may be too small for my partner as we've had this problem in the past with a few similar products.. Thanks very much for the review!
  • Contributor: leelee
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Badass
    Thank you much for the lovely review!
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    nice review
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  • Contributor: scotty20
    Thanks for the review mate.
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Great review, wish I read it before purchasing the Flip.
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