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One Ring to Rule Them All...!

The Master Ring is an excellent cock ring for the more experienced user. The heft of the ring combined with the erection strengthening and cock enlargement make wearing this a great experience. Not to mention extended orgasms!
Beautifully Crafted
Great Heft and Feel
Super Easy to Clean and Maintain
Must be measured for accurately
Slight learning curve - may not be suitable for beginners
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The Master ring in brushed finish by GearEssentials is a beautifully crafted cock ring. A cock ring is a ring worn around the penis and testicles (or penis alone or testicles alone; these are different applications which we will not address in this review). The ring in place helps to slow the flow of blood from your hard on keeping you up longer and giving you a stronger erection. This can be very helpful especially to men whose erections do not last as long as they want and don't have the turgidity that they once had. Regardless, use of a cock ring will do a great job of presenting your erect cock and balls; my wife said it made my dick look "bold"! Use of a ring can also increase the length of your orgasm(!). Stainless steel can be heated or cooled safely if that is something you are interested in.

Measurement for size is very important for a metal cock ring. A ring that is too tight will restrict the blood flow completely. This can result in permanent damage being done to your stuff and no one wants that. To accurately measure for size you can take a string or a fabric tape measure and measure the distance around your (erect) cock and balls. Put pressure snugly on the string or tape but without being too constricting. This is the circumference; dividing this number by 3.14 will give you the proper diameter ring to use. If you are in between sizes it is best to go up to the next size. I used a 2" ring and it was nice and snug without cutting off too much circulation. Obviously, if it is painful remove the ring at once and get a larger size.

There are MANY web sites with instructions on what a cock ring is and how it works; how to put it on and for how long should it be worn. A cock ring in metal is probably not the best choice for a first timer. They can be more tricky to put on than a stretchy ring or even a silicone ring. There is, obviously, no give with a metal ring. From my web research and practical experience I can offer the following advice on how to put one on and how long to wear it. The cock ring is easier to put on and take off if your pubic area is shaved or trimmed. Hairs getting caught are NO fun. Donning a cock ring is easiest if your penis is completely flaccid and may well be difficult to impossible with any significant amount of erection. A small amount of lube applied to the ring and also to the scrotum is very helpful. The order of insertion in the ring is testicle, testicle, penis. Pass one ball through the ring; simple enough, right? Here is where things get more complicated - most directions at this point instruct you to pass your other testicle through the ring. This CAN be done, but I found it was much easier to do this if you first pulled all slack scrotal skin through the ring first, then allow the second testicle to "fall into" its sack. This is easier to do than it is to describe. Finally slip the head of the penis through the ring and gently pull your cock through. Voila!! Adjust to fit comfortably around your balls and cock and you are ready for action. The GearEssentials blog on their website has these directions and these guys know their business! Here is the link: Put It On! Taking off a ring when you are finished is the reverse. Flaccid penis, one ball , two ball (red ball, blue ball - no, wait, that was fish wasn't it?).

There are different schools of thought on the length of time one should wear a cock ring. Certainly an erection lasting four or more hours would probably require a trip to the ER (Isn't that what the drug commercials say?). The conventional wisdom is that a cock ring should be worn for no longer than 30 minutes and that a beginner may want to start at 15 minutes. Again, obviously, there should be no pain associated with wearing a ring - take it off right away if there is. Numbness, unusual tingling, coldness, or your cock turning white are also indications that the ring should come off. If you are erect and cannot take it off but NEED it off, please go at once to your local ER. They will laugh at you behind your back (maybe to your face), but this is better than losing your schwang. These situations do occur, but far and away cock rings are used and enjoyed by thousands of men safely every day, please don't be scared off. Just be sensible and careful. See the "Experience" section of this review to get my personal take on length of wear.
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    • Can be worn during intercourse
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The Master cock ring is a beautiful, massive chunk of cock grabbing metal. The GearEssentials product page (Master) says that the ring is constructed out of solid stainless steel. It is smooth, cool and hefty in the hand. Stainless steel is one of the safest materials for toy construction, getting the highest safety rating on the Eden Fantasys scale, a perfect 10. There is no smell or taste whatsoever. Stainless steel is hypo allergenic, latex free (duh!), and has no funky phthalates or other chemicals. It is completely non porous. The brushed metal texture has all of the smoothness and brightness of finely polished metal without the mirror shine. I love the look and feel of this and the heft is impressive!



