Fleshlight girls Lia19 - masturbator by Fleshlight - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

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Quite simply, the finest range of sex toys for men - ever.

Amazing. The Fleshlight is to male masturbation what electricity must have been to indoor lighting. It's perfectly designed and flawlessly executed and for any man who finds himself having a sexual relationship with his own right hand, it's the answer you've been looking for. I LOVE IT!
Quite simply the best sex toy available for men.
It doesn't call you 'darling' and pour you a gin and tonic afterwards.
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They say size doesn't matter, but when it comes to masturbation sleeves, they're wrong. This is why the Fleshlight series of masturbation sleeves has been so wildly popular and basically set the standard for the competition. The Lia19 'special addition' Fleshlight is no exception to this rule.

The Lia19 is a long, cylinderical plastic container that looks like a flashlight (hence the name) or thermos. Made of pinkish white plastic, it probably wouldn't raise an eyebrow on a shelf in your living room or bathroom (another fact which has led to the popularity of this line of products.)

But unscrew the lid of the Lia19 and you'll be left under no illusions about what this product is. Inside, you'll find a plump, pink pussy perfectly molded from the pudenda of sexy cyber-babe Lia19.

The plastic pussy is made from medical-grade polymers, which are phthalate-free and spookily mimic real flesh. The podgy, firm flesh-like feel of Lia19's disembodied vagina meant my wife and I spent about five minutes just poking it, murmuring 'weeeiiiird!'

At the bottom of the hard plastic casing is a screw-lid, like the top. However, this isn't intended to be removed. It can be unscrewed or tightened to increase suction within the sleeve itself - something I experimented with shortly.

Playing about with Lia19's pussy, I followed the direction on how to remove it for cleaning. You can simply 'schlurp' the floppy pink lining out and clean with with warm, running water. A powdering with corn-powder (not talc) will soon have it back to it's smooth, seductive original condition and it can be returned to the hard plastic sleeve for later use.

Having used a variety of different masturbation sleeves in the past, the Fleshlight immediately impressed me. I could see it combined all of the best features of every sleeve.

Companies like Colt produce cheap 'one shot' sleeves with rigid plastic casing, which makes them easy to disguise and easy to grip and use (wrangling with a lubed-up flesh-like sleeve can be a bit like trying to hold a struggling fish.) However, they tend to be too short (the bane of masturbation sleeves) and the plastic rim of the sleeve often digs into the 'sensitive bits' (i.e. my balls) when you're thrusting deeply.

Fleshlight's plump pussy gives a firm, but squishy 'buffer bumper' so even on the deepest thrust, you feel nothing but Lia19's imaginary flesh.

All in all, Fleshlight Lia19 just appeared to be PERFECT. A well thought out, cleverly executed sex product that was perfect for its intended customer.
My first experience with the Fleshlight was when my wife had taken an early night. I stuck some Tera Patrick into the DVD player and opened up the little packet of lube that came supplied with the Fleshlight. It's water-based lube - VERY important not to use anything with oil or silicone to lube things up, otherwise your Fleshlight will not very a very happy sex toy at all!

Once I was hard, I pressed my lubed-up shaft against Lia19's disembodied labia and pushed... Oh, and it was HEAVENLY. The soft flesh swallowed me up and because the Fleshlight is long, I was able to go balls-deep effortlessly (every other sex sleeve - EVERY DAMN ONE - had previously seen me pop out of the end.)

By adjusting the cap at the end, I could alter the suction and that turned out to be great. With the cap open, I could 'fuck' the sleeve effortlessly and it felt almost exactly like a real vagina. With the cap closed, the Fleshlight gripped my shaft like a mouth. I didn't have QUITE enough lube to make that as pleasurable as it could have been, but by varying the suction, my dick got one hell of a work out.

The ability to thrust balls-deep inside the Flashlight was heavenly and when I came, it was powerful and intense. As men are programmed to do, I thrust inwards when I orgasm. Normally, I 'pop out' of the other side of a masturbation sleeve and come over whatever's nearby (my hand... the coffee table... the computer screen... the opposite wall.)

With Fleshlight, my entire cock was softly engulfed and it was heavenly when I came. The only thing that would be better would be real sex.

After I'd come, I sat there and just savoured the sensation. Eventually, I 'schlurped' my slick dick out. Touching the freshly-fucked hole, I was astonished at how realistic it felt when warm!

I followed the instructions to clean the lining, which was relatively simple, but time consuming. Then I reassembled Lia19, leaving the bottom cap off and the casing upturned to make sure it (she) dried out for the eagerly-anticipated repeat performance!
Follow-up commentary
Well, after a few repeat performances, my satisfaction with this wonderful product hasn't been dented!

I have noticed two things though - one GREAT and one not-so.

