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One Among Many

California Exotics Wireless Ring of Passion is a stretchy, vibrating cock ring made of TPR material. It does little to set itself apart from the competition. It has a simple bullet vibe that when put in place, is mounted horizontally. It has small ridges on the clitoral stimulation area and small "fingers" to stimulate the vulva. It doesn't cost that much so it isn't a bad way to try out the stretchy cock ring category.
Inexpensive, simple, some ejaculation delay.
One product among many, doesn't align well to the clitoris.
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There are many, many toys available in the stretchy, vibrating cock ring category. What is going to set one apart from the many others? Some things to look for might be material, vibrating attributes, alignment, and extra features. Well, California Exotics' Wireless Ring of Passion is made of TPR, includes a wireless bullet vibrator that is powered by three watch batteries and is mounted horizontally in the toy and has ridges on the clitoral portion and “fingers” on the ring to help stimulate whoever is on the receiving end of it. All of this adds up to a toy that is decent in the stretchy, vibrating cock ring arena, but not really a stand out.

Material / Texture

The Wireless Ring of Passion is made out of Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR). This material choice is one of the better choices in the stretchy, vibrating cock ring realm. It is certainly better than jelly because at least one has some idea what it is in TPR whereas jelly is just a mystery material. It is also better than TPR silicone because not having silicone ingredients makes it safe to use with a wider range of lubricants, including silicone lubes.

The stretchiness makes this ring easy to get on, but also keeps it from being able to work quite as well for maintaining and erection and delaying ejaculation, but it is okay. Since TPR is nice and soft, there is less chance that the ring is going to be uncomfortable for either participant, but the softness also keeps the material from transmitting the vibrations well into the ridges and “fingers”.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Wireless Ring of Passion has a pretty generic shape. The blue TPR is molded into a ring with “fingers” protruding toward the receiver while the attached clitoral stimulator is molded with ridges running up the front of the surface. This shape might promise a little more stimulation than an average, smooth cock ring, but it doesn't really deliver a lot of extra stimulation. The horizontal alignment of the vibrator isn't really conducive to lining the bullet up with a partner's clitoris, so it ends up getting in the way more than helping. It is stretchy enough to get in place easily and should fit fine on most guys.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet in the Wireless ring of passion is a simple, single speed wireless bullet with no variations in vibration unless you include getting softer as the batteries wear out. That was a problem during use as one set of batteries did not last a full session. Luckily, two sets are provided and since they come packaged as three batteries wrapped in plastic with the ends open, it is easy to swap out for the next set. It was surprising how quickly the first set ran out, but maybe it was just a fluke. The control is a simple push button for off/on, which is pretty common.

Care and Maintenance

The TPR of the Wireless Ring of Passion is easy to maintain. Soap and hot water is the simplest way to clean, but toy cleaners work well too. It can't be sterilized, so sharing with multiple partners would not be adhering to a safer sex mentality. The bullet is supposed to be waterproof, but it doesn't seem to have the large o-ring that other bullets use to maintain their interior liquid free, so submerging it for long periods is probably not a great idea.


Packaging is pretty basic for the Wireless Ring of Passion. It comes encased in a sealed plastic bag within a cardboard exterior that is useful for display at a retail venue. The imaging on the outside of the packaging isn't too disturbing as it shows a couple, but it is only from the waist up so it isn't pornographic or anything. Pretty normal for this price point.


The Wireless Ring of Passion is certainly not our first foray into stretchy, vibrating cock rings. It doesn't really have a lot that help it to stand out, though. It worked decently for strengthening and maintenance of my erection, but there are certainly better toys available for that.

The ridges and “fingers” were lost on my partner. She didn't really appreciate how the bullet was aligned as it didn't allow as direct contact on her clitoris as she would like. We tried it in a few different positions before the first set of batteries ran out. This is the first time that we have outlasted a set of batteries in one session, but we have to think that it was probably just a bad set. After a while, we just took the bullet out of the toy and used it manually on her while we continued to have intercourse as the Wireless Ring of Passion just wasn't helping her to get to the big finish as it was.
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