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DEEMUN extra girth enhancer

Penis girth extension by Deeva Toys

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Slip into Something Girthy

If you're looking for a bit of an experiment and want to play with a little extra girth, you may be able to experience more success than I did with this toy. Although I wanted to be excited about it, and tried the toy a few different ways, I had only minimal success.
- Easy to Wear
- Comfortable
- Slips during penetration
- Difficult to thoroughly clean
- Reacts easily with other materials
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This toy is designed to add extra width to the penis. The toy is slipped over top of the shaft, leaving the head exposed. The instructions recommend outfitting yourself with the toy by adding "a very small amount of water soluble lube on [the] penis head". You are then supposed to "insert [the] tip over the head and use fingers from the top to stretch it gently over and slide on the shaft."

After putting on the toy, you can then engage in some sort of penetrating activity, with the goal being that your partner has a much wider experience than they're accustomed to. The toy is supposed to travel inside, as if it's part of you.

This toy would be best suited for activities that include penetration. At the very least, this would include vaginal or anal sex. If your goal is to give your partner a mouthful, I suppose you could even use it for oral sex.

Users of all experience levels could enjoy this toy, since it isn't particularly difficult to equip yourself with. Although the toy is primarily marketed towards male users looking to add width to their penis, this toy could also be used in combination with a dildo. Be careful about the material of dildo that you put it over; the toy is very reactive.

If all else fails, this toy could also be used as an expensive Chinese finger trap. If you insert a finger into either end, and attempt to pull out, the holes actually tighten around you and hold on to your fingers.
    • Can be worn during intercourse
    • Couples

Material / Texture

The toy is marketed as TurboSkin, which Eden refers to as "Techno-Skin". This material rates as a "1" on the Eden material safety scale. The material is very porous, which creates a lot of places for bacteria to build up.

In addition, the material is extremely flexible and very elastic. It readily stretches to accommodate being fitted over any size penis or dildo. The material is smooth and has no texture on the inside or outside. Since the texture is completely smooth, it really does not provide any stimulation while in use.

The toy had a minor amount of initial smell. The smell seems to have faded substantially after being washed several times, to the point where it's nonexistent. This material does tend to collect lint and hair very easily, so it should be stored in a sealable container which prevents this from happening, such as the original packaging. Additionally, I'd advise against storing this toy next to other toys. There's no telling what it will react with.

I'm uneasy about the type of chemical used to make this toy. At one point, I had placed the toy over top of a glass dildo (sans lube) and covered the entire thing with a condom. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, I experienced the condom breaking into 6 or 7 pieces. I've seen condoms rip in a single spot before, but the latex seemed to almost have become brittle after being up against the toy. Afterward, any application of pressure caused the condom to rip instead of stretch.
    • No odor
    • Porous
    • Stretchy

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Since the toy is designed to slip over a penis, the majority of it looks like a long tube. The end gradually tapers to be thinner. Various lengths and girths are available for this product; the one I received was marked 7" x 1.5". I measured a length of 6.5" with a width of 1.5". The inner hole is .5", and the material has a thickness of .5". At the end where the taper exists, the material is only .25" thick.

I was able to put the toy on by stretching the toy apart, inserting myself, then letting the material relax back into the original size. This was pretty easy to do, and only took a few seconds. Once in the toy, the only part of the penis that is left exposed is the head. No sensation can be felt where the toy is covering up the penis.

I'm not particularly girthy to begin with, but the toy felt snug anyway. This wasn't an uncomfortable feeling, but it felt like someone had wrapped a Jello® Jiggler® around me.

The particular length that I had gotten ended up being too long for me. I'm not very long, so the 6.5" shaft was way too big for me. This caused an excess of material to build up after I was fully inserted.
    • Beginner
    • Fitted - must measure before purchase
    • Only fits on penis shaft

Care and Maintenance

The toy should only be used with water-based lubes. In general, toys made of this type of material should be used with a condom. Since the material is so porous, there is plenty of surface for bacteria to take up residence. In theory, a condom would help minimize the opportunity for that to happen. In practice, irony prevailed; the material seemed to have reacted with the latex condom, causing the latex to lose its elasticity and break.

According to the packaging, the toy can be cleaned by washing it after each use with a liquid anti-bacterial soap and water. Afterward, the toy should be patted dry with a soft cotton towel and allowed to air-dry completely.

When not in use, this toy should be placed in a cool, dark place.

The toy comes with a small bottle of talc-free powder, but the packaging makes no mention of how or when to use it in conjunction with the toy. I assume that it should be applied to all surface areas of the toy before storage.
    • Hard to clean


The packaging is very basic. The plastic clamshell package that holds the toy also includes a semicircle insert with a paragraph or two of instructions, a small bottle of non-talc powder, and a sample of Pjur Aqua water-based lube.

The original package would work well for storage, since it can be resealed by snapping the two sides of plastic back together. It is not discreet; if left sitting out, most people would be able to figure out what it contains. The front of the package clearly reads "Extra Girth Enhancer".
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet


I'll start by saying that I really wanted this toy experience to have some sort of positive outcome. I ended up trying the toy three different ways: (1) with my penis inserted into it, vaginal sex with my wife; (2) with a glass dildo (longer than the toy) inserted into it, vaginal penetration with my wife; and (3) with a same glass dildo inserted, anal penetration with myself.

The vaginal sex portion proved that I was just not long enough for this toy. An excess of material formed at the base of shaft, and the toy didn't even seem to want to go in at the same time as me. Instead, it tended to compress and ride up my shaft. Note: I didn't use any lube between the toy and my penis, for fear of this happening. At some point, I may attempt to trim 2" of length off of the end of this toy, just to see if it works any better. In its current form, the toy really prevented me from going far at all; it became a bunched up donut of material just getting in the way.

We did have some success inserting the toy vaginally over a dildo. This leads me to believe that if my penis had been long enough, we might not have had the issues noted above. My wife remarked that it was nice and wide, but wasn't firm enough to do much for her.

Lastly, my wife tried the same setup (toy over dildo) on me, anally. Despite copious amounts of lube (none between the dildo and the toy), she experienced the same issues that I had run into when it was on my penis. It tended to continually ride up the shaft of the dildo. We did attempt to work up to this wider setup by using other toys first, but it didn't appear to help.

I may revisit this toy at some point. As I said, if I were to trim some of the length, I may have more success with wearing the toy on me. For now, it's going to get packed away and buried deep in the closet.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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