The GREAT thing... After twiddling that wonderful knob at the end, which controls the 'suction' of the fleshlight, I can report that I've found the 'sweet spot' that makes it feel amazing. The secret is plenty of lube, which makes the whole sensation of plunging into that plump pudenda absolutely delicious. What really tipped me over the edge, though, was finding this... I don't know how to describe it... This BIT, which strokes the head of my cock just as i plunge in as deeply as I can.

I point it out because when my wife's riding me, and we've got some really deep penetration going, I can thrust upwards, as deeply inside of her as it's possible to go, and I feel exactly the same blissful sensation.

In that respect, the Fleshlight really is as close to real sex as it's possible to get without buying dinner and some drinks first.

Secondly, the not-so great bit... Cleaning the Fleshlight is a breeze - talking the floppy pink lining out, you just run some hot water through it and Bob's your uncle. However, drying it is a different kettle of fish. If you return the sleeve to the hard plastic casing, before standing it on one end, you'll find a little puddle in the plastic cap of the Fleshlight the next time you crack it open.

The instructions tell you to let it dry before reassembling it - but I find it a little awkward to leave a rubbery plastic punani out for the world to see! What appealed to me about the Fleshlight was that it was discreet!

But ultimately, that's a small complaint. I still adore this product!
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  • Bulma
    I love the look of the Fleshlight "Girls" series. I bought a original stealth Fleshlight in ice for my husband, and I loved the feel of the superskin material. My husband's gripe was it was a little too loose, I bet this Lotus sleeve in the girls series would be much more pleasurable feeling that the original sleeve. The detailing is so amazing. I almost want to buy one and use with a strap on. lol
    Great read and very useful, thanks :)
  • Naughty Student
    Lol, awesome review it made me laugh.
    It is a very nice toy and just as Bulma said if I had a strap on I would probably f*ck it too. The fleshlight are awesome. It's a shame my man isn't into toys. Maybe this one would make him a changed man.

    Again, nice review!
  • how does it feel compared to the original fleshlight??
    I was extremely dissapoiten to the original and threw it away.
    The material didn't fell good and it gave no stimulation just slicky slide in.

    Is this any different? it looks better modelled on the picture thugh..
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    Hey Boye,

    I have to admit, I haven't tried any of the other fleshlights, but I do know their interior 'stimulations' differ. Lia19 was great - just stimulating enough (without being painful, like some of the Colt products.)

  • I'm in my seventies and I love to masturbate, been doing it for years 'n years. I worked in a sex shop at one time and tried everything available, including a blow up doll with open mouth. I always came but the 'object' took away from the satisfaction which always happened. This "Flesh light" sounds so appealing and the comments so positive I'm going to order one when my social security check comes next month. I'll definately give a thorough "report" on my experience. OWWW[http://WWW]... (wolf call)
  • wppf
    *sigh* I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed this product so much and I wish I could share your enthusiasm about the Fleshlight girls' series, but I simply cannot. Thrusting in as deeply as I can, led to no extra stimulation; at 4.5" (I think) long, there simply wasn't 'enough' to go around. I suppose I'm a rare case, with strange tastes. I didn't like the case or the fleshlight itself; it was simply too bulky for me. Its not discreet at all; the tin can is far too large to hide from a roommate, and the case of the fleshlight itself has a suspiciously alluring pearlescent shine to it. Poor planning on my part I guess.

    I was used to one of those floppy masturbation sleeves you mentioned near the beginning (Jessica Drake's Futorotic what-have-you), and I loved it. I liked being able to adjust the pressure and angle of the thing, and the texture! Oh my.

    Quite frankly, reading fleshlight reviews is just kind of depressing. I suppose I'm at a genetic disadvantage, but its still painful to the heart. Maybe I've done something wrong, but I feel like I wasted a good $80 that I could've spent to buy something more satisfying.
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    Hey wppf! Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, I have to admit I'm surprised by your experience. Personally, what I like about the Fleshlight is the depth and at about 5 inches or so, there's a 'something' in there which really hits the spot - almost exactly like a real vagina. But I guess that's my opinion.

    Before this, I used the Cyberskin Cyber Sex Buddy and I liked that a LOT, even though it was a floppy sleeve - but I still prefer this just because of the length. At climax, it's instinctive to thrust in as deeply as possible and with other sleeves, your cockhead 'pops' out the other side and gets NO stimulation when you need it most!

    But we're all different. Sorry you didn't enjoy your Fleshlight.
  • wppf
    Thanks for your response! So evidently, the Fleshligh is not really so bad. After some time, I've gotten used to using it, and now that my other, floppier toy is not in good condition, I haven't been able to put it down >_>

    It doesn't look like I enjoy it as much as most other folks, but it looks like I jumped the gun. I still don't know if its $80 of fun, but I did end up liking it ^_^
  • B8trDude
    With all of the 'schlurping' noises this creates, it sounds like it makes your slick dick sing. Sounds GREAT!
  • hoorah1784
    the flashligh is great, and great review
  • Lucky21
    Awesome review! Thanks!
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