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Looks and jiggle like a real behind.

I would have preferred this of a little bit higher quality material like silicone for the original $99.99 price tag. The larger risks of bacteria, mold and mildew if not cared for properly are high for something like this unless it were easy to throw away and replace, personally with that high of a price tag I wouldn't want to. TPR can never fully be sanitized so always runs the risk of bacteria growth, so play it safe and always use a condom just like you should do if this weren't a sex toy.
Optional bullet vibe
Almost life size
TPR material makes it a bacterial risk for such a large price
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So this is one that is a bit different for me to review, in the past I have only reviewed the smaller, handheld male masturbators. But this one, the size, shape, and texture of this, makes it feel almost like an actual booty. It is soft and smooth, jiggles just the right way, and you can take full advantage of either anal or vaginal holes depending on your preference. Its eight pounds of weight is enough to stay put so that you only have to worry about which hole you feel like thrusting away at, and not holding it still. While it may not be the real thing, it does get pretty close to a nice tight behind bent over in front of you, inviting you to take full advantage in any way you see fit to do so.

Material / Texture

The Juicy Booty, or Magic Flesh Bubble Butt as mine was labeled on the box, is made of a TPE/TPR material according to Edenfantasys. However the labeling on the box that I received says "Soft Silicone", which lead me to believe it may not be TPR, as there was no paperwork or any other indications of what material this is made of, until on the very bottom next to the bar code it says in very small print 'Made of TPE material.' It has a slight smell to it, but nothing overpowering or extremely strong to a good sniffer, so nothing to worry about there. As far as the feel, it is a bit velvety on the surface like silicone, and doing a bit of research, I have found this product offered a few other places and it is labeled as a silicone not a TPR material, not being a chemist myself, I cannot say for sure. Otherwise it does feel great, firm yet squishy like a real butt, and aside from the slight odor there is no taste at all.
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Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design itself is interesting, but it isn't quite a life sized behind, measuring about 10 inches wide, 10.5 inches long and 5.2 inches deep, it is more of a very petite butt if anything. The shape is pretty spot on though, the ass cheeks feel and jiggle like it is real when you pat or smack them. The pussy itself looked quite fabricated though, not as real as I would have liked, it is symmetrical and honestly kind of disappointing, was looking forward to a bit more realism for the price. And the anus is just a hole in between the butt cheeks, nothing special about it either, maybe a little more intricacy like a Fleshlight could be in order for the $99.99 price tag. As far as fit, the holes both seem to be about a quarter of an inch in diameter, a bit tight but not overly so, I was expecting there to be a difference between the two in tightness to make it a little more realistic.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Juicy Booty comes with a small bullet vibrator which is run off of two AA batteries and has a speed control dial depending on how much of a vibration you want. There is a hole underneath which you can insert the end of the bullet vibe into depending on if you want some vibrations while you thrust away or not, and a second hole on the bottom that connects the anal and vaginal openings to make it easier to clean out by simply running warm soapy water through it. The bullet vibrator isn't anything special, no different vibration patterns at all, just an intensity control.

Care and Maintenance

As far as caring for this, TPR/TPE is more porous than silicone is, and though you should always use a condom with your toys to make cleanup even easier, it isn't necessary if you don't want to, just be aware that you can never fully sanitize TPR/TPE so a condom would also help keep this toy more sanitary. There is a drain hole of that tunnels through and connects both the anal and vaginal openings so you can easily run some warm soapy water through and thoroughly clean the inside out after use, which is a nice feature. Also be careful on your choice of lubricant, silicone and water based lube are fine, just don't use any type of oil based lube.

After use and cleaning also make sure that this is completely dry before storing these types of materials, keep a very close eye on the toy for any color changes, black spots and/or foul odor, and if found toss immediately.


The packaging was a pretty large box to accommodate this toy and inside the Juicy Booty was neatly situated in a clear plastic blister type shell formed to fit the toy. The outside of the box clearly stated that this was indeed a Magic Flesh Bubble Butt Masturbator, with a picture of the toy, a picture of a female on the front and a small round hole that lets you actually feel the material without opening the box at all, nice if you are purchasing this at an adult toy shop or somewhere you might not want to know people had opened up the package just to feel it.
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