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Not great if you are well endowed.

This was an effective masturbator, that added a new sensation to masturbating over using just my hand. It also offers the ability to power a vibrating bullet powered by USB which inserts into the toy to increase the enjoyment of this toy during masturbation. I'm worried that due to my size the toy will wear out quickly as it already shows significant wear after only one extended use session. But it didn't cause me discomfort due to my size like my other stroker did.
Doesn't seem very durable
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This toy is designed to be used as a male masturbator. You hold the external part of the toy while you insert your penis in the opening on the toy with a miniature representation of the female anatomy. You then can stroke the toy up and down your shaft with your hand, in the same way you would likely stroke yourself with just your hand.
    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The toy is made of a Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) considered a 7 on EdenFantasy's safety scale. This toy is less porous than cyberskin; however, it is still porous so cannot be sterilized, as such you should use condoms if you choose to share this toy. This material is soft and flexible... It is definitely able to stretch as seeing the opening of the toy being maybe a 1/4" in diameter had me worried if I would be able to fit inside. This stretchy aspect posed some functional issues, which I'll discuss further in the design section. The material felt comfortable in hand and was not overly sticky. It kind of reminds me of the same kind of density of material as that of a gummy bear.

The USB powered vibrating bullet appears to be made out of an inexpensive plastic. This bullet is not designed to interact with you directly so it isn't a big deal.

The internal texture of the toy can be seen in the picture below as represented on the box. I actually didn't really notice any internal texture with this toy, which I think has to do with how far the toy had to stretch to fit my larger than normal size. Basically resulting in the textures flattening out and not being very noticeable.

Inner Texture
    • Sticky
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

So firstly lets start with size. I did not fully comprehend how small this toy was going to be even the 1:1 feature on EdenFantasy. So to start the primary toy I turn to for masturbating needs is the Fleshlight, so I'm used to a much larger sleeve for these toys. You can see in the picture below the length/size difference between these two toys.

FL vs Stroker Length

Now the Stroker is in fact meant to be used on it's own and held in your hand so it's size makes perfect sense. The closest toy I own to the stroker in size/function is the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost, which is also a stroker in that it isn't supposed to contain your full size if you are longer than the sleeve. And is designed to be held in hand. You can see a size comparison to these two below:

Stroker vs Quickshot Length

The key benefit of the Quickshot over the stroker is the plastic case w/ caps that makes it easier to travel with. But the stroker is more enjoyable for me to use since there is no constraining plastic ring to cause me discomfort during use by acting more like a penis ring than stroker.

I was a bit worried when I got this toy out of the box by how small the opening is. For a comparison you can see the Eva Lovia Fleshlight Girls Spice orifice opening made from a casting of Eva Lovia's butt and the Quickshot Boost toy's opening. Both are shot right next to the stroker for comparison. Likely the Fleshlight material isn't as stretchy as the Stroker so it needs to be closer to a realistic opening size or it would be unpleasant to use.

Fleshlight Opening vs Stroker
Quickshot vs Stroker opening

The biggest issue I have with this toy is that I think that during use it is poorly designed for larger guys as I didn't always make it straight through the toy and would sometime have the toy material ballooning out with my head inside... looked like a stretched condom over my penis in these cases. If that didn't happen I would pop out the other side of the toy. I tried rotating the toy around myself in case it was maybe the way I was holding the toy, but didn't seem to impact things. I also hoped in rotating the vibrating bullet would apply vibrations closer to my head when it was next to it, but seemed like I kept going away from it in the toy. I think this ballooning stretching actually has resulted in noticeable damage to the toy after only one use... as there are now what appear to be bubbles in the surface of the toy. I'm a bit worried how long this toy will last. Regardless, seems the toy will fit most people, just those of us larger in size might wear the toy out faster.

The toy does benefit from you basically squeeze to adjust the pressure you want from the toy.
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

The toy came with a very inexpensively made vibrating bullet powered by a ~1 meter USB cable with a remote in the middle. The remote has 3 buttons, the middle button turns the bullet on and then allows you to alternate between the 5 vibration patterns. The other two buttons allow you to decrease or increase the strength of the vibrations, and there are 5 different strength levels. The description of these modes are on the side of the box shown below:

Vibration Modes on Box

The vibrator is pleasant; however, I found it very underpowered since the material of the toy seems to absorb a lot of the vibrations so very little of it really found it through such that it was very noticeable for me. I do tend to be less sensitive than most so if you are normal or more sensitive this is probably a good design. The vibrator sticks into the opposite end of the toy from where you insert as there is a special hole for it to sit there as you can see below:

Vibration hole

As pictured the vibrator goes into the hole on the top of the photo. This extends off the side of the toy, which I never figured out the best way to orient the toy to maximize how I hit the vibrations + to minimize the vibrator's impact on my hand during holding. I did really like that this bullet was USB powered so was green and would last as long as your computer or USB outlet had power to power it.

The vibrator was also reasonably loud. The remote on the cord is definitely not water proof and the box clearly indicate the vibrator is not waterproof and should not be submerged or used around anything with water.

I'm not sure how often I'll use this toy, but I think the vibrator might actually be quite useful. Think I might try using a dremel to cut a slot in an extra Fleshlight cap and see if I can use this vibrator inside a Fleshlight case as a DIY green Fleshlight Vibro option.
    • Not very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

The toy unlike the others I have is seemingly fine with silicone and waterbased lubes. I only have water based ones on hand as almost all my toys do not play well with silicone lube.

The toy was very easy to wash with hot water. I'll likely store the toy like I do my fleshlight sleeves on a towel. But could easily put it in a ziplock and toss into a box if I wanted too.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Inside the shipping box, the toy came in a small paperboard box, which clearly indicated what was inside. Definitely not discrete but this packaging all contains all the instructions and information about the toy as there is no manual included in the box. I've included 3 of the sides of the box below, the 4th side of the box was shown in the "Functions / Performance / Controls" section of this review as it had the information related to the vibration settings.

Box Front
Box Back
Box Side

Inside the box the vibrator and toy each come in their own individual plastic packages:

Toy Packaging

This packaging is basically meant to be disposed.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative
Follow-up commentary
This toy is really difficult for me use due to it not working well for my size... so it doesn't get used anymore.
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