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Omega brushed

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Make Any Man An Omega Man...

This ring is a king among cock rings - it is a heavy weight, it has a beautiful smooth finish, and it's made of super safe stainless steel. Aesthetics aside, it provides the user with longer lasting erections and stronger orgasms.
It looks so beautiful on, and it makes an erection last so very very long.
No cons - except just make sure you get the right size!
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Omega from Gear Essentials is beautiful to look at. It comes packaged in a tidy, velvet lined tin – perfect for storage. As soon as you get Omega in hand, however, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary cock ring. It is heavy – 1lb, by the specs, so please don't (as I did) toss it to your partner for them to see. You could so easily cause a concussion or knock a tooth out. A brief glance through other metal cock rings reveals that this is comparatively heavier than other models in the Gear Essentials line, as such, it is a bit more advanced and appropriate for a cock with a bit of experience with rings.

The ring is very smooth – no seam to be seen – and perfectly rounded in every way. My husband particularly likes that there is no “squaring off/thinning down” to reduce the weight of the ring (check out the Titan to see what I mean), as he feels that more angular edges could lead to uncomfortable pinching in certain positions. While I am not convinced that this is a valid point, it does make him feel really good about putting on the Omega, so hey, if it works, it works, right?

Because this is a solid stainless steel ring of metal, it is very important that it fits correctly – too small, a trip to the emergency room might be in order to get the thing off. Measure and re-measure both the circumference and diameter at the base of the cock (above the balls) to decide on the appropriate size. Just use a string or something like that. Honestly, we kept measuring larger than the 2 1/8” diameter that is max, so we ordered the largest one, and it fits just fine. Unfortunately, however, because it is so heavy and so smooth, it will eventually work its way off as my husband walks around with it on without an erection. Both he and I agree that the size we got is correct for him, I just think that between gravity, the lack of friction, and the nuances of my husbands anatomy, it's just not meant to stay on him as he goes about his daily business. If you're really unsure of the correct size to order, before ordering the Omega get yourself a cheap(er) rubber, silicone or snap leather cock ring and experiment with the sizing till you're confident.

Cleanup is a breeze, of course – stainless steel can be boiled, or wiped with 10% bleach, or even dishwasher-ed to sterilize. I recommend sterilizing after the cock ring is used in an anal sex session, just to be on the safe side (likewise, if it's being used with different partners), but otherwise we just wash it with soap and hot water and dry it well.
Whenever my husband slips on his Omega, he swells – not just in the obvious way, mind you, but all through is chest and shoulders, like he's suddenly taller, suddenly more proud, suddenly sexier. It is the most amazing transformation I have ever seen, especially since the Omega is just an innocent looking metal donut. I love the way it looks on him, especially when he's erect. Cockrings push everything together and upwards (think push-up bra or trussed up turkey), making an attractive presentation. This is doubly true when the cockring is beautiful shiny metal.

As soon as it slips on, my husband gets excited – maybe with the manhandling involved at slipping it on (one ball at a time, then tuck through the limp penis), or maybe it's my clear approval and the fact that I can't help but pounce as soon as its on him. Whatever the case may be, he gets erect fast and the just stays hard for SO LONG (plus his orgasms seem way more intense). He generally does just fine on his own, but with the ring on it's like the never ending erection. The first time we used it he finally went and doused with with cold water to calm it down (we were late for a dinner). Since then, he's discovered that he can get it off when he's still a bit firm, and now he has no troubles getting it off when he wants it off.
Follow-up commentary
My husband LOVES this ring.

We ordered this ring in size large (2 1/8" diameter), as it fits easily over his flaccid penis, and decently snug when he is hard. However, because of its weight, it does manage to slip off if he walks around with it on. After playing with some slightly smaller cock rings in silicone, he's now interested in trying a metal ring in a slightly smaller size.

However, we're both extremely happy with the choice to get the ring in the size we did (as determined by careful measurement), and would recommend anyone interested in a metal ring (but unsure of the size they need) to follow the sizing guidelines exactly and be content with a ring that may be a tad too big.
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