Fleshlight motion dog days - liberator shapes by Liberator - review by leatherlover

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Take your Fleshlight in doggy!

I am very pleased and glad that I finally purchased this mount. It makes using a Fleshlight even easier and more realistic. The material has a nice soft finish, and care should be easy. The only real negatives are the cheap zipper, and not being able to adjust the suction during use. But neither issue bothers me.
Lightweight, small, easy to hold.
Can't adjust suction during use.
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Do you enjoy your Fleshlight, but looking for something where you are thrusting, instead of moving your hands? I know I am. Does stuffing your Fleshlight between the mattress's make it too hard to reach your Fleshlight? Or do the pillows you wrap it around move around too much? After having success with my first two Fleshlights, I finally decided that I wanted to try something different with the Motion Dog Days, made by Liberator. Looking at the photos on here, it looks pretty large and bulky. But once you get it out of its box, it is actually quite small and easy to hide. This will allow you to hold onto the Motion Dog Days, and thrust away just like you are thrusting into your willing partner. It just allows the semi-lifelike Fleshlight to be one step closer to the actual thing.
    • Anywhere

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Fleshlight Top Dog is made out of faux leather and nylon. The nylon covers the bottom of the mount, while the faux leather covers the rest. And unlike the photos on Eden, my mount came with neon green piping around the seams of the mount. Inside of the mount is foam just like the rest of the Liberator products, but when I tried to put some weight on it to see how much it could hold, it squished down quite a bit. So I am not sure if it could support a partner on top of it. There is a zipper that runs from the bottom of the mount, and up to the top of the backside to allow for removal of the cover. But the zipper isn't that well made, and the pull tab has also been removed. It is also very lightweight, and easily throwable in case of emergency.

The mount measures 14" tall, 11" deep at the top, 12" wide at the top. At the bottom it is 10" deep, and 11" wide.

Size compared to standard sized Liberator Wedge

My favorite Fleshlight, the STU

Zipper up the backside

Bottom of the mount

Small cheap zipper with zipper pull removed
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Smooth


The first time using this, I wasn't sure what to expect. But boy was I surprised. I first set the suction that I wanted to have, which was pretty loose, then inserted the Fleshlight into the hole. It seems like the first time I inserted it, because of the air having no where to go, it slightly pushed the Fleshlight sleeve out. After I fixed this, I added some lube to the Fleshlight, then started pounding away. I still had to use my hands to keep it from flopping around, but instead of using my hand to stroke the Fleshlight, I felt like I was using my hands to hold onto my wife. It was great! You still need to find something the right height to thrust into it, but I was able to use both a ottoman and the arm of the couch, with the arm of the couch being the perfect height.

The only negative about the mount is that you are unable to quickly adjust the suction while using it. You can always remove the toy, change the setting, reinsert the toy and continue your thrusting, but that is a lot of steps, and will take away from your pleasure. I would much rather just adjust the suction to where I want it, pretty loose, then just use that setting for the entire session.
    • Aids in positioning
    • Comfortable during use


My wife was first home to greet this box, and when she saw it, she thought "how much did he clean them out this time?" She said she gave it a light kick across our door, and the box went flying! She then realized I really didn't clean them out. When I got home and saw the box, I was also surprised at how large it was. The box measured 22"x16.5"x18". But once I opened the box, what I saw was much closer to the images on Eden. The mount was wrapped inside of a simple plastic bag with one sticker on it identifying what it is. Inside of the hole for the mount was a paper label saying what it is made out of, reg. number, and made by OneUp Innovations, Inc. All of the packaging will be recycled, and it was very minimal.
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Care and Maintenance

On the Liberator website, it says to wipe down the exterior with warm water and soap. The exterior is made out of two different materials, with most of it being covered by a faux leather material, and the rest nylon. But I don't see this getting very messy at all. Unless your partner pulls out right at orgasm to give the mount the cum shot. I don't see any real harm with removing the cover and hand washing it, but the zipper on it isn't as sturdy as the zippers that come on the Liberator shapes, so with enough removal and install I could see the zipper breaking. Also, the zipper pull has been removed, which would make removal more difficult.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

For quite a few months I was debating on whether I wanted a mount or not. The cost of the mount didn't bother me, but because of the extra shipping cost, I wanted to make sure I would enjoy it. I looked at this one here on Eden, and I also looked at the two other ones that Liberator offers on their website. But when I saw that the other mounts were even more expensive, I just decided to get this one. The other ones do look interesting, especially the [http://www.liberator.com/eng/product/fleshlight-on-a-mission/11412] Fleshlight On a Mission. For solo play there wouldn't be much of a difference, but if you wanted to simulate a threesome with your partner, the Fleshlight On a Mission would be a great addition. It could allow for the male fucking someone while licking his partner, or the male fucking someone while being pegged. I would love to try this while being pegged, but my wife isn't really into pegging, so it is a solo adventure for me.
Follow-up commentary
I still really enjoy the Motion Dog Days. I haven't had the problem of air pushing the sleeve out while inserting the Fleshlight again. I haven't tried or had the need to remove the cover yet, and I just store it on the floor next to our bed. My favorite place to rest this on is the bed. And since it is so small compared to other Liberator shapes, it is very lightweight, and easy to throw into the closet when anyone visits.
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