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Oh, You're Such a Softie!

After finding out what makes these cups tick, combined with a wonderful overall experience, I can confidently say that Tenga has designed a truly great product. In a bind or on the road, a Tenga cup is the next best thing. This one in particular left my partner wanting more, in a really good way.
Realsitic feel,
Ready to use,
Adjustable pressure and suction
Smells bad,
Can be noisy,
Not reusable
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Tenga cups are designed for men as a luxury disposable masturbatory aid. There are 14 types of Tenga cups, which you can learn more about by visiting the Tenga website. But you can purchase any of the standard and ultra size variety here, on Edenfantasys.

Tenga cups are a spa treatment for your penis, they also make great travel companions. The Tenga cup man could be the man on the road or even the man who just wants to pamper himself. This is a nice treat and it would make a great gift for your significant other (as was the reason behind my purchase). Each cup style provides different features and internal textures. This diversity means that every man will find something he likes or he will have fun trying to, at the very least.

Whether you think that you might need the extra space or you're looking for a great vacuum experience, the US or "Ultra Size" is for you. The US soft tube cup gives the user freedom to adjust the pressure by squeezing the cups exterior. It has a realistic feel with internal texture that is sure to delight!

Each cup arrives in a ready-to-use state. It is hygienically sealed and pre-lubricated. There is no need to worry about cleanup afterwards either, just throw the whole thing away!

Here are the lubricant ingredients as listed on the packaging:
Water, Glycerin, Sodium polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Hydroxypropylcyclodextrin, IPBC, Hydroxycellulose, Propyleneglycol.
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The cup itself is made of a solid yet malleable plastic. The internal material is listed as TPE which is rated as a 6 on Eden's safety scale. Aside from this being a porous material, the design does not allow for easy cleaning. This cup will become a breeding ground for bacteria. It really is best to dispose of after a single use.

The inside smells pretty bad, it smells just like the Tenga Eggs so if anyone has tried those and wasn't offended by their smell, this won't bother you either. It smells like the noise putty I used to play with as a kid that made a fart sound when you pushed it into its container. Luckily, the smell is not noticeable while using the cup.

The lubricant is clear and quite thick. It is essentially the same lube you get with the Tenga eggs, except that this lube is already in the cup.

When the cap is popped off, you're looking at a shallow hole encircled by 2 ridges. This surface is soft, smooth and squishy. About a 1/2" in the hole there is a foam pad that holds the lubricant and blocks the hole. This gets pushed in easily when you first insert yourself.

The material has a very realistic feel and several different internal textures. Here is an image from the Tenga site depicting the internal texture:

This diagram left me wanting more and in an attempt to see if we could clean the cup, we ended up pulling the whole thing apart. I've posted pictures of our dissection for those interested in the personal comments section of this review.

There is a hole at the top of the cup that can be covered with a finger to increase the suction during use. Note: Do not forget to remove the silver sticker that covers the hole before using.
    • Plush
    • Strong odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The US Tenga cups are the "Ultra Size" series. The US soft tube has exactly the same shape and design as the standard soft tube, but it's larger.

It can fully accommodate 7 1/4" of length. But it will also be great for men looking for an extra good suction.

Blocking the hole does give a great sucking sensation but it also gets quite noisy. It will make lots of slurping and gulping sounds so keep that in mind if discretion is of the essence. When the hole is left unblocked, a light in and out wind sound can be heard.

While browsing the Tenga website, I came across a sort of virtual fitting room where you can input your measurements and preferences and have them generate the best top 3 cups for you to try. While the analysis loads, they provide a "tenga tip" or fun fact about their products. I've listed a few examples that I found interesting at the bottom of my review. Using this fit calculator, I discovered that the US cups were recommended for men larger than 4 1/2" in girth or longer than 6 1/8" in length.

This was the Goldicocks cup for my partner! He is just above the average and this cup fit him just right. He still had some room, so above average users will find this a comfortable fit as well.

Once the outer wrapper has been removed, the soft tube cup looks like a lotion bottle of some sort. The wrapper is not entirely discreet but this plain white bottle will never be looked upon as a sex toy to any snooping eyes.

The cup stands 7 1/4" tall and 9 1/2" around the base. The cap pops on and off and stays on well unless you give it a light squeeze at the base of the cup near the cap. Squeezing anywhere else on the rest of the cup will not cause the cap to pop off. I fear that it would be all too easy to squeeze this part when travelling with an unwrapped cup in your bag. Since there is a hefty amount of lube in the cup, it could cause quite a mess. For that reason, it would be wise to only pack one with its wrapper intact.
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

There is absolutely no maintenance for this product. You just unwrap, use and toss it when you've finished. The Tenga cups are considered plastic products that may or may not be recyclable depending on where you live.

TPE is a porous material that cannot be sanitized. The cup is meant to be used without a condom to enjoy its full stimulatory capabilities. As such, not only is it ill-advised to re-use them but definitely a bad idea to share.

