Bullfighter pump - penis pump by Cal Exotics - review by Two2Tango

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Pump for fun, not results.

Is worth a try. Have to be careful as it doesn't have a vacuum gauge on it. Will work better for some than others. And get a separate cock ring. The one that comes with it isn't very useful.
Large enough for a little room to grow.
Haven't seen anything substantial yet.
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Well, this is the other half of Two2Tango writing in. As the male counterpart, I felt this is one review I should write.

We received the package several weeks ago and were a little unsure as to what may come of this toy. With a name like Bullfighter Pump it would lead you to expect great things, but I was a bit less enthusiastic. Don't get me wrong here, I wouldn't mind one bit adding an inch to girth and\or length, but I wasn't convinced that this could do it for me. As I was saying about the packaging, after receiving it, we opened to find a simple smoky colored cylinder with a silicone seal at the base. The hand pump was securely attached to the hose which lead to the quick release valve and then to the cylinder.

After doing a little research on the use of pumps, as this came with no recommended use time to get results, I began my simple regiment. 15-20mins a day three times a weeks. Keep the pressure up enough to feel the pulling and tightness, but not so much that you are in bad pain. Well, after week 2 and not noticing hardly any difference, I decided to see just how much suction this could go. As this doesn't have a gauge on it I wouldn't recommend, but I wanted to know. About the time I started to feel a little more pain than normal, the silicone ring began to leak. Not sure if it was due to too much lube used (yea, you got to use a little lube to get in) or what, but I really didn't see much of a difference in those three weeks. Not giving up yet tho.

Clean-up is a breeze as I didn't use it for masturbation. Simply disconnect the hose from cylinder, then the silicone sleeve from cylinder and rinse only the cylinder and sleeve. Be careful not so suck up any liquid into the hose as it may shorten the life of the release valve and\or pump.

Will write back again in a month or two to do a follow-up.
And in case you are wondering about my size as to compare it to other that have used these items and gotten results, look at our other reviews. The wife doesn't like to get anything larger than me to play with, so if I want bigger toys for her, I have to get bigger first.

P.S. - No pink on this toy to love, except my penis after my routine. :0
Follow-up commentary
3 months down the road, and I'd have to say we're gonna give this item a rest. Never got any major increase, but not to say it might not work for someone else. Each man's penis can react differently to these types of things. If there was a product with a "make me huge" guarantee they would stay sold out, but no such thing exists because no one thing will work for all us guys. No complaints though. Would have liked to see 10" hanging between my legs, but hey, my 7 1/2" works pretty damn good. Have fun with it if you do decide to give it a try.
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  • Victoria
    Did it make you more sensitive? Did you ever use it right before sex? Thanks for the interesting review!
  • Two2Tango
    Yes, it did make for a bit more sensitivity during sex. But not much more than if you were to wear a cock ring or cock and ball strap. Still working with it and will be sure to post anything else that I find useful.
  • hey just wondering what size is the pump 1.5" or 2.5" ? any results yet ? hows the pupm holding out i just ordered 1. thanks
  • Two2Tango
    Pump has been holding out just fine, but still no major results, at least not lasting ones. It prolly has to do with each individual as to whether or not it will work well. Just for us hasnt made any huge changes. Would also recommend trying to find a gauge to go on the tube for safety, as too much vacuum can damage tisues and burst blood vessels. So have fun, and be careful.
  • got the pump works great better without the sleeve. good for the price,more than enough vacumme p:
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