Transexual jesse doggie-style love doll - male love doll by Cal Exotics - review by Waterfall

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No love for Jesse

Jesse is a love doll that is designed to please both males and females in a different way, but is not well designed and thus doesn't succeed at that goal. In my opinion, this works best for a joke and not for actual use by males or females.
Features different areas for insertion and a removable cock
Strong Smell
Not comfortable
Rating by reviewer:
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This love doll was designed to be penetrated (orally and anally) and also comes with a detachable dildo so that it can penetrate you (in a way, if you can get the dildo to stay). Because Jesse has a cock, she can be used my females and males, but personally I think males will be able to get more out of (or in) her.

Material / Texture

Jesse is made from PVC. This material only rates a 2 on the material safety scale, so it isn't the safest one other there. Once you take this one out of the box, you will smell it! The body smells the same as a flotation device for a pool. It also feels the same way. With that being said it is smooth, but not very comfortable because of the rough seams. As I don't have a penis to insert into the holes, I used my fingers to get a better feel of things. It wasn't too uncomfortable for my fingers, but I know that it will feel completely different for a penis.

The worst smell comes from the detachable cock. I could barely tolerate the smell and I am not someone who is usually sensitive. In addition to the smell, the cock is also very firm with basically no give. It has some veins on it to make it look more realistic.
    • Strong odor

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

So this is my first inflatable doll, and I doubt I will be getting many more in the future. When I first opened it up and took it out the hair freaked me out a bit. I guess I wasn't really expecting that. It just makes it seem a little creepy. Jesse's hair is in a pony tail, and because she is in a doggie-style position, you can pull her hair a bit if that is your thing. The face looks like a giant barbie, with make up, and has a large mouth which is meant to be used for insertion, if you choose to actually use this toy. The other area that is made for insertion is Jesse's ass, but that just doesn't feel very comfortable in my opinion. The vaginal opening is made to hold the detachable cock, so it is not for insertion.

Because of the material, I can't see this one being really comfortable for a male to insert their penis into. The anal hole is big enough for me to fit 3 fingers in comfortably, and the material doesn't have much stretch. I can fully insert them, and my fingers are not that long so this one isn't very deep.
    • Not discreet at all
    • Tight fitting

Functions / Performance / Controls

The instructions that come with this discuss using a pump to blow it up, but they also say that not every toy comes with one (they are generic instructions for inflatable dolls). This one did not come with a pump. With that being said, I blew it up with my mouth. I was expecting it to take much longer than it did, but it couldn't have taken more than 5 minutes. This was the easy part. I had some issues getting the plug to stay in, but once you get it in correctly it is fine.

I used the detachable dildo that comes with this one, but honestly it was just too hard and straight for me to really enjoy. Not to mention that the smell doesn't go away even after washing.

I don't think that this doll would make the best thing to simulate sex with, but maybe others will have a different opinion. The holes are just not that comfortable for my fingers so I can't imagine that they would be for other parts. I think Jesse is best to just have for some fun or jokes and not really to use as a sex toy.

Care and Maintenance

The material that this doll is made from is porous, so I would suggest not sharing it with a partner. Wearing a condom might or might not work, because in my opinion the material inside the holes is a little rough and it might cause a condom to break. It can be used with silicone and water based lubricants.

My best advice for cleaning is to use a wet cloth to get anything out of the holes so that you can be sure it is clean. You can also use a dry cloth to make sure it is completely dry or leave it out to air dry (if you have the luxury of letting a doll like this sit out for a long time). A toy wipe could also work, but I think it would have to be a pretty durable wipe.

I keep this doll in the box that it came in. Once you take it out for the first time it can be a little difficult to get it back into the box as nicely as it was when you first received it. I might just not have the patience for it.


Jesse the doll comes in a cardboard box that has nude pictures of the real Jesse all over the box. This is one of the lease discreet packages I have ever come across. There is a bit of information about what Jesse has to offer on the back of the box as well.

Inside there are instructions on how to blow the toy up and there is also a patch kit, just in case things get a little too rough and you make some unwanted holes.
    • Not discreet
Follow-up commentary
To be 100% honest, this doll was trashed when I moved last year. It was not something that I would use regularly (and I am pretty sure my fiance was confused about it when he found it in my closet one day). It was not high quality and you could smell the material through the box.
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    Interesting review, I look forward to the video to see how it works.
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    great review, thanks for sharing. I can only see myself buying a blow up doll if, for some reason, I needed a flotation device for my pool.
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    Thanks for the comments everyone
    Sorry for the delay with the video. Midterms
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