Next to nothing - male undies by Cal Exotics - review by Josmoseph

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Sheer and Small

So all in all, I guess my opinion is this: If you are the average height and weight of Chinese men, which the Internet says is between five foot and five foot six inches and weighs about one hundred fifty to one hundred seventy pounds, then one size would fit most. However if you are like me and over two hundred pounds and above five foot ten, stick to pajama bottoms and boxers. This is not a good match for us.
The Product looks just like it does on the Package.
My package will not fit in the product.
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Ok, first of all you need to know, I am not a small guy. I weigh around two hundred seventy pounds and stand six foot two inches tall. If anyone calls me tiny they are joking. However, I am also not a giant. I buy most of my clothes off the rack at normal stores like department stores like Kohl's. I do not have to go to a men's big and tall shop to be fitted. So when an item is advertised as One Size Fits Most, I figure I am probably part of that group. OOPS!

The Next to Nothing underwear are very well made. The craftsmanship of the product is fine. But the statement that "one size fits most" should include the words men under two hundred pounds with a waist of no more than thirty eight inches and that stand only five foot ten or less. Trust me with this... you do not look sexy if you are bigger than that in this product. You look ridicules.

Next is the packaging. How funny is this? At the top of the package it says in big red letter MADE IN AMERICA. Your first thought is USA right. Look closer at the picture in that square. It shows all of North and South America. The bottom of the box says "Made in Canada, Packaged in USA." Well, OK so it is a little deceptive. Then when you open it up and read the label on the underwear it says "MADE IN CHINA". What part of America is that in? I know China owns most of the US now, but does that make them part of America? Come on!

Finally there is the Velcro. This strip of Velcro is very stiff. VERY STIFF! I even washed this item twice thinking it may soften up. NOPE! That did not happen. Another word of caution is that if you are a larger individual and you do decide to try these on, seal up the Velcro strip before putting them on. If you think somehow that leaving that open and closing it later makes it easier to put on, that does not work. It is very hard to do while trying to stuff your sausage out of the way. And if you catch your hair in that Velcro…. Well lets just say that it is not very forgiving. OUCH!!!

I just wish they were bigger or I was smaller or that they came in more sizes than one size fits most.
The package will not fit in the product.
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  • Luscious Lily
    It's too bad this didn't work for you; as a woman who is too busty for ladies' one-size-fits-all lingerie, I feel your pain. Thanks for the humor of the review, though, and the honest appraisal of the workmanship.
  • Butterkups
    So what did your wife think of this tiny peice of material? Di dyou ever get it on enough for her to forma an opinion?Surprised
  • Josmoseph
    No I showed it to here and she kind of giggled and made a comment about hurting myself with that thing... so nope never did. Too small for me
  • Mamastoys the review....I can feel your pain too and I know hubby is not a one size fits all even after he lost about 100 pounds.. I can only imagine what he would look like with these one-or trying. I would be like your wife, giggling or laughing til I doubled over!
  • Josmoseph
    Yea it was considered as really funny. To get in them would be more than a stretch of the imagination.....
  • MrWishyWashy
    Cool, thanks for the review!
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