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Pump, For My Love!

Using this pump added a bit of size and a fair amount of sensitivity, but it didn't blow us away. If you are expecting this pump to increase your penis size exponentially immediately, I think you're setting yourself up for disappointment. It made for fun play, and certainly increased sensitivity, but it didn't add inches in length or girth.
--Comfortable Grip
--Can Use Water or Silicone Lube
--Sturdy Construction
--Good Suction
--Not a Ton of Change in Size
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The Miracle Pump is a penis pump. A penis is placed inside the plastic cylinder, you pump the trigger and suction is created inside the tube. It can be used to make a penis erect, enlarge the penis or cause a temporary increase in sensitivity.

The logic behind using a penis pump is to increase the blood holding capacity of the Corpus Cavernosa by using a vacuum device to decrease the atmospheric pressure around it. The hope is to stretch these the areas where you are forcing more blood to collect than usual, creating small tears, and then continue your regimen of pumping and stretching before those small tears have a chance to heal. Over time, and a pumping schedule, you develop an increase in the size of your penis while it is erect. These gains in size are small, and may not be noticeable after the first few uses, but it is thought that repeated use over a long period of time will lead to a larger penis when erect. Everything I've read about penis pumps suggests that if you intend to actually start a penis enlarging campaign, most of the novelty pumps won't do the job. If you are truly interested in the long term plan of size increase, you may wish to spend your money on a high quality, and much more expensive, pump. This pump fall squarely within the novelty category, and it just a fun solo or couples toy that adds a new element to your sex life.

The cylinder is placed over a penis, do not place a pump over your testicles. It also has no effect on toys, only real life phallic toys! You should avoid using the pump for stretches of time over 30 minutes, to avoid too much damage to the sensitive tissue of the penis.

You can use this pump solo, or you can incorporate it into your play with a partner. Once a certain degree of suction is created, you can stop holding and it will support itself from the power of the suction, leaving you free to use your hand for other things. My husband reported that the feeling of the suction itself wasn't unpleasant, but certainly not pleasurable enough to be the main event.

After a bit of time with the pump, you may notice a small size increase and an increase in sensitivity. This pump isn't going to add inches to your length or girth. It is a fun toy to try, but don't expect miracles from the Miracle Pump.

The pump assembled without the sleeve:

The cylinder end with the sleeve on, view from the inside:

The cylinder end with the sleeve on, view from the outside
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    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

The cylinder of the pump is made of plastic, which rates an 8 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale. The plastic is quite thick, measuring 1/4". the diameter of the cylinder is 2 1/2", and it is 9 1/2" long. The plastic is smooth and shiny, with no texture. There is no drag when you slide your finger over it. There is slight flare at the end of the cylinder, to ensure it will be comfortable when it sits against your skin should you opt to use the pump without the sleeve.

The pistol grip trigger for the pump is also made of plastic. It is hard, inflexible, and textured to provide a solid grip. It is comfortable to hold, and feels sturdy. It fits nicely in both my hand and my husband's hand, and is easy to compress and release.

The sleeve which slides over the end of the cylinder is made of rubber, and the center opening measures just 1/2" in diameter. This helps to create a seal around your penis when it's inserted in the cylinder. Rubber rates only a 3 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale. Rubber is porous, and can not be disinfected. If that bothers you, you can bypass the sleeve and use the cylinder without it. The rubber has what I imagine is supposed to be a flesh tone coloring to it. It has a tacky, gummy feeling and is very stretchy. Surprisingly, there is only a slight, not unpleasant, odor to the rubber seal. But, it collects every bit of lint and strand of hair that comes within close proximity to it. It has held up nicely to multiple uses, and shows no discoloration or damage.

The only other piece to this pump is the clear, ribbed tube which connects the trigger to the cylinder. No where on the package or product page is it mentioned what this tube is made of. I'm assuming it is a type of rubber. It has a slight rubbery odor; it is a stronger smell than the cylinder sleeve. The tube is very flexible and doesn't get in the way or inhibit comfortable use. It attaches securely, and is more firm than the rubber sleeve. It is very easy to bend the tube, but you cannot squish it.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design of this pump is pretty straightforward, and very similar to the other pumps on the market. The cylinder will accommodate a wide range of users, and should work for nearly anyone. The trigger is easy and comfortable to use. My husband and I felt the grip was solid, and the pump action was even and effective. It provides easy suction whether you decide to use the sleeve or not. The end of the cylinder has a slight flare, to make it comfortable to hold against your sensitive areas.

