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What really makes these rings stand out is the opportunity for many different types of uses. With an open mind and a good imagination (which I'm sure you all have), they can be combined any number of ways or just used one at a time and still be satisfying. If you're inventive then they're definitely worth trying.
Number of rings, The "big one", Nice fitting, Many different uses.
Individual rings not too different, Only big one stands out as special.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
One of the most exciting things for me in finding out I was getting Rings, Rings, Rings! was just that, multiple toys all in one package, and who doesn't like more. Better yet was that not only did they all have different bumps and nobs but there was also a large one with beads. Needless to say, as soon as we were able, my girlfriend and I made it a point to try every single one out. In doing this, though, we found one of the only real flaws with them; the differences between the small rings is only in the way they look. We used each of them during sex and the only time either of us could tell that we had changed rings was from the small to the big beaded one. That isn't to imply that they didn't serve their intended purpose, on the contrary, just using one of these guys was more than enough to satisfy. This is especially true for the big one, which I could easily see being sold completely on its own.

The only only other real experience I've had with penis rings was with the Silicone beaded matador which I reviewed a little while back. These rings however were much different than the matador. They are incredibly stretchy and, during sex, the bumps still allow for a full deep penetration. The big one is especially nice in that it adds a noticeable increase in girth at the very base of my penis, which she really enjoys. When it comes to fitting, none of them are especially tight but really nice and snug (unless turned inside out but I'll get into that in a bit) Basically all of them make decent cock rings; they add a little girth and stimulation and increase erection strength decently which also made me more sensitive. That there are so many is what really makes this toy stand out.

I could go on for a while about the many different ways my girlfriend and I used all the different rings after but I'm not writing an essay, so I'll list a few favorites instead. First off, and less successful, was multiple rings at once during sex. Two were more than fine, and really enjoyed by us both, however when we tried 3+ it felt awkward for her having them that deep inside and all 7 was a definite no. Lets just say that they don't stay put too well near the tip and having one MIA is a bit of a mood kill. Other than sex, my girlfriend tried getting them lubricated and using them on me for masturbation which felt great (again especially for the big one). We also tried turning them inside out so the bumps rubbed me instead during sex. The only difference I felt in doing that was they became much tighter, which was nice for a short bit until they started to hurt. Also, when turned inside out, I still felt no difference between the individual smaller rings. One of my favorites was the big one on me as a masturbator, and a small one holding a vibrating egg around my balls. These are just a few of the ways we've tried or thought about trying them.

On their own, I would probably give an average rating of 3 stars but because there are 6 plus the big beaded one, you get a great value in quantity and the ability to try them in different ways. As for material and cleaning, they wash up easily with soap and water and work fine with silicone lubricant. The packaging advertises the beads for the large "enhancer" as being metal, which isn't true, you can squeeze them out the center of the ring and they are definitely plastic. Though I really don't think it makes a difference, when we used the big one during sex there was no way either of us could tell what the beads were made from. Other than the possibility of falling off during sex, when all 7 are on at once (which I don't recommend) I have no safety problems with them. As a bit of a strange note on their properties, for whatever reason, when we first opened them up they smelled heavily of vanilla, which was actually kind of nice, now however they lost that scent and smell faintly of rubber which isn't at all a problem. To conclude, they are not phenomenal but the vast amount of opportunities allowed by having so many make them worth it. As an end note, if anyone tries them out and comes up a favorite way of using them, I'd love to know, so feel free to leave me a message with your ideas.
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  • Perish
    Do these get dirty easy?

    NIce review!
  • happy cookie
    Just due to thier material they like to attract dust and dirt but no where near as bad as other silicone toys I have, plus cleaning is really easy. For most toys I own that tend to get dirty easily I store them in zip lock bags when not using them which works great in keeping them clean.

    also thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    What exactly is the material? Besides being pink, these look exactly the same as the Senso 6 Pack.
  • happy cookie
    The problem is that I'm not 100% sure of the material... the packaging didnt say anything nor does eden's site because it is not for sale yet. from the way it feels and comparing it to other toys i own, my best guess would be silicone but i wont even pretend to be an expert when it comes to material properties. I'll look around online elsewhere and let you know if i find anything.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Oh! That is quite the pickle. I didn't know you didn't have more information. Hmm.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    You could totally use these on fingers, vibes, or a guy's member!
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