The Master ring is waterproof and can be used in tub, shower, lake or wherever there is water or steam. Stainless steel toys can be used safely with any lube you want - silicone, water based, oil, Vaseline, saliva - anything slippery is going to be loved by this toy. Just pick your fave and have at it. Simple, huh? I LOVE this material. With proper care this would last a looooooooooong time.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The ring is wonderfully crafted; the finish is perfectly smooth with no seam, or tool marks or anything else to detract from its elegance. The finished is brushed metal, which has plenty of smoothness but not a mirror shine. I imagine this would help hide any small scratches you might get on it. The edges are all rounded smooth - there is nothing remotely sharp or "edgy" about the Master ring. The outer bevels are similar, but the inside has two different degrees of bevel. I usually put the slightly larger bevel toward my abdomen side just to make it an easier, more comfortable fit. You may like it reversed. Due to the precision machining involved in the crafting of these rings the dimensions are accurate. My 2" ring measured precisely 2" (inside diameter). The overall diameter was 2 3/4" giving the ring a thickness of 3/8". The height of the ring is 9/16", slightly over a half inch. I have only one of these but I would be willing to bet that any one of a thousand of these would have the same dimensions to within 0.05". On my baker's scale it weighed 7 1/2 oz (215 grams), the GearEssential website claims 8.05 ounces (228.21 grams) and the EF website says 12 ounces(?). I believe GearEssentials on this one.

When measured to fit and properly worn and seated the ring is very comfortable to wear. There is no amount of stretch, give, play or anything like that at all. With just a little practice and by following suggestions it is not difficult to put on and remove, but there is a slight learning curve.

This is a very discreet toy, in my opinion. If you know what a cock ring is, then it is very obvious. If you are unfamiliar with these toys then this is just a cool shiny hunk o' metal! It would travel very well, in pocket, purse or bag. I'm not certain, but I would guess that this would set off metal detectors, so don't wear it for jury duty.
    • Can fit over both shaft and testicles
    • Fitted - must measure before purchase

Care and Maintenance

Care of the Master ring could not be simpler. Stainless steel can be bleached, boiled, autoclaved, irradiated, put in the dishwasher, soapy hot water - almost anything you could want to clean this with. Here is the Eden Fantasys materials page regarding stainless steel - Stainless Steel. Since it can be sterilized it can be shared with partners, playmates or others. The Master ring came shipped in a black "velveteen" fabric drawstring bag, which is perfect to store the ring in. I simply don't own a toy that is less demanding in its care and storage.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


As stated previously, the Master ring shipped in a black fabric drawstring bag. This is perfect to store it in, but anything would work. I've kept the bag. No instructions for use were included, which is too bad as this toy does have some requirements for safe use and I needed some help figuring out how to put it on. The GearEssentials website was very helpful.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal


For me this is the most important part of a review, how did the thing work for ya? This is my second cock ring, so I am by no means an "expert". My first ring was a silicone ring that worked very well for me in both fit and function. This was a leap into uncharted territory for me and my wife. My first use of this was as a solo venture. I used a high quality silicone lubricant and struggled to get the ring on. It was difficult to get both my balls through the first time using this, partially because it didn't have the give of silicone or stretchy material, partly because of my slight nervousness and partly because of not following the directions given suggesting pulling the scrotum through before ball number two. Once my balls were through the ring it was easy to pull my cock through by the head and seat the ring comfortably. My measurements were a good fit as the ring felt snug around my balls and cock. I worked up a good erection and was pleasantly surprised by how large the ring made me look. My erection felt stronger and it looked like my dick was actually bigger. Not 30% bigger or anything, but noticeable. The weight of the ring felt good around my genitals. For the sake of reporting completeness (ahem...) I brought myself to orgasm. It was really cool! My orgasm was prolonged in time. This was a completely new sensation to me. Instead of the normal few good pumps and done, my ejaculation seemed to be more continuous, flowing up and down for longer than usual.

*PLEASE NOTE: The following is my experience ONLY! Use your discretion and common sense!!*

In between the first and subsequent use of the ring I did some internet research on the topic of rings and length of wear, etc. I found that many men wear rings for an extended period of time and that use for hours on end was not uncommon. This was, of course, for a non-erect penis and with the understanding that you have no pain or any of the previously mentioned "symptoms" that would indicate removal of the ring. I put the ring on and wore it around the house for several hours. The feeling of the weight on my cock and balls was very stimulating. Several times over the course of the time I got erections, but these faded again, although slowly. The "secret" of doing this around the house gave me a very exciting, naughty feeling! At the end of two hours I went up for some wild monkey love with my wife. Although afraid of the ring at first she said it made my cock look "bold" and bigger. She liked the way the metal ring lifted and presented my cock in a way no flexible ring could. It made me stand way up! Making love to her was great as usual and she said that she couldn't feel the ring, but I could. When I came it just seemed to go on and on and on. It was really great. It took a bit longer for me to lose my erection because of the action of the ring, but when I finally became flaccid the ring was very easy to remove. All in all this was a great experience and I look forward to adding this to our lovemaking on a regular basis.
Follow-up commentary
The more I use this ring, the easier it becomes to put it on and take it off, and the more I like it. I've worn it out a couple of times, and I love the feel of the weight of it tugging on my balls when I'm shopping at the grocer's. So very naughty! My wife loves what it does for my hard on when I wear it - it really adds some majesty to my member.
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