I wouldn't call this toy discreet, as anyone who has seen the Austin Powers movie knows what a penis pump looks like. It looks like what it is, and there is really no fooling anyone. That being said, there is no reason to leave it out for others to see. If someone went digging through your things, you'd have a hard time convincing them it was anything other than what it is, and I wouldn't suggest taking it through airport security unless you're prepared to proudly tell them you're traveling with a penis pump.
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

The pumping action of the Miracle Pump seems functional and efficient. It creates a tight seal and the suction increases gradually but surely. The trigger handle in easy to use and well designed. The hose connects firmly and securely to the trigger and cylinder, and never became loose or disconnected, even while we moved the pump around or repositioned ourselves.

There is very little noise created by depressing the trigger, but there is some. I wouldn't worry about roommates hearing it, or it being heard through a closed door.

The Miracle Pump also has a quick release valve located at the top of the cylinder. If the suction or pressure becomes too intense, you can push the button to quickly release all of the built up suction. It does work well, and is fairly easy to press. It is in a convenient location if you need it, but we never pushed it accidentally, so it's a good design. As all parts of the cylinder are clear, you can see that pressing the button compressed a small spring. When you are no longer pressing the button, the spring pushing the release valve closed again. You can use the valve to release all of the pressure, or quickly squeeze it to just take a bit of the pressure off.

    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

The plastic portions of this toy can be cleaned with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. If you wish to sterilize the plastic parts, you can wipe them with isopropyl alcohol. Plastic is not a very reactive material, so storage is fairly simple. You can choose to store it in the original box, or simply place all of the parts in a plastic bag. You will need a fairly large bag, as the toy takes up a bit of space.

The rubber sleeve can be cleaned with soap and water as well, but it is porous and there is no way to sterilize it. Because it will collect bacteria, along with lint and hair, I would suggest storing the sleeve in its own plastic bag.

One of the perks of these materials is that they can be used with a wider range of lubes. You can choose to use your favorite water or silicone based lube with this pump. I do suggest using lube, as it will help create a better seal and enable you to place yourself in the sleeve more easily.
    • Easy to store


All of the pieces of the pump are packaged individually in plastic bags, which are then packaged in a cardboard box. The cardboard box isn't very sturdy, so I wouldn't suggest it for long term storage, but it is firm enough to hold up to a bit of wear.

The box has large color photos of a man using the pump, complete with full frontal shot, so it is far from discreet. There is no doubt whatsoever about what is inside the box, and anyone would be able to tell what is inside. Unless you're gifting it to someone who is expecting you to buy them a pump or would be excited about getting one, I wouldn't suggest it. There is nothing elegant or classy about the package.

There are no instructions on the package, or included inside. No pamphlet is packaged with the pump. You really have to figure it out on your own. Luckily, there isn't a whole lot of mystery to the toy. You put it together, you put it on a penis, and you pump the trigger.

    • Minimal
    • Not discreet


My husband has been interested in trying a pump for a long time. It seemed like a unique toy, unlike any of the other things in our collection. To surprise him this month, I got this one. It proved to be an interesting experiment.

The box states that this pump will cause erections, leading you to believe that if you have trouble getting hard, the Miracle pump will deliver the miracle of a hard on. In reality, it's nearly impossible to put a flaccid penis in the sleeve. You can place a flaccid penis in the cylinder if you use it alone. It does create a decent amount of suction, and does result in a harder erection. I can't speak to how that will work for someone with trouble getting an erection, as I'm not sure how much of the hard on was caused by the pump or the thought of the impending play.

Next, we tried putting his already erect penis in the cylinder while the sleeve was over the end. You do need to work a bit to push it through the rather small hole in the rubber. I understand why that is, as it creates a nice tight seal around the penis. It is much easier is you apply a liberal amount of lube. You should also apply lube where the toy meets your pubic area. If you have hair there, you might not get a tight seal. My husband shaved/trimmed to ensure a good seal, and it worked very well. After he was in the cylinder and all comfortably reclined, we started pumping. It was entertaining watching his penis swell in the tube each time we pulled the trigger, but there seemed to be an ebbing when the pump wasn't being depressed. The seal was tight, so it wasn't a leaking air issue. After many pumps, he declared that he'd reached the maximum pressure that he thought would be comfortable. The size difference gained was very minor, but there was an increase in sensitivity.

I'm not under the illusion that weeks of using the pump will give my husband a larger penis, as it's a fairly entry level item, intended more for novelty than for high end performance. It is what it is, a fun pump if you're curious and want to try one out.
Follow-up commentary
I wish there was an option to say, "I still like this the same amount" as that is what I would pick. It's a novelty item, so it's not fair to expect miracles out of it. It is certainly a fun little adventure, and it performs up to my expectations, but it isn't something that knocks our socks off.
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