Leather cock ring with velcro closure by Spartacus - review by G.I.'s Girl

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Pretty Puny for Spartacus

This cock ring was basically impossible to use. It provided no opportunity to customize the fit, was difficult to put on and wear comfortably and the Velcro closure would not stay closed. Unless your penis and balls are the exact size to allow for a perfect fit (and I am not sure what size that would be), I don't think you will have much use for this cock ring.
Easy to remove.
Not adjustable, awkward size, closures come apart too easily.
Rating by reviewer:
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As beginner cock ring users, my husband and I chose this particular ring because of its material and design. We liked the idea of a leather ring for comfort, as well as the Velcro closure for both safety and the ability to adjust the size for the perfect fit. However the ring turned out to have some major design flaws such as the use of Velcro as the closure device, and the length and width of the ring itself, which all made it very difficult to put on keep on during use. The fit was very poor and not at all customizable. The Velcro closures were neither large enough to adjust the size nor strong enough to keep the strap securely closed around the cock and balls. So basically, as a cock ring, this product was not at all functional.

Material / Texture

This cock ring is made out of leather and uses a 3/4" piece of Velcro at the end as the closure. The leather is soft and smooth, but does have a seam running along the inside length. Also, because it is leather, the ring has little to no give and provides little opportunity to adjust the fit.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The only way to describe the fit of this cock ring was awkward. My husband is by no means overly large or small (about 5 1/4" in girth), but this ring seemed to be an odd in-between size. We found it to be too small to wear around the cock and balls, and too large to wear just around the penis.

The specifications provided for this product list the length as 6 1/4", mine however measured exactly at 6". Additionally, the description of this cock ring touts that Velcro closure, which measure about 3/4" on each end, provides for not only easy application and removal, but also for the opportunity to customize the fit.

In practice, my husband and I found this to be only somewhat true. The Velcro closure did make it easy to remove which would also be an additional safety feature. However, the cock ring was no easier to put on because of the Velcro, and because the length of the Velcro patches were so small, it really didn't allow the user to make the ring either significantly smaller or larger in order to achieve a better fit. In fact, even when the two pieces of Velcro were perfectly aligned the ring frequently popped off during use.

Another factor that contributes to the awkward fit is the width of the of this cock ring, which measures 1". The wider than usual width made it more difficult for my husband to put on and to wear comfortably.
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    Wow, this sounds like a really useless ring. Thanks for the honest review Smile
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    Sounds like this cock ring may not be too useful.
  • lamira
    Thanks for the review. It does look like a poorly made product.
  • illmakeit2012
    this is cheaply made accessory that would hurt your dick
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    Helpful review, thanks!
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    Great review, thanks. I think leather is always a bad idea for cock rings, really.
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    Nice review
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    glad i read your review - it looks like a good product at first blush
  • melissa1973
    Wow such a bummer from Spartacus. Thanks for the review. I will be passing this up.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    thanks for your review.
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