Glow Stroker Luscious Lips - masturbation sleeve by Cal Exotics - review by MuffysPinguLove

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Not So Luscious Lips

A soft and squishy glow in the dark stroker that provides a fun time for the user and their audience (if they have one). This toy is sure to bring a little youth back into your life with the glow in the dark feature that this toy possesses. The material stretches to fit a variety of sizes, and is ideal for people who like really flexible and soft toys.
Glows in the dark, may be enjoyable for smaller to average men.
Not for larger men, harder to clean, attracts debris, lube makes it hard to grip.
Rating by reviewer:
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When I was first assigned the "Glow Stroker Luscious Lips" I was so excited! It was finally time for my boyfriend to get to have fun and try out a toy himself, after all why should I have all the fun? It looked promising with it's luscious lips making an "O" and begging for something to be inserted. What was I most excited for though? I feel like such a 5 year old saying this, but I will anyway: the fact that it glowed in the dark. Yes, I was that kid who stuck glow in the dark stars all over my wall, and would lay in my bed at night and look at them as they glowed. So obviously the fact that my boyfriend and I would be receiving a glow in the dark sex toy excited me very much. After all penis + glow in the dark = what couldn't you like about that equation? Sadly though, this toy was nowhere near as wonderful as I was expecting it to be, regardless of the fact of whether it glowed or not.

As a masterbator this toy is intended for penis stimulation. You can achieve this by moving the "Glow Stroker Luscious Lips" up and down the shaft as you would when masturbating with your hand. It is a simply designed sleeve, and can be used to create stimulation by using either your or your partner's hand. The stroker can be used on your own to get off, or merely to warm yourself up for your partner.

Material / Texture

There is a little bit of a discrepancy when it comes to what the material of the "Glow Stroker Luscious Lips" is made out of. Eden Fantasys says that it is made out of TPR silicone, while the packaging suggested that it was made out of a material called "Senso Plus." The material looks like it's made out of some kind of jelly, and as I held it in my hand I couldn't help but feel like I was holding a sex toy made out of gummy bears. The material is squishy and feels extremely sticky until it's washed. I would not suggest just taking this toy out of the box and having your way with it, I would suggest giving it a wash or two first.

After it is washed it no longer feels quite as sticky, but a little bit of the tackiness does remain. The material is soft, stretchy, and limp as it can be. It flopped from side to side. The material can also be gripped, unless even the tiniest drop of lube gets onto the outside of the toy. If this happens, then the toy will slip out of your hand like a water balloon, and it is very hand to retain your grip unless the outside is dried. Although the material is grip-able, it's also kind of thick, and because of this, people who like a lot of pressure on their member may not like this toy. My boyfriend likes to have a tight, firm, and hard grip on his penis, but this stroker just didn't allow that.

The toy smelled like other TPR silicone toys I have owned, which for me smells like a mixture of rubber, jelly, plastic and some sort of chemical all rolled into one. After it is washed though, the smell becomes less noticeable. Just based on the smell and feeling of the material of this toy, I would never want to put it anywhere near my mouth, and therefore I don't expect that it would taste very good. I did however give my boyfriend a blow job after he had used the stroker, and it left a slight rubbery taste on his penis even though we were using flavored lube

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The stroker is mostly clear with a yellowish green column that glows in the dark and lies in the middle of the toy. It is a cylindrical shaped toy, with four circular indents that are positioned one after another along the body of the stroker. The back of the toy has a small circular opening, and the front has a little nose which sits atop an open set of lips, and a little chin.

