Love booster - harness and hollow dildo set by Aphrodisia - review by OH&W, Lovebears

Harness and hollow dildo set by Aphrodisia

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Need A Little Boost? Want One Both Of You Will Like?

Strapons for females have been on the market for years. Now there's some to assist males. This one will give you two more inches and a little more in girth. This can also aid with premature ejaculation.
Easy to get used, Excellent design, Comfortable
No Cons, just make sure the fit is right for your particular anatomy.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


If you are a little short down there and want something that works. Or if you just want two more inches. Check this out!

Many penis extenders are not comfortable and don't perform well. Most are difficult to get on and off also. And most extenders we have tried are not comfortable for her.

Love Booster
The design will keep your package up. Not sag like other products.

This is not your low cost "stick it on your dick" extender. It is soft, smooth and stretchy. No ribs or super thick material to cause her discomfort.

This is also more comfortable and easy to get on for the male. It has a harness design. Just slip it on like underwear, and you're ready to go! It's super easy to get your member in the hollow tube. Just a little water-based lubricant on your member, then slid it in.

With this design you don't have to hurt yourself getting it on or off. Ever use one of the ones that you secure to your testicles? If so, then you know what I'm talking about. Nothing worse than getting a shock to your privates trying to pull those straps over your sensitive boys.

This will require an erection though. It's pretty much like a silicone condom with two additional inches of help in the tip. This can be used for vaginal or anal sex.
    • Can be worn during intercourse
    • Couples

Material / Texture

I was very surprised when I unpacked this. It was very soft, stretchy and floppy. It is of course, hollow so as to insert your penis inside. There was virtually no odor to it at all, although it is silicone. Inside and out the material is very smooth.

Smooth is good. Won't be discomfort for the wearer or receiver. Some extenders have texture and not good for anal. This will feel very comfortable for her whichever orifice it services.

The harness itself is very attractive and somewhat stretchy like suspenders.
    • Not porous at all
    • Stretchy
    • Very faint odor

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

There are two parts to the Love Booster. The actual extender/strapon and the harness.
As I mentioned, this is much superior to anything on the market. It's comfortable and very easy to get on and off. The harness straps that go around the legs are stretchy. They secure the hollow strapon unit very well. The waistband is stretchy and has Velcro to adjust the size.

Harness with Velcro adjustment
Velcro straps to adjust the waistband.

The product page says the harness will fit waists from 26" to 50". Once you adjust the waistband, just put legs one at a time through the leg straps. The leg straps are stretchy and will secure the unit to your body.

The Extender/ hollow strapon Itself:

For her:
This also has a superior design to anything on the market. She will appreciate the soft silicone material. No use having an extender she won't enjoy! There are no nubs, bumps or hard material to cause discomfort. The sex act is supposed to be enjoyable! There are 2 inches of firm material inside the tip to make you longer. It's firmer than an erect penis but not hard enough to cause discomfort. Firm enough to aid with penetration.

For him:
With some water-based lube this will slip on very easily. No difficult pulling or rolling to get it on. No ball strap to hurt your testicles or catch pubic hair. Ouch! The 3 point harness will keep your penis in the perfect position. Unlike those that make your member sag down. Best of all there is an opening for your scrotum to hang down.

With this design the male can just thrust away and enjoy himself! And please her with a little more length and girth!
    • Adjustable
    • Easy to get on
    • Fitted - must measure before purchase

Functions / Performance / Controls

This is very well designed. Everything about it is good for female and male. It will give you 2 more inches in length and 1/4 inch in girth. The entire shaft is 6" long. So it's perfect for someone with a 4" or slightly less member. Your 4 so inches is not the much desired 6 inches. And it will stretch to accommodate your girth and make you about 1/4" fatter.

Now if you are over 4" in length this can STILL work for you. Part of your member just won't be inside the hollow shaft.

VC Bandit, LB, Bottle w 4
Before pic to illustrate how Love Booster may work for you. Bandit is 7" long &1 1/2" wide. Corona bottle has a 4" neck. The Love Booster is 6" long. That includes the 4" of empty space and 2 extender inches. The material is 1/8" thick.

Love Booster gave the 4 inch neck 2 more inches in length

LB on the 7
LB added 2 more inches to this dildo

So if you are more than 4 inches you can still benefit the Love Booster. You can add 2 more inches, but part of you will not be inside the extender. I would say if one is 4-5 1/2" long can use this. However, this will ONLY fit someone with 2 inches of girth. (I doubt if you need help if that thick already.)

Note: I used the 7" dildo just to show someone longer than 4" could use this. That's the shortest one in our stash. And is the smallest girth.
    • Comfortable during use
    • Easy to use

Personal comments

Who wouldn't want 2 more inches and a little more girth? I certainly do! The wife said using the hot tub for so many years caused my penis to shrink. We already use harnesses for other sex activities. So when this came along, I said, "Why not?" We had tried some of the other types of extenders before with no success.


We did our usual foreplay. Watched a movie, some clit vibing and then oral sex. When I was stiff, I applied a little bit of water-based lube on my member. After slipping my legs through the harness, I slipped my erection into the hollow tube.

Wha-laa!! I was not 6 inches long! And the strapon stuck straight out! To play it safe I also put some lubricant on the extender.

I entered her and gave her a good time! I had read that 6 inches are required with good lovemaking skills to give women a good time. From our other experiences with toys, I found this to be very true. We both liked that I lasted much longer than usual too. She had used dildos like the Bandit, Eden Mega, and Caesar before so 6 inches was not something new for her. She said doing with me was always better than with any dildo.
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    I'm glad you find an extender that is comfortable for both of you and fits you perfectly!
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