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That's Sasha?

This is a generic inflatable sex doll with Sasha Grey’s face printed on the head. The rest of the doll looks nothing like her. It feels cheaply made and is not pleasurable to use due to sharp edges on the orifices.
• Nice printing on the face
• Includes a patch kit, in case she develops a leak
• Doesn’t look much like Sasha
• Orifices just don’f feel good in use
Rating by reviewer:
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The Sasha Grey Love Doll is a pretty typical inflatable love doll, its only unique feature consisting of Sasha's pretty face printed on an otherwise generic doll. All three orifices—mouth, vagina, and anus—are available for your use, however you choose to use them.

It may take a bit of imagination to think of this doll as being Sasha Grey, however, due to its mostly generic appearance, unrealistic proportions, and less than stellar orifices. While it’s certainly possible to fuck this doll, it can be somewhat awkward due to the lack of mass (a problem with all blow-up dolls) and rigidly attached limbs. The vaginal and anal cavities are separate, but it might be possible to put a small vibrator in one while penetrating the other, for added stimulation.

Material / Texture

The doll is made of PVC, much like a beach ball or an inflatable pool toy, so it should be no surprise that she feels just like one. In fact, the doll comes with a patch kit consisting of a small patch of flesh-colored PVC and some PVC adhesive, exactly like the sort of patch kit you would use to repair a leaking pool toy.

The PVC provides a smooth vinyl surface, but with sharp edges here and there. Unfortunately, the sharp edges tend to be located around the vaginal and anal openings, leading to unpleasant sensations during use.

The overall firmness of the doll will depend on how much you inflate her, but her breasts seem particularly firm, with nipples that are downright hard. Nothing about the way she feels will feel like human flesh; PVC just can’t deliver on that front. There’s no way to use this toy without being aware of its inflatable nature at all times.

The insides of the three orifices are just extensions of the same PVC used on the exterior, making for a rather dull experience during use. There's no texture and nothing really to provide much pleasure.

The PVC has a light odor, but no more than you’d expect from any inflatable toy.
    • Light odor

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The doll is meant to look like Sasha Grey, and they did a reasonable job of printing her face onto the doll, but as for the rest … well, a picture speaks a thousand words:

This is Sasha Grey?

Unfortunately, the body is completely generic in size, shape, and color. No part of it below the neck looks remotely like Ms. Grey. The skin color is a somewhat sickly-looking faded peach color, the breasts look almost as much like beach balls as they feel, and the limbs are strangely misshapen and awkwardly positioned. And while the face isn’t too bad, aside from the strange pink mouth, the head is flat and oddly shaped, not matching the shape of her face at all.

There is no attempt at making any of the three orifices realistic; they’re just anonymous circular holes. Even worse, they have sharp edges around the openings, making them painful to use. The orifices aren’t very deep, so those who are more endowed may find them disappointingly shallow.

Care and Maintenance

Clean your doll with warm water and soap, or any sex toy cleaner. Cleaning it should be fairly straightforward, but the doll may be difficult to maneuver in a sink. If inflated, the limbs will poke out all over the place and likely knock down any objects on your counter. If deflated, it will be floppy and hard to move around. My suggest would be to take her into the shower with you (while she’s still fully inflated) and then wash her out there. You’ll probably want to clean yourself up anyway, and you might as well continue your fantasies with a hot, soapy shower with Sasha Grey.

You should be able to use any water-based or silicone-based lubricant with Ms. Grey, and you will definitely want to use plenty of lube.

PVC is tough stuff, but be careful not to puncture it during rough use. The included repair kit can be used to patch small holes without much difficulty.

Storing Ms. Grey presents its own challenges. If you deflate her each time, then you can fold her up and keep her in a drawer. But if you want to spend time with her on a regular basis, it might be easiest to leave her inflated. In that case you can probably prop her up against a wall, or in your closet.


Beautiful, elegant packaging. The big black box has a very alluring photo of the gorgeous Sasha Grey. There's no picture of the product itself (not surprising, given the disappointing appearance of the product) but the text on the box makes it pretty clear that it contains a blow-up doll with “all three holes.”

The beautiful picture of Sasha Grey on the box and overall classy presentation may get your hopes up for a truly special product inside. Unfortunately, your hopes will be dashed when you slide out the contents of the package:

The outer packaging and what you'll find inside

The package contains some simple instructions for using the doll, mostly warning you to remove the pieces of vinyl which cover the anus and vagina. Overall the usage is pretty self-evident, so detailed instructions aren’t too important. The patch kit does include extensive instructions on repair, however.

Personal comments

I’m a huge fan of Sasha Grey. She’s an extraordinarily beautiful woman and her work in porn is always a joy to see. If there were a sex doll that actually looked like her, I’d love to have it. But this product just doesn’t come close, which is very disappointing.


I really tried to put this doll to use. She was quick and easy to inflate, and if I only looked at her face she didn’t look too bad, aside from her mouth which looked like she had inhaled a pink balloon. But I found myself unable to get an erection, due to the creepiness of the doll’s appearance. (My girlfriend’s laughing didn’t help.)

I put on some porn and was able to become aroused, but when actually trying to make use of the doll I discovered that the orifices are extremely unpleasant to use. The edges of the openings are sharp, abrading my penis, and once I did penetrate her there was no texture or pressure to provide any sensation on my penis. The inflatable nature of the product means that it just flexes and bends when you push against the inside of her. The PVC generates some friction, but it’s an uncomfortable kind of friction, not the pleasurable kind. And the edges of the opening continued to scrape along my penis the entire time, which pretty much killed any other pleasure I might be receiving.

In the interest of fully reviewing the product I persevered for fifteen or twenty minutes, but in the end this just resulted in a sore penis and frustration.
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