Macho stallions double ring - cock ring by Nasstoys - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

Macho stallions double ring

Double bullets penis ring by Nasstoys

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Stallion by name, if not by nature

This is a really cool-looking, stylish ring that promises a lot - but doesn't entirely deliver. The Macho Stallion Double Cock Ring tries to accomplish a lot of different functions without nailing any particular one perfectly. However, if you want it all - cock and ball rings, clitoral stimulation and a little extra 'buzz' than the Macho Stallion Double Cock Ring comes fully loaded.
This has it ALL. Double rings, two bullets, lots of vibration and in stylish black.
By trying to do various things, it ultimately doesn't do any of them as well as it might.
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Bare the chest hair and comb the mustache. The Macho Stallion's Double Cock Ring is here!

The Macho Stallion Double Cock Ring wants you to know that it's MANLY. That's why it's got both the words MACHO and STALLION in the name. In fact, it's more than just MACHO and STALLION. It's DOUBLE MACHO and STALLION - leaving no room for ambiguity. This ring means business. MANLY BUSINESS.

The Macho Stallion's Double Cock Ring is in the business of COCK. That's MANLY, isn't it?

It's a slick, black TPE ring designed to snugly grip the shaft of the penis to give a big, powerful, erection - and that's not all! Putting the DOUBLE into the Macho Stallion Double Cock Ring, a second ring grips the testicles too, to give them that rosy, engorged sensation. If that's not MANLY enough, the Macho Stallion also comes with not one but two vibrating bullets - because every man knows that things are always improved by the addition of vibrating bullets. One goes on top of the penis ring - with soft nubs to stimulate a partner's clitoris - while another sits snugly underneath the balls, to stimulate the testicles.

With all those rings and all those bullets, it's no surprise that the Macho Stallion Double Cock ring is more versatile and MANLY than an F-350 pick-up truck. The ring has MANY purposes: Firstly, the cock ring is intended to firm and strengthen erections by gripping the shaft. Secondly, the testicle ring is intended to add a little delightful pressure to the balls. Meanwhile, the top bullet stimulates both the wearer's penis and a partner's clit - what about that bottom bullet? Well, that's just a selfish little treat for the wearer - because every MAN needs his balls buzzed once in a while.

Material / Texture

In keeping with the MACHO STALLION theme, the Macho Stallion Double Cock Ring comes in any color you want, as long as it's black. MANLY black. Made from TPE, this shiny, stretchy ring is businesslike and stylish - and looks pretty darn intimidating when wrapped around an erection. The quivering black plastic transmits vibrations pretty well, making both bullets very effective - while the rings are stretchy enough to make it surprisingly easy to snap on and off.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Given the uncompromisingly masculine theme of the cock-ring, users might be a little disappointed to find that the stretchy TPE isn't QUITE as snug a fit as other cock rings. The black rings are a little too stretchy, meaning it doesn't grip as tightly as other rings - and therefore doesn't firm or strengthen the wearer's erection as much.

The diameter of the cock ring is also quite large, meaning this product is probably better suited to men with thicker cocks - and the disappointing 'grip' will be even more pronounced on the less well-endowed.

Other rings tend to be quite a struggle to get on and off (especially off) but this ring is much stretchier. It does make it a LOT more manageable as a toy to wear - but if you're looking for that thick, veiny, rock-hard erection you're used to as a result of wearing other rings, the Macho Stallion actually winds up being a little limp.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullets are easy to switch on and off - there's a simple button on each end. The vibrations can't be adjusted, but they're reasonably strong. The real bonus of this toy is that there are two bullets (hence the MANLY boast of DOUBLE in the title) and the wearer gets as much, if not MORE, stimulation than his partner.

The bullets are powered by watch batteries - and the ring actually comes with spares (for the bottom bullet.) That's a really nice attention to detail and helps reduce the frequency of having to go into the store to find watch batteries that fit (which is always embarrassing - especially when you have to hand the bullet over for the guy behind the counter to gauge what batteries you need. Don't pretend this hasn't happened to you.)

Care and Maintenance

The Macho Stallion Double Cock Ring is totally disassembleable (yes, that is a real word.) This is because it's MACHO and 'real men' apparently like to be able to strip their tools down to clean them.

The top and bottom bullets come out - they're made from hard plastic and can be wiped down with baby or disinfectant wipes. Since they're protected by the ring's sleeves, they're unlikely to get dirty in the first place.

The ring itself is made from TPE, which can be cleaned with hot water and mild soap - but because it's porous you can't totally disinfect it - making it unsuitable for sharing. TPE is pretty hardy, though - you can use both silicon and water-based lube on it.


The toy comes in a clear plastic blister-pack, with the spare batteries included in it. The blister-pack unclasps like an oyster, so you can reuse it and it's a pretty good place to stow the Macho Stallion Double Cock ring between uses. Alternatively, 'real men' might want to hammer a nail into their tool board, draw a little white cock-ring silhouette and hang it there with the rest of the power tools.

Personal comments

I like the way this product looks, but I personally found the Sapphire cock rings - which don't feature vibrating bullets - get the job done better. I love the idea of the vibrating bullets, but my major requirement with a cock ring is to strengthen and firm my erection - and this didn't do that as well as I'd have hoped.


The Macho Stallion Double Cock Ring appealed to my masculine instincts, so I was keen to take it for a test-drive as soon as it arrived. This caused my wife considerable surprise - she came into the bedroom to find me stripped down, rock hard with bulging black plastic strapped around my erection.

In all honesty, I was a little disappointed by the Macho Stallion Double Cock Ring. Having used similar cock-rings in the past, I was used to them gripping me tightly and giving me a rock hard, bulging erection. The Macho Stallion Double Cock ring was fairly snug, but didn't really enhance my hard-on like I'd anticipated - and given all the 'stuff' that was going on down there - double rings, two bullets, bulging balls and buzzing plastic - it almost felt like the ring tried to do all sorts of different things without necessarily doing any of them especially well.

However, my wife did enjoy the top bullet, which had soft plastic nubs around the sleeve to stimulate her clit. That works best in missionary style - and she kind of liked the bottom bullet as well because when I was buried deep inside of her, my balls pressed the bullet against her asshole and she got a very stimulating thrill from getting boldly 'buzzed' where no buzzer has gone before.
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