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Ride her 'til she splits...

This pussy and ass are simple for use and easy to clean. This toy would be great for one or all...allowing you to have one on one time or great for two or more. Nice life like appearance, easy to lube and finger then penetrate. Great overall pussy for the price and while it has the potential to rip but lube well and you should be OK. Wishing that a silicone lube could be used for ultimate experience but Wet Gel seems to work just fine. Will purchase another one when this one rips in half.
Realistic feeling, ribbed & nubbed entries r great 4 stoking and easy clean up.
Potential to rip with rough use. Needs to be a little longer. Wish silicone lube could be used!!
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About two weeks ago I bought a simple Love Glove sleeve for my man...his first. This really seems to have increased his awareness to self-pleasure. While he was good at arousal and being able to cum...I think he was bored! Sleeves were simple and he wanted more realistic materials to handle himself with -- after he got a "taste".

The Cyberskin Pussy and Ass was the closest to looking like my pussy that I could find and at a great wasn't too much to invest in if by chance he ripped it---he is rather girthy. After washing and warming it up a bit; as I watched from a chair in the corner of bedroom, he placed the pussy on a towel, on the pillow which was resting on our king size bed. He put Wet Gel BodyGlide lube on his hard red cock and middle finger; then he poured a small pearl of the gel onto the lips and asshole of the toy--slipping his fingers in and out of the holes individually to properly lube for his entry. The toy is positioned for "missionary" entry which is just what he did. Slowly at first so as not to rip her open he thrust into this pussy and ass like his life depended on it. He was surprised at how it wrapped around his throbbing cock and felt quite real. If his cock were any bigger he would split her wide open but as for length-it was appropriate.

Material / Texture

This pussy and ass are made of Cyberskin,which is phthalates free and latex free(yea!!) but still relatively low on the Safety Scale at a Rating of 2. This material is compounded to mimic real skin but is extremely porous making it easy for bacteria to find a home, not to mention dust, hair and dirt. The toy is plush, squishy and realistic from both male and female points of view...while at room temperature a little too cold for his preference, it seems to warm up quickly if you soak it in a sink of hot water.

Use of water based lubricants is suggested as oil or silicone based lubes may cause damage to the toy. We prefer to use a gel lube like Wet Gel BodyGlide or AstroGlide, while I know he would prefer silicone because water based seems to get sticky and dry up faster - it's not worth it to ruin a new toy!

The smell of this toy is similar to a burnt match and after a few washings has seemed to cease a little bit. I think that after allowing this product to air out and some usage that the smell will disappear. There is no taste, that I could detect except the lubricant you use(yes, I may have licked the pussy as to turn on my husband and see what it was like!).

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

One of the reasons for making this purchase was the similarity in shape and size to my vagina and the Cyberskin Pussy and Ass delivered in this department. When this pussy came out of the package it was silky feeling and slightly sticky...he was ready for action pretty quickly. He enjoyed playing with the lips and fingering before stabbing his hard cock into her.

After lube application in and around the lips, ass and on his cock he admits that he wishes he could use a silicone lube to enhance the feeling but will make due with Wet Gel. He used an entire sample pack for one session with "her" which is average for us.

While my husband has a wider cock than most his length is average, he feels that a little bit more length on this toy would allow for a better feel. At almost two pounds this pussy is weighted for appropriately for pounding her on a counter, a pillow or just slamming her onto your cock.

This pussy has 1/2" of nubbed entry while the ass has 1/2" of ribbed entry. The "dual" entrance leads to the same love tunnel so don't be fooled into thinking you are getting two separate canals-just two different entrances. The lips are well detailed and the asshole actually looks slightly puckered. While the weight of the toy is off putting to me as a partner--but it did not seem to take away from him picking it up and using or laying it down and thrusting into her. With an overall length of 6" and 2 1/2" in height. The vaginal canal is 3 1/4" deep while the anal canal is 5 1/4" deep.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The main function of this Cyberskin Pussy and Ass is to get a man to cum. There are no frills with this edition, although a bullet could be inserted into either entrance for additional stimulation.

This pussy/ass combo really delivered in the performance department; it's solid enough to hold its ground while you thrust and soft enough to provide sensations on and around your cock that you need. While we have decided that it best for solo sessions because of its rather bulky size and shape, which makes it hard for your partner to manipulate or position for penetration versus a sleeve or manually being released. I have to admit that the exit hole in the end is rather nice because I can suck or lick his head, as he thrusts and is able to get the sensations from the toy itself-also make cum shots and swallowing an option versus some other versions.

Care and Maintenance

Use of a water based lubricant is recommended because silicone and oil based lubes can damage the integrity of the Cyberskin this toy is made from.

While the simple instructions on the package do not state to do so, I washed this product with a liquid anti-bacterial soap and warm water initially before use. Instructions state to wash after use, pat dry with soft cotton towel and air dry completely. The care instructions recommend applying Renew to properly maintain product, which will restore the soft, non-sticky texture. After use store in a Cyber plastic bag with a small amount of Renew and keep away from other toys in a cool, dry place.

We don't have Renew but have used cornstarch to keep from being sticky. Seems to work just as well and if you can stick to the motto of washing before use--it seems to be just as effective.


The Cyberskin Pussy and Ass comes in a sturdy plastic package with a "Try me Buy me" pop-up of the actual material that the pussy is made of. There is a picture of a smoking hot girl on the front and back, she is wearing a patent leather thong and thigh-high boots(typical for toys for boys).

I am not sure that this package is appropriate for gift giving because it is very obvious what is in the box but makes a great dust free storage box.

The toy was wrapped in a plastic bag and taped shut. There were no separate instructions included just what information is printed on the package.

Personal comments

When we got the Cyberskin Pussy and Ass, my husband could barely wait to open and use it. I couldn't believe how real it felt and how happy he was to be using it. While I imagined him being reluctant about using a product that looked so life like-he seemed to really fall into her and isn't shy about using her again!

Although I found once or twice where it was totally possible to rip completely through toy, if turned over doggy style and not careful about cock placement, the material is super realistic and soft. Anal entry is preferred because of entry and stroking ability.

This toy is great for the average user, I have seen small rips in the vaginal area already after three uses and think that while I would purchase another one for him...I was hoping for a toy with a little more durability.

This pussy and ass is nice for partner play, I enjoyed watching and joining while this toy was being used. I think that it was designed for masturbation but it is so real looking and feeling that you can't help but include someone else.


This Cyberskin Pussy and Ass is as close to another woman as he feels he will get, for now! As is first attempt with her was solo, I am not sure on his initial feeling except the grin that crossed his face as he walked out of our bedroom.

The second time around, I was invited and was able to make use of this toy myself. I found it to be quite a turn on to be able to finger another "girl" in front of him as he watched-and by his stiff cock showing through his pants I guess he didn't mind seeing it. I admit I had a hard time trying to push him into this pussy after lubing up but after I got his hard, wide cock into her it was smooth sailing. It seems as though he got more pleasure from the anal entrance and the ribbing inside than the vaginal entrance. While it looks like a real pussy as it falls onto you cock, it is easy to spin it around and imagine that you are going at it doggy style. As he slammed her onto his throbbing cock, I could only imagine it being me. I had to take some part in his pleasure with this toy, so I was happy to know that I was still able to suck on his balls and with the exit hole at the end of the toy, I was able to suck hard on his head as it popped out of her and take his load as he was finishing.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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