Jessica's precios pussy - masturbation sleeve by Cal Exotics - review by tim1724

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Like sex with a gummy bear.

This is a fairly standard masturbation sleeve which is pretty comparable to others in its price range, but it looks pretty cool and gets the job done.
Texture feels good, relatively easy to clean, colored interior looks cool.
May be too short for some, odor is distracting.
Rating by reviewer:
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My first thought when unwrapping this masturbation sleeve was that it reminded me of gummy bears. Not only does this toy's material look a bit like the gelatin-based candy, but it also feels a bit sticky and has been infused with a sweet scent which smells just like gummy bears.

But once I got past the whole gummy bear thing and actually tried using it, I was pretty happy with it. You'll definitely need to use some lube, and don't be skimpy with it. (I used water-based, although silicone lubes should be ok, too.) Also, you may need to stretch the opening with your finger in order to get started. But once you get your penis inside, you can start thrusting away with wild abandon.
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Material / Texture

The sleeve is made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber), which is very soft and squishy. The squishiness makes it a bit hard to get your penis into it, especially if you're not fully hard, but the softness is quite pleasant once you're actually inside it.

As I mentioned above, it has been given an odd sweet smell which is distracting at first, especially when you first get it, as the smell builds up inside the box. But the scent isn't unpleasant so I got used to it. The odor persists after repeated washing, so I think it's permanent.

The TPR is colorless and transparent, although the inside is painted gold, which looks pretty cool in my opinion. The gold color, besides looking cool, helps to make the inner surface more visible so you can see the texture. This is a really nice touch. I'm not sure what the gold stuff is. At first I was a bit worried about it, but after repeated use and washing it hasn't come off at all, so I think it's fine.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The entrance is molded to look like a woman's vulva, with pronounced labia. It actually looks quite nice, with realistic enough shape that I wanted to explore it a bit with my tongue. (I do love a good vulva.) I had to resist the urge to take a big bite out of it though. (Not a gummy bear, not a gummy bear, not a gummy bear...)

As this is a masturbation sleeve, the inside is where the real action is. The tube behind the vulva-shaped opening continues all the way to the back (where it ends in a small featureless hole) and is covered inside with small nubs. It doesn't take a straight path, but instead has some twists and bends, for added sensation. In practice, though, the extreme squishiness keeps you from really noticing the bends, as it will just straighten out as you push your penis through it.

It's only about 5 inches long, so those with longer penises won't be able to thrust very deep without popping out the far end. Whether this is a problem for you will depend on your own preferences and anatomy. I found that it worked pretty well for me, and I didn't really mind it too much the few times I popped out the far side.

The diameter of the tube is small enough that it should be tight enough for anyone. Parts of the tube are tighter than other parts so depending how deep you position yourself in it you should be able to find a spot where it's tight enough against the head of your penis to feel good. On the other hand, it's so stretchy that thicker cocks should fit just fine.

The sleeve is very thick, so the outer diameter is pretty big. It's easy to get a good grip on it, which is important for this type of toy. Even after getting lube all over, I was able to hold onto it just fine.

Care and Maintenance

The easiest way to clean this sleeve is to hold it under a faucet and let warm water flow through it. I like to squirt some liquid soap into it and lightly scrub the inside with my fingers, using one finger in each end so I can be sure to clean all the nooks inside.

You can't sterilize TPR, so you shouldn't share this toy. (Or if you do, be sure to use condoms.)

TPR should be safe with both water and silicone lubes, but I've only tried it with water-based varieties.


The package is an easy-to-open cardboard box, with the actual sleeve wrapped up inside a plastic bag. It has some short care instructions, but otherwise not much information, but it's not as if anyone would need step-by-step instructions to figure out how to use it.

The front of the package shows a clear photograph of the product and a picture of a woman who looks rather bored. Nothing special, but nothing particularly objectionable either.

The box isn't really substantial enough to be much of a storage container in the long run.


One thing that's pretty fun about this sleeve is watching your cock while you're using it. The curve of the material magnifies your cock, so it looks like you have a lot more girth than you really do. The gold color looks pretty cool, too.
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