Mouth palm pal - masturbator by Doc Johnson - review by Jesica

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Mouth palm is more than just for him!

Buy this toy! Give it as a gift to your man, but I guarantee that you will use it too!! It's the best!
Its so awesome! If you do or don't want to participate, this can help out!
If it looked just a little better, it would be great. It looks kind of blah.
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somewhat useful review
At first glance, the Mouth Palm Pal seems like something you would just hand off to your man, right? Wrong! This does so much for you too! It gets you out of a lot of work, improves the quality of your sexual relationship, and much more!

Do you get lock jaw sometimes during oral sex? I'm sure most of us do. This can be a big help. Stick it in a secret spot, throw the blanket over your head, start him off for a minute, then mouth palm him! He won't even know the difference! Just bob your head up and down a bit, and he'll think it’s you doing the job the whole time! Word of advice though... makes sure that you use a good thick lube... one that's lotion-y, or it will pull at his hairs.

Another good use for it is if your man lacking some girth in his down town region. Slide this around him, and then jump on. The inside of the mouth palm feels really good to him, so he won't mind not actually feeling the inside of you... if he even notices it. You know how guys are. It will feel amazing for you, adding on that extra width to your man! Again, make sure you use lube... on the in and outside here. The initial entrance might be a little tough, but once you get it figured out... ooh la la!!

One more thing you could try with it! Do you like anal, or are just getting used to the idea? This is a GREAT bumper pad! Stick it on him, push it over him, and only insert the end into you. Then you can get the pleasure of anal sex, but not have to have it all the way in, which can get really painful, as I'm sure we all know! Lube Lube Lube!!!!!

Make sure you clean it up real good when you're done. Flip it inside out to get it nice and clean and store it in it's own bag. It melts if it's next to something else and they're both hot! You don't want to ruin yours and his toys! That would be bad! =)

Enjoy! I know you will!!
Follow-up commentary
I got a lot of slack for the first review. I wasn't trying to be offensive or anything. I would only regret saying to use it to add girth to your man, because no it shouldn't be used to go inside of you. It still functions the same at our house, it's a very good deal for this toy. Give it a try!
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  • Lithaewyn
    This really shouldn't be used anally in any fashion. It's definitely not made for that and the material is extremely porous and will harbor bacteria.

    It would help if you focused more on the toy. What it's made out of, the kinds of lubricants that are safe with it, the texture it has, how to clean and care for it, and what your partner thought about it.

    Also, I found your review somewhat sexist and derogatory towards men...
  • Kinky Kitty
    Thanks for the review.

    I do however, have to agree with lithaewyn, especially on the anal part. This actually seems a little dangerous. It's almost giving him an easier way in without allowing you to set the boundaries of pain first. Anal is NOT for everyone and if you have to try to get around the pain issues like this, maybe it's your boyfriend who should be trying a different toy.

    I also would hate to have to try and retrieve it out from inside of me if it ever got stuck. It just doesn't sound sexy does it?

    This just seems like a toy that should only be used as intended :/

    Be Safe
  • Jimbo Jones
    I think you guys may have misunderstood Jesica's instructions. This is understandable considering the way it reads, but let me try to help.
    She meant get your guys penis sticking out of the hole in the end of this toy and put the tip of his penis inside your anus. She is not saying to put the toy inside at all. The toy will keep him from being able to fully insert himself which might make it more comfortable for the "receiver" in this case Jesica.
    Now bacteria could be picked up from the outside of the rectum if it isn't cleaned well, but there shouldn't be any danger of losing this toy inside your ass if used in this way.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Or maybe I'm wrong. Does this have a hole at the opposite end or not?
  • Nickisonehere
    Agreed with Jimbo about not putting the toy all the way in.

    Jesica, although I agree with Lithaewyn's point about focusing more on details of the item, I think it's good that you've mentioned a number of non-standard uses for the product. Good job on that part Winking
  • givemeadayjaime
    Your review kind of scares me. You should NEVER use a toy for anything other than its intended purpose. This can become very dangerous, very quickly. Please dont insert this thing into your vagina or anywhere near your ass.

    I have to add that I agree with lithaewyn that you sound very derogatory towards men. "If her even notices, you know you you men are." Thats not cool. If you get tired during oral, maybe you could try stimulating him with your hands until you're ready to go again, or even letting him know that you're switching to the sleeve for a few minutes. But I dont think its right for you to "throw a blanket over your head" and trick him in that manner.

    I just dont think its right. But thats just my own opinion.
    Be safe.
  • Jesica
    i totally meant NOT inserting it into you, with anal. so only the tip goes in. And i didnt actually try the girth-adding practice, i had been told my a friend that it worked wonders.
    wasnt trying to sound derogatory. i was just trying to help with pleasing your man in other ways, without having to work as hard. sorry if it sounded that way. i dont think it would be "tricking" anyone by using this for a minute. if it feels good to him, why does it matter?
  • cobiffle
    Its an okay review n product
  • angel142stx
    nice review
  • Ivy Wilde
    Very creative.
  • catalunalilith
  • PassionCpl
    Thanks for this. I know it was years ago now, but I completely understood what you meant by the 'anal' thing
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