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Keri Sable is tiny but will suckle the life right out of your penis! She is best suited for small to average sized men, because she can tear easily if you are too big or too rough. You have to lube her up, and allow her to be loud, but she beats a hand job any day!
Feels good, inexpensive, closed end creates suction.
Loud, sticky, tiny.
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Keri Sable is a tight little beaver that will stick to you like glue. Little being the key word. I know it may seem a little odd to have a female review a pocket pussy since in theory all the dicks I have are man made. All except my husbands, which is my favorite and that I gladly claim as MINE! So, this review is based on his experience fucking little Miss Keri, and my experiences watching and helping too.

Keri came to us in a box with a cover suitable for any adult video store. It pictures Keri herself, with all her naughty bits exposed. Being a guy, I thought hubby would be thrilled with the box, but even manly men prefer a little to be left to the imagination sometimes. The box proclaims extra suction chamber, which we would soon test out. Inside the box the actual toy comes in a little plastic bag.

When we took the bag out it looked like Keri was already wet and waiting for us to give her a go. Since this is our only Senso toy I have no others to compare it too, but I am guessing this is normal. As soon as she was out of the bag we realized it was not wetness, but stickiness with a texture that was similar to slime. The feel is most like that of the sticky hands that come in the quarter vending machines for kids. It does not leave a residue on the hands, but it does pick up lint and hair easily. Amazingly, there is no scent to Keri Sable at all. Good Girl!

After playing around for a little bit we were ready to give Keri Sable some loving. We used a liberal amount of Astroglide on my husbands cock and I even squirted some inside Keri to make sure every one had a comfortable penetration. We were a little worried because she is a tiny little thing. The entrance is designed at an angle, and the length varies from four to four and 1/2 inches. Her opening is frighteningly small and is smaller than the barrel of a ball point pen. Around her "vagina" is a set of somewhat realistic labia and some ridges that make up the rest of the business end of Keri Sable. These are for appearance only and add no feeling, just a little extra material to thicken up the sleeve. Penetration was tedious and took a few tries and adding even more lube to accomplish. If she could have screamed, I am sure she would have.

Finally, he had his rock hard penis deep in Keri Sable Pussy. He was just to much for her. Even though she stretches like a champ, she couldn't handle a length of nearly nine inches, though she seemed to take all the girth easily. There were about 2 inches nearing the base of his dick that she never got to experience. This might have been a good thing because when she touches hair, she grabs on and tends to like to pull it. There are textures from ribbing to rings with nubs on the inside. Since she is so soft these are not felt much at all during use but the suction from having a closed end is. After loudly slurping up my husbands dick he exploded inside Keri Sable. As crazy as it seems she must not have liked his cum, or there was too much for her, because she spit it right back out on him before he was even done prying her off his cock! How rude! I always guessed she would swallow not spit!

Washing this dirty girl can be quite a chore. It is impossible to turn it inside out to wash, so sticking your fingers inside with some antibacterial soap is about the only option. Wash her good with soap and warm water and pray she will drain. After knowing how messy she can be I suggest using a condom to make clean up easier and to keep from giving her a bad case of rotten crotch!
Using her is loud, so no jerking off in silence. Since a lot of lube is required with this toy, sloshing, slurping, and gurgling are easily heard. The tube being closed makes it worse as the suction breaks. If a sex toy can queef I am sure this one does! The suction is good with this toy according to my husband. It is a cross between head and vaginal sex. He says it is better than a hand job even with the stickiness. I take to long and tire out and his hands are rough. Using it he can not feel the texture on the inside of the toy.

The clear toy makes my husbands penis look bigger than it is. It seems to magnify it through the material, and it doesn't cover him entirely. This is a great ego boosting toy for your boy. It does show wear quickly. After the first use there was a little rip in her hole. After several uses she has an open split but is still usable because it is only in the opening. If anything it has made penetration easier. There are thinning sections on the shaft that resemble stretch marks where I am sure the toy will rip.

Using a condom is safer, and will make clean up easier, but it will eliminate what little sensation the textures produce. If it wasn't for the toy expelling cum back out on him, my husband would prefer to use this with out a condom. Even if you use a condom, the toy still has to be cleaned. Only water based lube can be used with Senso materials. We realize this toy is only good for a few months use, and that it is used maybe two or three times a month only. I have found that since it is not a long chamber, that soap covered fingers are easy to clean out the inside with, and that it can be stretched enough to rinse with running water. Getting the water to drain is a different story. The best method I have found is laying the toy on its side against a toothbrush holder or bottle for about an hour, then milking it. Yes, milk it. Hold the closed end, and pull down toward the opening to force out the remaining water.

This does help me give him a better hand job. He likes using it in the tub or shower more than he does on the bed. That is the only chance he has to use it with out me hearing it! The water acts like a lubricant with this material, and temporarily eliminates the sticky feeling. Though this toy is not his favorite masturbator, it has been a fun one. Even with it ripping and not being quite long enough it was still worth the price and the small size makes it easy to conceal for travel.
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