The inside of the "Glow Stroker Luscious Lips" has 3 rows of little nubs meant to stimulate the penis as it is thrust thru the stroker. However, we did not find that these little nubs acted exactly as they should. The length of the stroker is 5 inches long, and it fits up to 2 3/4 width wise. The only problem with this is that longer men will poke out of the end of it, and although it fits up to 2 3/4 width a great deal of stretching is required to accomplish this. When the toy stretches to fit the penis, the nubs inside stretch out as well and therefore are no longer as pronounced. I understand that the opening is small to account for a variety of different penis widths, and the design of the toy looks promising, but I think that the nubs would have done better at stimulating had the opening been larger and therefore didn't need to be stretched as much. My boyfriend is bigger than 5 inches, and because of this his penis kept poking out of the back of the stroker. This still provided stimulation, but he still wished that the stroker had been longer as it would have given him greater pleasure. I would think that for the average user the length of the "Glow Stroker Luscious Lips" wouldn't be much of an issue, but for bigger boys like my boyfriend I don't believe it's as stimulating as it's intended to be.

Since the outside of the stroker has the row of indents, I thought that the toy could probably be turned inside out and used that way. The stroker also works this way, but it does not provide as much stimulation as when the toy is used correctly. Plus it is a lot easier to grip the outside of the toy, than the inside of the toy when it's turned inside out.

Since both sides of this stroker are open, we found that it made a mess when used with lube. When my boyfriend thrusted into it the lube was pushed out of the other side. The lube being expelled ranged from a trickle to being shot out depending on how quickly he was thrusting.

When it comes to hiding this toy, the only problem that I had with it was the fact that it glows in the dark. You obviously don't want it anywhere where it might be visible, or it could easily become visible if a drawer was opened. Hide this toy well, because as soon as the lights go off it gives off a faint glow that makes it more noticeable than it would normally be. Since it glows in the dark, I don't really know that I would pack it for a trip, as it isn't the most discreet toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

When a lot of lube is put into this toy it makes a loud sucking noise that sounded to me like someone plodding through mud. The only thing that fixed this was using less lube, or slowing down the stoking. Even with either of these options the toy still made a slight sucking noise. The toy is waterproof, but becomes harder to grip when used in water.

Care and Maintenance

This toy can be cleaned with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap. This specific material cannot be boiled! This particular toy can be used with either silicone or water-based lubes. When I clean this toy I wash the exterior first, and then I push a bar of soap through the stroker from one end to the other. Next I flip the toy inside out and make sure I scrub the interior well. I make sure that the interior is dry before I put it away, but since both ends of the stroker are open you don't have to worry as much about moisture as you would with a toy that has one end closed.

When storing this toy, I put it into a plastic bag to keep off debris and to keep it from touching our other toys. This stroker is a lint magnet! Anything and everything loose around this toy will be picked up by it, and will adhere to its sides. I store this toy at the bottom of the drawer, because it glows in the dark.

Personal comments

I gave this product two stars, because although my boyfriend did not enjoy it I believe that someone who likes this kind of squishy material would be satisfied with it. I think that it might also provide more enjoyment for average to smaller-sized men.


My boyfriend was not fond of this stroker at all. We tried using it the first time, and it kept slipping out of my hand because I had gotten a little lube on the outside. So, we tossed it to the side and continued playing without it. The next time I wanted to try using it, I had to practically beg my boyfriend since our first experience with it had not been very enjoyable. This time he stroked it up and down his cock himself, but this didn't make any difference in how pleasurable it felt. He was able to grip it easier than me, because we had been careful not to get the lube on the outside of it this time around, but that was the only positive aspect of the experience.

It popped off twice and I had to turn the lights back on for him to put it back on. He wasn't able to grip it hard enough to get the kind of enjoyment he likes because of the thickness of the material, and the little nubs inside were too stretched to provide him enough stimulation. After about 10 unexciting minutes of use he asked if he could stop using it, as he was so dissatisfied with it that it was starting to make him lose his erection. I asked him if he thought he would ever use the toy again. His reply was a simple and definite "No." I suggested he throw it out, but he "couldn't see throwing away a perfectly good toy."

So, what are we going to use this toy for you ask? Well even though we won't be using it for sexual purposes it still glows in the dark pretty well. Maybe the boyfriend and I will use it for some kind of glow in the dark "stroker" toss game or something else creative, but realistically it will probably just sit in a drawer and accumulate dust. That is unless I decide I want to take it out and put it's glow in the dark abilities to some kind of use.
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