Fleshlight STU mouth - blow job imitator by Fleshlight - review by Gary

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If you are considering the purchase of a masturbation sleeve, you will obviously be looking at and considering the Fleshlight. It is after all the #1 selling male sex toy, and everyone has heard of it. If you are looking for a great masturbator, you have to pick up a Fleshlight. I cannot praise it enough!
Feels amazing, has it's own storage case, replacement & interchangeable parts available.
Only water can be used for regular cleaning.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Using the Fleshlight is extremely easy. Here is my perfect formula for success: Fleshlight + Lube = Awesome!!! You will definitely need to have some lube on hand when you use this toy. You will need to lube up the entrance, the inside of the 'tube' or 'sleeve', and also yourself. It doesn't hurt to use a little more lube than you need to, it will add to the pleasure and the sound effects.

You will most likely need to hold onto this toy during use. Although, there are now special pieces of furniture available to hold your Fleshlight during use. There have also been numerous stories of guys placing the Fleshlight in between mattresses, couch cushions, pillows, and even inside a shoe to keep it stationary while they thrust into it. It's small enough to be versatile if you get some ideas for placement.

Material / Texture

The Fleshlight is made out a material called 'Superskin' this is a secret formula created by Fleshlight. It is very similar to Cyberskin. It does not really have a smell or taste. The Superskin is a velvety, soft, rubbery skin-like material, that does feel very realistic when in use. According to the property listing it is non-allergenic, latex free, and retains heat well.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The shape of the outer casing, is that of a giant over-sized flashlight. It does not look like a real flashlight, and I really don't think this look was meant to disguise it. While it maybe be significantly larger than your average flashlight, it is not really that big and should be easy enough to store discretely if necessary. The flashlight design however, is perfect for the use, storage, assembly (removable sleeves), and suction features of the Fleshlight.

The entire Fleshlight is actually made up of 4 pieces: The top cap on the large end (where the light would be on a flashlight), the body and main piece of the outer case, the bottom cap (where you put batteries in a flashlight), and of course the 'sleeve' insert. The bottom cap of the Fleshlight is designed to add / reduce suction while you use it. If you screw the cap the whole way shut, it creates suction. If you screw the cap open (or off) the whole way, there is no suction. It is easy enough to alter and adjust this, to achieve various degrees of suction, while you are using it.

Ok, now seriously... unless you are Blackzilla (who just might be too large... I am just guessing), the Fleshlight is perfect for anyone that has a penis. Whether you are new to sex toys, or if you have a whole floor of your house devoted to your sex toy collection, it's something that should be enjoyable for everyone.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Fleshlight is pretty easy, especially since you are really limited as to how you can take care of it. First and for most, you can only use water based lube with your Fleshlight. You can only use warm water to clean your Fleshlight sleeve, you cannot use soap or toy cleaner. I do use soap on the plastic case, but you get the point here, the sleeve itself is very sensitive.

After your Fleshlight has been cleaned, you have to let it thoroughly dry before you put it away. If do not, you can end up with mold and weird smells, and no one wants that! Once the FL is cleaned and dried you can put it back in its sleeve, put the caps on, and place it in storage (preferably somewhere cool and dark).

If you notice that your FL is starting to get a little sticky or tacky, you can dust it with cornstarch (not talc or baby powder!). Also, if you occasionally find that you need a little more than warm water when cleaning, it is ok to use a little bot of isopropyl alcohol.


The Fleshlight is basically its own case. When I first got it, it was packaged inside a thick sealed plastic bag, that was inside a perfectly sized cardboard box. It came with a single serving sampler of ID Glide lube, and color pamphlet of other Fleshlight products. I later got to review a replacement sleeve and it came in one of those really cool looking cylindrical metal containers (picture the containers that a fancy bottle scotch comes in). I am pretty sure this what all of the FL products now come packaged inside. A touch of class :)

Personal comments

For some additional personal comments (comparing the Fleshlight to Black Sabbath), and to see the silly comic strip that I made for this review, please take a look at my bloggy blog! :)
Follow-up commentary
I know I just submitted my review, but I've had this Fleshlight for 7 or 8 months now. It's great! I don't use it everyday, but I would say I've been averaging about 4-6 used a month. It is still in pretty much the same condition as when I first got it. I know this might sound a little funny, but I've often thought about how if this sleeve would only wear out a little quicker, I could justify ordering a new replacement sleeve to check out some of the different designs and textures. What a terrible problem to have, it is lasting too long. HA! Go buy one! Go buy five!
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  • Victoria
    But! Was it better than a blowjob? Or sex? You didn't mention that....
  • Liz2
    My b/f overall is not great on toy cleaning in general. Since just water is used, approx how long do you let the water run through it? I am not compulsive, but with a closed sleeve, you can't see anything.
    I speak from a girl's perspective but I get UTI's all too easily but I guess guys don't as often as us. Anyway, I am very much of a obsessive toy cleaner.
    I did get my b/f the Tenga flip hole which totally opens up for cleaning.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Since his wife is asking the question, there's probably only one answer that is going to keep him from spending time on the couch...Big smile
  • Jimbo Jones
    Sorry, Liz, I meant that comment about Victoria's comment.
  • Saraid
    You didn't find it overstimulating? I'm thinking of getting one of these for my boyfriend (the pussy version), but want more feedback first. Also, he's uncut, but I'm not sure if that would make any difference for a toy like this.
  • ......
    At first I thought it was a bit strange that you did your follow up the next day. But I'm glad to know that you've had it for so long and it's still working great.

    Thanks for the great review Gary!
  • Sammi
    Lol - Jimbo, I think you're right about that! :-D

    Love the Black Sabbath comparison too.
  • Gary
    Victoria: No it's not better than sex... but it is really good Smile
  • Gary
    Liz2: Yeah I am pretty obsessive about cleaning as well. I normally rinse it with warm water for 30-60, with water running into the mouth. I then switch for another 30-60 seconds running water through the back end of the sleeve or tube. At this point it normally seems clean as I use my finger to rub around inside the sleeve. Once I am sure everything is clear and it is clean I will then run hot water (which is not really recommended, but I've been doing it for months) through the mouth again for another 30-60 seconds.

    As for the Fliphole, I have one also and it is great. It is very different then the Fleshlight as far as sensation goes, but I would also say that it is equally good. And yes, cleaning the Fliphole is a such a breeze. I do find myself grabbing the Fleshlight more often than the Fliphole. I like them both equally, but I guess there is something more comfortable (for me at elast) about using the Fleshlight... I am not really sure why though.
  • Gary
    Jimbo: Good call... but seriously I never really looked at it as a substitute or replacement. It is really cool as an every now and then kind of thing (for me), adding an element of variety... but I am well cared for Smile
  • Gary
    Saraid: The stimulation all depends on how you use it. Like for my own personal use, what feels the best is not necessarily what is going to 'work' the fastest. That being said, if I used a ton of lube and aimed for getting off as quick as possible, it could be extremely fast.
  • Gary
    Newme21: Thanks! Yeah I've been meaning to write a review for this for a long time. After I submitted it and saw the follow-up option, I was just like - you know what... this thing has held up really well, and I don't need to wait another 2 months after already using it for 8 months to find that out. So I figured I would just share that too.
  • Gary
    Sammi: Thanks... and yes both of them do truly kick much ass!
  • spiced
    Thanks for the review--I wish they hadn't discontinued this one.
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