The material is compatible with water based or silicone based lubricants. However, it comes pre-lubricated, with no shortage at that.

Normally TPE can be cleaned with soap and water or toy cleaner. In an effort to clean out the cup, we had to pull the entire thing apart. In order to be sure the cup is clean and reusable, you'd have to do the same. I'd advise to throw it out and getting a new one instead.
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean


The Tenga cup comes shrink wrapped in a red and silver striped plastic. This is very easily removed by pulling the designated tab at the base.

This wrapper is not exactly discreet. The front of the cup says "New Adult Concept", "Be positive, be smart, be free to maximize your sexual life". The back says "Handle yourself freely" and has diagrammed instructions for use, along with an "over 18" symbol at the bottom. The instructions are uncomplicated and easy to follow. Which is good because most of the writing is in japanese.

However, at a quick glance, it is still relatively discreet.

The white plastic bottle under the wrapper is incredibly discreet, yet less than optimal for traveling with unwrapped.

Any of the Tenga cups would make for a great gift. They are sophisticated and a nice special something.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Here's where I'd like to share our Tenga cup autopsy. Feel free to scroll over this section if it doesn't interest you. There are lots of photos, each with its own description below it.

The cup is airtight so there is a small slice in the smooth pad that allows air to escape when you enter the cup.

There is a pocket under the surface of the smooth pad that holds the lubricated sponge.

In the picture below, the sponge has been removed and the smooth pad has been stretched out to reveal the hole. The material is very soft and flexible.

There is a plastic ring that holds down these flimsy edges and keeps the whole thing together.

The following photo demonstrates how the inner sleeve is wrapped snugly in a large piece of foam.

The inner sleeve is removed from the cup. The flat edges on either side are used to anchor it in the folds of the foam so that the sleeve stays in place.

Here is where we get to the good stuff. The sleeve has been turned inside out to reveal intricate internal textures. At the entrance, there are a few small, contiguous ribs, followed by a series of rows of nubs. Each row either points up, down or straight out. Tenga refers to this section as the "brushing zone" that is supposed to induce a twisting sensation. My partner felt good but not twisted. A little deeper are 3 larger, more spaced out ribs. Next is another series of nubs. These nubs are larger and all point straight out. Near the tip are spikes with a large nub at the very tip.

The components of the cup have all been disassembled and laid out in this last photo. Notice the foam donut-shaped ring in the bottom centre. This ring holds the lubricant and distributes it to the shaft. The small circle of foam hold lube as well, but gets pushed up into the cup the first time you enter it. This piece will also dispense lube inside the cup as it moves up toward the end.


This was my partners first experience with a Tenga cup and it was a good one!

He had never used a toy in his solo time and was a little uneasy about the idea. So I used this on him and he is now on board with toys for solo play. I greatly enjoyed using this on him, discovering the features of the cup and what he did or didn't like. I would do it again too.

My partner was distracted by the sounds that were made when the hole was covered. That was not a problem though, because he wasn't a big fan of the suction. Other than that, he had no qualms about this toy.

Because he is not circumcised, the sensations were stifled a little. I held him at his base so he would be able to fully appreciate the inner textures. I was glad that he didn't have much use for the hole at the top, as I had to use one hand to hold and squeeze the cup and the other hand to hold him. This worked well while going slow. Then when speeding up a little at the end, I let go so that it wasn't too intense for him. All in all, he was left very satisfied.

In our dissection venture, we did manage to clean the cup well enough to be able to reuse it. Although this isn't something we will keep doing as it is a rather tedious process to ensure that its all cleaned out. It is also a porous material and not very resilient either. But it was nice that he was able to use it on his own once.

This time, he put on a simple silicone cock ring, lubed up both himself and inside the cup and went to town. The cock ring had the same effect as my hand had holding the base of his shaft but without the bulk of my hand in the way. This allowed him to use just one hand on the cup and sit back and enjoy. We highly recommend to all uncut Tenga cup users to pair a cock ring with their cup. Those who enjoy the vacuum suction will then be able to cover the hole with one hand and use the other to maneuver the cup.

While using the cup the second time on his own, he mentioned to me that the foam that originally held the lube popped out and stuck to his shaft. He removed it altogether but this ruined the cups integrity. The sensations weren't as strong and the cups hole could not hold its shape while thrusting. He had to stop and tuck the foam back in. He now understands that every piece has its purpose and not to mess with this great design.

We will surely be getting more of these cups in the future, and maybe even another US soft tube. These make great stepping stones to work up to the coveted Tenga flip hole, which he now wants even more.

As promised, here are a few Tenga Tips that popped up in Tenga's fitting room:

"If you stack 500ml bottles filled with all the lotion the Tenga cups use in a year, it'll be 51 times taller than the Tokyo Tower."
"The Tenga cups are now being used in medical situations to aid rehabilitation for ejaculatory disorders."
"If you pile up all the tengas that are sold in a year, it'll be enough to create 85 Mount Fujis."
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