Dayton Rains Futurotic plus pussy & ass - realistic vagina by Cal Exotics - review by BrokeNHorny

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So much potential...

If you are a huge fan of Dayton Rains, and have the patience to deal with the flaws of the product, go for it. Otherwise, save your money and try something else.
It looks very realistic, though small. The material feels like skin, and the vibrator is nice.
The tube is floppy and hard to manage, and the inner texture isn't very good. Too expensive!
Rating by reviewer:
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I’ve noticed a poor trend among sex toy review sites; there are not enough reviews for men’s toys. There are tons of reviews for women’s toys, but men’s toys are often left in the cold. I think that there needs to be a larger number of reviews, and I also think that the reviews should be informative, and compare the products to the more popular ones. Many guys default to Fleshlight because it’s all they know, and I aim to better educate guys on what they should look for. This being said, I own a Fleshlight and I am very satisfied with my purchase. The first in my comparative review is Dayton Rains Futurotic Pussy and Ass, for which I had very high hopes.

From the time I laid eyes on the box, I suspected that something was up. The box, with vibrator, talcum powder, and of course the main event, was pretty small. Upon opening the box I pulled out the vibrator, tiny bottle of powder, and the doubled over replica. The advertisements say that it was made by taking a cast of Dayton Rains’ real live pussy and ass, but they don’t say what they did with it from there. In short, they shrank it. It does look like the real thing, but the size difference is noticeable. In case anyone is wondering who Dayton Rains is, she is a semi-famous 32 year old porn star who has been doing mostly lesbian films as of late. Her most recent film is from 2007, so she is still relevant.

I have to say that the included vibrator is very nice. It is a simple egg vibrator with a teardrop shaped controller with two buttons. It has 5 functions that are clearly listed on the controller. The two buttons are up and down arrows, and the functions are slow vibration, fast vibration, slow and fast pulses, slow pulses, and fast pulses. It takes 2 AA batteries and a small calculator battery, 2 of which are included (Very surprising). The vibrator is not waterproof but, it never comes into contact with you so, that’s not an issue. The vibrations are not earthshaking, but they are powerful enough to make a noticeable difference.

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for, the cast itself. Dayton Rains is a porn star, so she has an aesthetically pleasing pussy. The cast is small, but accurate, and painted a nice shade of pink (at first). The paint is already almost gone, and this is my first night. Both of the holes are very small, and have little to no effect on the experience. Due to the small size it’s really hard to get in, so if you slip out it’s going to take some effort to get back to it. Both holes take you to the same place, the floppy tube that’s supposed to be the inside. There are little nubs all over the inside of the tube which gives it some sensation, but nowhere near authentic and kind of weird overall. The tube is very wide as well, which means that if you are not very thick, you’ll be holding the tube in place as best as you can the whole time. It is very awkward to use with the floppiness and the tiny holes. I spent as much time making it work, as I did having a good time.

The cast is made out of “Futurotic”, which is similar in nature similar to thermoplastic rubber, so the care and maintenance is particular. You can only use water based lubes with it. You must wash it out between uses and make sure it dries properly, or mold will form, and you’ll have to apply talcum powder (included) to keep it at its best. If you intend to share this with someone else, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly, probably with rubbing alcohol, because it is highly porous and will carry anything over.

All in all, it’s an ok experience. The material feels generally like real skin, and the cast is accurate in shape. Fleshlights have the hard plastic case to hold everything in place, and to grip, and this product would have greatly benefited from something like that. The material used is similar to that of a Fleshlight, but Fleshlights have a much better inner texture. The thin nubs on the inside of this product didn’t really excite me. The included vibrator is actually very good quality, with good features and vibration. It is nice that they put a spot for the vibrator, but putting a vibrator in the base of a Fleshlight is very simple. I would have to suggest that you spend the extra ten dollars and go with the Fleshlight over this product. Sorry Dayton, you had so much potential, but just weren’t great.
Follow-up commentary
I wasn't too thrilled with this toy when I got it, and even after giving it another shot, it still failed to compare. I have since thrown it out. This one is still a pass guys, move along.
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  • Luscious Lily
    Too bad this was such a flop, if you'll pardon the pun. I agree, there aren't enough reviews for male toys. If this is the start of a crusade to fill the gap, so to speak, then bravo!
  • BrokeNHorny
    Yeah, I hope to continue to review men's toys when I have the chance. There really is so much out there that hasn't been reviewed, and I think it hurts the community.
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